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Want to Increase Your Resell Value? Renovate These 6 Areas

May 15, 2018

It may have been your forever home at some point, but now - it's time to move on to something new. Whether it's upgrading, downscaling or simply wanting a change of pace, reselling your home can bring serious returns - if done right!

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, making certain improvements in a home before reselling can actually increase its value. Question is, which features appeal to potential buyers best? To get you started on the right foot, zoom into these 6 key areas at home that can add significant value to your property:

1. Update the Kitchen

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: Gusto Design & Build

A place that most homeowners spend a lot of time in, the kitchen is an area that buyers regularly look out for. Today's prospective buyers appreciate a modern, highly functional kitchen that won't require them to re-renovate. Thus, if you're planning to boost the value of your home - consider refreshing this space with new appliances, new countertops or flooring.

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: Mega Fusion Design Studio

That being said, a smaller budget can still create major impact. Consider applying a fresh coat of paint or change the cabinet/drawer doors and handles to instantly breathe new life to an old space.

2. Refresh the Bathroom

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: Code Red Studio

Another high-traffic area, bathrooms are the next key feature potential buyers scout out. Remember, a sleek, sparkly-clean bathroom sends off a great first impression; so, start refreshing this space by retiling or replacing any grimy bathroom fittings like your sink, shower head and toilet bowl. Don’t want to invest too much? Minor touch-ups such as painting the walls and fixing old light fixtures can do wonders as well.

3. Touch Up Worn Out Walls and Floors

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

When it comes to renovating your space for resale, it's more about getting rid of in-your-face observable flaws than aesthetics. After all, style is subjective, but a modest, well-maintained home always gives off a good impression to would-be homeowners! Think about giving the entire home a new paint job and replace chipped floor tiles. It's the small things that potential buyers appreciate.

4. Tidy Up and Add Decor

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: Zyon Interior Design

Likewise, it's all about playing up the potential of your space - can buyers envision themselves getting cosy at home? Unsurprisingly, clutter is a major turn-off. It visually obstructs the flow of your space, and let's admit it - it isn't most pleasing on the eyes. Similarly, a bare, spartan place devoid of furnishings or decor accents can come off cheap and unfriendly.

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: Twelve Empire Sdn Bhd

Thus, one really quick (and affordable) way to 'up' the value in your home is simply cleaning up and adding stylish accents! Give it a sweep down, throw out items you don't need; then finish up with decor pieces like cosy rugs, a hanging piece of artwork or cushion covers for a visual pop.

5. Look Out for Lighting

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

Furniture and fittings aside, the right lighting can make or break the ambience of a space. So, if you're still using those old-school fluorescent light sticks - it's high time to replace them with modern fixtures to get your space looking put-together. Likewise, the hue of lights are equally important. Instead of stark white lights, replace it with cosy yellow-whites or warm oranges to play up a space's homely feel - boosting the property's appeal. Otherwise, down-lights also help lend subtle, classy illumination to a space.

6. Lastly, Consider Adding Nifty Storage Elements

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: UP Creations

For modern families, additional storage is always welcome - and it sells. Consider built-in storage compartments that can maximise the functionality of your resale home (and will wow potential buyers).

Renovation Works Increase Resell Value Malaysia

Interior Designer: Hatch Interior Studio

Granted, these improvements can prove costly and are subjective on the buyer; so instead of working on hulking built-in structures such as wardrobes and TV consoles, focus on smaller features like doing up a bench/storage unit - pieces that a future homeowner can easily incorporate into, regardless of their chosen interior style.

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