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These 4 Major Home Upgrade Mistakes Will Cost You

December 8, 2017

When it comes to renovation and home improvement projects, it can be difficult to predict which choices will pay off and which will eventually be a burden on your wallet.

What initially seems like a good idea may in fact turn out to be a costly revamping nightmare, which could even hurt the value of your property! Here’s a list of décor upgrades that could cost more than you bargained for:

1. Installing Wallpaper

Like tropical print wallpapers and fancy Chinoiserie finishes? You might want to sit on the whole wallpapering thing a little longer! Not only is wallpaper more expensive than paint in general, there's the cost of paying for professional installation, replacing or repairing damaged wallpaper and overall maintenance to consider.

Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Interior designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Case in point? Wallpapers are easily susceptible to stains, loose seams, water seepages and flaking which equals more money spent on upkeep. Not good if you have kids about. Also, if you are planning to sell your home, potential buyers may not appreciate having to cover costs for removing wallpapers and repairing any damage caused during installation.

Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Interior designer: X Two Concept

Nevertheless, if wallpapers are still a thing you'd like to have, make sure to look for brands or suppliers with long-term warranties, free installation and site visits. This can help contain costs and keep your wallpaper looking tip top for years to come!

2. Getting Rid of a Bathtub

If you have a small bathroom, you might be tempted to do away with your bathtub to make more room. However, a bathtub in Malaysia is a precious, rare sighting. More than that, having one in your home can actually drive up the selling price or rental rate of your property!

Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Interior designer: Deseo Creativo Interior

So, hold up on that sledgehammer just yet. If you're looking to increase the space in your bathroom (without removing the bathtub) here are some less costly solutions:

  • Use mirrored glass and reflective wall tile to create the illusion of space.
  • Redo your floors with lighter coloured materials for a widening effect.
  • Install brighter lighting and allow access for natural light to open up the space.
Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Interior designer: KLAAS Design & Build

3. Having A Concrete Garden

If you are thinking of closing up your garden because you can’t be bothered to cut grass or deal with weeds and leaves, you might want to hold off for now. While it’s cheap and easy to cement your garden, undoing it could cost a bomb. Hacking the stone and landscaping is hard work and depending on the size of your garden, could be a very expensive task indeed.

Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Architect: Studio Bikin

Instead of completely laying concrete on your garden, a less permanent solution would be to place heavy stone tile over the soil to keep regrowth from happening. If you want to resuscitate your garden later on, just remove the slabs and re-nourish the soil.

Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Architect: Studio Bikin

4. Converting Two Small Bedrooms Into One

When your bedroom isn’t all it can be size-wise, you may entertain the idea of knocking down a wall or two to add more space. But, unless you're pretty sure you're staying in this home for the long run, avoid doing so - as it could burn a hole in your pocket (and drive down your property value).

Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Interior designer: Yong Studio

First, hacking is costly work - which often involves demolishing walls and patching any damaged flooring or smoothing out corners.

Second? Do note that homes with more rooms - whether small or not - generally appeal to a larger demographic (e.g. families, students and singles who are sharing). Thus, they are also more likely to fetch a higher price. And if you're planning to rent, two rooms is definitely better than one, as that means double the income when rented individually.

Home Renovation Upgrade Mistakes

Interior designer: Yong Studio

Refresh Your Space

Whether you're updating a small corner or doing a total home overhaul, get an interior designer to spruce things up anew. And we can help - drop a quote request here and we will match you up with 5 interior firms, based on your budget and style.

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