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How To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel Like a Hotel Suite

September 19, 2017

Is your bathroom teeny-weeny? Join the club - even though spaces may range from big to small in Malaysia, most of our bathrooms are surprisingly tiny. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your big ideas to spruce it up! Just follow these hacks to get so much more out of your small bathroom.

1. Make use of wall and corner spaces

If the floor space is small, use your wall. Shelving, racks and toiletry holsters should be mounted on bathroom walls so as not to take up precious floor space. Look for slim-cut wire racks or corner mounts and shelves to hold your toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials. With rectangular (narrowed) or L-shape bathrooms, utilising your corners and leaving the centre space clear will give the illusion of extra space.

Make Your Small Bathroom Feels Bigger

Interior designer: Spazio Design

2. Choose and fit the right fixtures

When picking out bathroom fixtures, size isn’t the only thing that matters with smallish bathrooms. What might matter even more is deciding on the essentials. Focus on what you can’t do without. Do also choose petite fixtures all around like modest faucets, vanities, medicine cabinets, showers stands and lighting fixtures. Where possible, consider a wall-niche or indent to house your sinks, toilet cistern or even for storage.

Make Your Small Bathroom Feels Bigger

Interior designer: Ant Studio

3. How to squeeze in a bathtub

It’s still possible to put in a bathtub even if you have to contend with space limitations. Deep-soak, corner and Japanese soaking tubs as well as low-walled, flat-bottoms are all possible options for your tiny bathroom. However, the layout of the area also plays an important part. Rectangular and square layouts can fit in corner or Japanese tubs while odd-angles are a better fit for pedestal tubs.

Make Your Small Bathroom Feels Bigger

Interior designer: Paperwork Design Studio](

4. Illuminate evenly

Light is an enhancer of space and this is why interior designers often fill small spaces with light to widen it. The same goes for small bathrooms; allow as much natural light to enter the space (minding your privacy of course) and use bright, recessed lighting to illuminate the rest the of the bathroom. This way, even if you wanted to add more bath essentials, light would be on your side to help expand the space!

Make Your Small Bathroom Feels Bigger

Interior designer: Dsgnpholio Consultancy

5. Don’t mix colours

Maintain a single colour or keep it within similar hues and tones to build the impression of a ‘never-ending’ or infinitive character. This often helps smaller spaces appear larger. As a rule of thumb, lighter colours or neutrals without busy or small patterns work best to open up teensy areas. Tile and wall colours like white, cream, beige and light grey work well in tiny spaces. Avoid applying light and dark mixes that might contract the space with its contrasts.

Make Your Small Bathroom Feels Bigger

Interior designer: The Arch

6. Opt for cooler materials

Sleek, silvery materials have space-expanding potential that can easily tie with most bathroom décor styles. In addition, the more reflective the material the better; it bounces more light and ‘creates’ space. Look for shiny materials for your faucets, lighting fixtures, vanity borders and the like.

Make Your Small Bathroom Feels Bigger

Interior designer: Surface R

7. Partitioning for more space

Adding a partition to separate the space of an open-layout or odd-angled bathroom is a clever way to ‘organise’ it and add more space. If you need to separate the space between the toilets and shower for instance, put in a glass partition without frost treatments; see-through styles tend to emphasise space.

Make Your Small Bathroom Feels Bigger

Interior designer: GI Design

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