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Practical Tips on Designing Your Car Porch & Driveway

October 1, 2019

Your car porch and driveway is the first thing people see when they approach your home (if you live in a landed property), hence it’s a vital part of creating a good first impression when you're transforming your home's exterior.

Ara Vista, Ara Damansara by Pocket Square
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Besides increasing your property value, sparing some thoughts into designing your car porch can make your driving-in and parking experience a lot more practical and safer.

Here’s a quick guide to designing your car porch and driveway for maximum utility:

Lighting is everything

The right lighting is not just about style; it will also help enhance visibility and improve the safety of the area. Opt for multiple fixtures to be installed on the porch and its surroundings to achieve optimal lighting (around 150 to 300 lumens).

Kg. Simee, Ipoh by C Concept Studio
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For example, install a combination of wall-mounted lamps, downcast ceiling lights, as well as hanging lamps (not to be positioned directly above where your car is parked), with varying levels of brightness to layer lighting. If you have an extended driveway, consider solar-powered lighting that illuminates the pathway as you drive in.

7 Jalan Pelata by Minterior Project Sdn Bhd
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In-ground/well lights, lanterns, and post fixtures are modern options that will look stylish in any home. If security is an issue in your area, you may also want to think about installing motion-activated (sensor) spotlights for added safety.

Pave the driveway with the right materials

While the aesthetics of flooring materials is an obvious starting point; there are more pressing aspects to consider when choosing pavements. For instance, durability and strength are important considerations when choosing the right material for your pavement. Do also think about the material’s stain-resistant qualities, how easy it is to clean (car oil stains and fungal build-up can be a nightmare to scrub!) and its required level of maintenance.

The Nest House, Seri Kembangan by Fuyu Dezain Sdn. Bhd.
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Suitable driveway and porch materials include natural sandstone, concrete (in blocks), grass pavers, pea gravel (environmentally-friendly), as well as sand and mortar (brick) pavers.

Protect your car from prolong sun exposure

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause your car paint to fade. Consider installing an awning, shade sail or canopy to shield the exteriors of your car when parked at home.

Kg. Simee, Ipoh by C Concept Studio
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There are many styles and material options available e.g. aluminium, polycarbonate, and even mesh fabric. If you don’t want to completely block out the sun, which might be necessary when you have sunlight-loving plants in the area; opt for a retractable version instead.

Introduce a little greenery

Last but not least, add a bit of greenery to your car porch and driveway. Potted plants and flower beds can be eye-catching and helps to purify the air surrounding your outdoor area.

Dato C Residence by EDI: Essential Design Integrated
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Try planting bamboo and areca palm, English ivy, and ficus plants to help purify the air. You can also add pretty local flowering plants such as bougainvillea, orchid, hibiscus, and ixora for a pop of colour. Hanging pots and planters are fetching as well, just make sure you don’t hang heavy pots above your car.

Kempas Bungalow by Ark Studio
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Dreaming of having one of those picture-perfect car porch and driveways but don’t know where to begin?

Designing a car porch and driveway is not an easy task. If you are not confident enough to do the work yourself, fill in the form here and we will match you up with 5 interior design professionals who can help turn your ideas into a reality.

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