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Small Kitchen? 6 Tricks to Squeeze in More Space

August 17, 2017

Not everyone is blessed with ample kitchen space. If your home is one of them, don’t fret just yet! With just a few clever designer tricks, you can improve the petite appearance of your kitchen and make it seem larger than it actually is! Take a page from our easy guide to ‘expanding’ your kitchen and say hello to a loftier cooking space.

1. Opt for simple décor styles

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

Consider minimalist, Scandinavian or even industrial décor themes to make a small kitchen appear larger. These décor styles are less fussy, decorative and elaborate which actually helps the case of a small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Clover Buildcon Sdn Bhd

The hallmark of these styles is typically uncluttered and crisp. For instance, seamless, push-open drawers and cabinets that totally forego handles, minimal patterns or motifs on cabinet surfaces, and clean, linear shapes. These themes also favour necessity above all, so do keep that in mind when buying appliances, furniture or décor pieces.

2. Choose the right materials

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Anwill Design Sdn Bhd

Lighter, natural materials can spread the space when paired with warm-coloured walls and bright lighting. Opt for light wood, tile or stone materials in plain designs. Avoid overly busy patterns that tend to crowd or fill up empty spaces.

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Terra Interior Sdn Bhd

You can however, choose glossy finishing or reflective surfaces to maximise light in your kitchen and further expand the space. Do also consider less opaque or bulky kitchen furniture and trimmings. Instead, try see-through lucite chairs or borderless cabinetry (all-glass) for an open, clear look.

3. Plan your countertop layout

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

Counter space is precious in small kitchens and simply necessary for big cooking. From prep stations to housing your appliances, your countertop layout will require the most amount of planning.

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: GDY Design & Construction

For small kitchens the best shapes are one-wall, U and L-shapes and galley layouts. The U-shape gives the most amount of counter space; whereas the one-wall is useful for open layouts. If you have a long and thin kitchen area, the galley shape will work as a practical workstation that you can easily manoeuvre about.

4. Work in white

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Blanc Designs

This colour is almost miraculous in small spaces! Use white for cabinetry, flooring, countertops and walls to expand the space in your kitchen. You could even go with an all-white theme if you are brave and comfortable with this sometimes severe hue.

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

Scandi kitchens for example, would pair white furniture with white painted wood flooring while a minimalist kitchen might go with pristine, white tiles and match it with ivory cabinetry.

5. Storage, storage and more storage

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Nice Style Refurbishment

Good storage solutions are important in all kitchens, but in small kitchens, it’s a downright necessity. For example, consider pull-out storage that remains concealed until needed such as a pull-out pantry, spice cabinet or dish rack.

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

If you have high walls, you might also want to install high shelves or vertical cabinets for more storage options. Think about slimmer constructs such as pipe-styles in addition to sleeker wiry materials. However, it’s still better to opt for concealed storage wherever possible as it’ll make the kitchen appear spacious.

6. Innovation is big in small kitchens

Small Kitchen Guide

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

Things like mounted swivel stools, pull-out cutting boards and slated walls or cupboard doors to hang your favourite utensils are examples of necessary small “kitchen tech”.

Small Kitchen Guide

Be sure to look online or check with an interior designer for such advanced kitchen solutions as Malaysian retail stores may not carry ultra-modern pieces. Otherwise, you can always go DIY and create your own kitchen storage hacks, like incorporating pegboards on your kitchen walls to hang various shelves and accessories.

Small spaces, big ideas

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