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Should You Renovate Your Brand New Home?

February 2, 2018

So you’re the proud owner of a newly constructed home – congratulations are in order! You’ll no doubt have much to do for your new home, but is a remodel also on the list?

If you aren’t quite happy with the original construct and quality of the home, you might be interested in renovating before moving in. Still, is it practical to make upgrades to a brand-new home that is without defects?

Here is a list of pros and cons to help you figure out your situation:

The Benefits of Renovating A New Home:

1. You don't have to move out - furniture and all

Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: Up Creations

There’s less hassle with an empty house. You can avoid the extra undertaking (and potential costs) of removing furniture and then putting it in again. You also won’t have to remove or run the risk of damaging built-in cabinets or mounted pieces.

2. You can correct design issues with the home, right from the beginning

Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: Torch Empire

It’s natural that you’ll want to enjoy your home and get as much use from it as possible. Thus, a remodel could be the way forward, even though there are no immediate defects to the home. You may want a bathtub put in, extra storage, a walk-in wardrobe, even restructuring to create a larger space for your children.

3. You have the means to get it done now

Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

If your home loan has included an allocation for remodelling or if you have the cash right now, you might want to put it to good use and make value-increasing changes that improve its quality. You may not have the funds later on to remodel your home or it could cost more, if you have to take out a loan.

The Drawbacks of Renovating A New Home:

1. The cost

Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: Designlah

Since there is likely to be zero wear-and-tear in a new home, remodelling in this instance could be akin to fixing what isn’t broken. You will in effect be spending money to tear down what is still in working condition.

2. The effort

Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: IQI Design Concept Interior Design and Renovation

Remodelling your home will require at least some participation from you as well as a time commitment to manage the project. You will need to source for a designer and contractor, decide on a design, and allocate a period for the remodel (you won’t be able to move in right away). Go ahead with caution - if you're in a rush, maybe it's better to put of the major works.

3. You might void your warranty

Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: Nevermore Design

New homes in Malaysia typically come with a two-year warranty on the construct that can be made void if you make large-scale changes to the property. This is likely to be case with major remodels that involve knocking down walls, rerouting pipes and plumbing, etc.

So, should you remodel a new home?

If you still can’t decide whether to remodel now or to hold off for a couple years down the road, here’s a quick checklist to help you make the big decision:

Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: Latitude Design

Do renovate if:

  • You have the funds and budget for further construction works
  • You have the time for a remodel project and do not have to move in right away
  • The quality of the original construction is poor
  • You are improving the safety of the home
  • You are making practical changes for immediate use e.g. improving storage and even lighting.
  • The remodel adds value to the home
Should You Renovate Your Home

Interior Designer: Designlah

Don't renovate if:

  • The projects you want completed aren’t a necessity
  • The original quality of the home is in good, move-in condition
  • You’ve spent a lot of money on furniture that matches the original design
  • You can live with minor imperfections in the home i.e. space limitations
  • The changes are trendy and may not add value to the home
  • It would involve major construction works that go over your budget, leaving you in debt

Think your new home is ready for a makeover?

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