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Watch Out, These 4 Details Can Make (Or Break) Your Home

June 12, 2018

While seemingly small issues like door hinges and furniture trimming may not grab your attention right away, these little design specks can have major impact! In fact, it goes beyond mere aesthetics and appearances. Paying attention to these design details can seriously improve your home's style, practicality and safety. Here are four little (big) things to focus on when revamping or renovating your home:

1. Direction of Wood Grains

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: InD'finity Design

It may not be the first thing that comes to one's mind when renovating, but poorly laid out carpentry can easily cause your home to look 'shoddy', once up.

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation

When produced by a skilled carpenter, the grain direction of wood items should be left unbroken and continuous; in its natural pattern. This makes the construct of the furniture much more resilient, plus a natural grain adds character and elemental style that can’t be beat. Likewise, how the wood grains are arranged can also influence the overall look of your home.

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

For instance, straight-lined wooden grains give off a calm, minimalist vibe. On the other hand, diagonal, spiral or herringbone layouts bring a visually arresting look that's great in contemporary-themed spaces.

2. Carpentry Trimmings

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: RK Interior Studio

Believe it or not, the trimming/edges on cabinet doors and wardrobes can have a major impact on it's longevity. Why is it important? Trimmings help to ensure that laminates don't peel as easily. Plus, they offer protection against moisture and mould which could accumulate on exposed wooden edges. So, do check if your built-ins come with it to help secure the laminate finish to the wooden frame.

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

Furthermore, choose the right trimming material! For instance, be careful when choosing veneer trimmings in high-traffic areas. Even though this material is incredibly stylish, it is prone to scratching and moisture damage; thus, it is a poor option for kitchens. ABS, the most common type of trimming material is cost-friendly, comes in a wide variety of colours and is great for kitchen cabinets (due to moisture resistance).

3. Floor Finishings

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: X Dimension Design

There's more to flooring then what looks fancy and comfy underfoot. Is it practical? Safe? If you're living with young children or those with respiratory issues, it's important to get flooring types that have low or zero VOCs emitted, and are non-toxic for cleaner air in the house. Some materials that are low in these toxic substances include ceramic tiles or eco-friendly bamboo flooring.

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation

Likewise, applying flooring treatments are necessary for safety and durability. For instance, you might want to ask your contractor about slip-resistant glaze/coating when opting for slippery floors like marble, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, etc. This will help to increase traction when walking in the house - preventing any unforeseen accidents.

4. Ergonomic Hardware

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

While you probably give very little thought to the knob, handles and pulls of cabinetry, it can become the bane of your existence if you don’t choose wisely. If ergonomics and comfort is more important than aesthetics, plan ahead! Consider options like slim, pull-up handles that are easy to grasp for all ages. Alternatively, tic-tac (doors that are pushed to open) mechanisms are a convenient option for those with a weak grip - though the hardware can go loose with time.

Renovation Design Details

Interior Designer: TT Maya Design Management

What are some hardware options to avoid? T-knobs, while stylish don't offer much in terms of comfort when opening cabinet doors. And we all know how frustrating round door knobs can be when hands are slippery!

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