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How To Make A Tiny Bedroom Look Twice As Large

August 29, 2017

Living small may be trending these days, but a cramped bedroom definitely isn't! Instead of relaxation and repose, a tiny sleeping area that's claustrophobic only does the opposite - stress and frazzle you out.

Even when you have no room, there's still space for creative ideas and design hacks that can help you make the most of what you do have. We reveal seven space-increasing hacks that'll help your petite bedroom look twice its size (and twice as nice).

1. Go Light

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Architect: 0932 Design Consultants

Brighten your room in every way possible! Lighter drapes, carpets and bedspreads can bounce natural light and help to increase the space visually. Warm lighting is preferred to darker incandescence because it closes up a space. But if you like it dusky sometimes as most would, it’s best to have a dimmer switch installed to alter the brightness as needed.

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: JCS Design Project

Do also keep the hues in your bedroom neutral or natural. Pure white however is the best space-expanding choice. Add a splash of colour here and there for contrast and character; too much white can appear cold.

2. Choose ‘Double-Up’ Furniture

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips
Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Sevenvine (Singapore)

Scandinavian furniture is perfect for smaller rooms as it often ‘doubles up’ as storage or other furniture. This is the time to look for innovative designs such as beds with under storage, foldable Murphy beds or window nook seats with drawers and the like. Flush them to the ends of the room, so as to create an illusion of ample space within.

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

While you’re at it, opt for furniture in slimmer designs and open storage which provides a clearer image of empty spaces thereby opening it up.

3. Add Mirrors

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Mirrors have a space doubling effect; it creates an illusion of spaciousness and in addition, reflects light to brighten up and further expand. Full-length wall mirrors won’t take up additional space and has the potential to reflect expansively.

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

Better yet, if you are putting a wardrobe or cupboard in the room, choose ones with reflective or mirrored doors to create the same effect.

4. Be a Minimalist

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: VI Interior Design

Keep only the necessities and think about bedroom basics that you can do without, such as hulking cupboards, tables, bureaus and armchairs.
Do also get rid of cluttering knickknacks that don’t belong in the bedroom, to save space. There’s a benefit to removing electronics like your TV and computer from the bedroom too – it helps you sleep better.

5. Share Spaces

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

If you aren’t just renting a room and have access to other areas in the home, do utilise these spaces and save some in your bedroom. Move your wardrobes and ironing boards to a laundry room (or equivalent) and your study table to a spare room or second living room if you have one.

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

The trick is to occupy other spaces in the home more efficiently so you can take stuff out of your bedroom. This way, you’ll open up more space in the bedroom for essentials that make it more comfy and less crowded.

6. Use Wall Mounts

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Oriwise Sdn Bhd

If you are short on floor space but blessed with high ceilings, you should think about using that space for storage or even to give your room a hint of character, without wasting space.

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

You can shelve books or lamps on corner stands, display bedroom plants, even hang your musical instruments on the wall!

Another good way to use wall space is to create indents (or a wall niche) for storage or to showcase your collectibles; these would save space and still look neat without protruding.

7. Space-Smart Arrangements

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: B&N Design Associate Sdn Bhd

To maximise space through furniture arrangement, start by placing your bed in the centre of a wall. This can divide the space and leave corners free for storage. If that is not possible, then corner off your bed but do cordon the space with small furniture. Instead, leave the area empty and angle other furniture in clean lines, against the wall, following the natural layout of the room.

Spacious Small Bedrooms Tips

Interior Designer: Konan Design Sdn Bhd

In addition, a well-angled, small carpet placed horizontally under the bed or vertically beside the bed can also add visual space and make the room appear cosier.

Small spaces, big ideas.

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