What is Qanvast all about?

Qanvast is an interior design platform, available on web and app, that aims to simplify homeowners’ renovation journey. With thousands of local home ideas, it’s the perfect place to discover interior ideas, complete with renovation costs and a breakdown of the works involved. Homeowners can also discover trustworthy interior designers and architects listed on Qanvast; homeowners can request for a list of home professionals, specially handpicked to suit their budget and style, to start discussing their home design and compare quotes. All recommendations made by Qanvast, via a quote request, are covered under the Qanvast Guarantee.

How can Qanvast help in my renovation?

Browse and save tens of thousands of local renovation projects along with the works included and renovation price! Plus, you can get complimentary quotes from up to 5 interior designers.

Are the home professionals on Qanvast reliable and trustworthy?

Our team performs a round of due diligence before listing them. Some of the checks include, but are not limited to, looking up the firm’s ACRA registration details, understanding the firm’s business and direction, homeowners’ reviews on these firms etc. They will be brought on board if they are a good fit for Qanvast.

Are the interior designers on Qanvast HDB-licensed?

Not all. Interior designers often sub-contract the general works out to contractors, so they are not required to be HDB-licensed. However, if you are renovating an HDB unit, do check that their contractors are HDB-licensed as that is compulsory for HDB renovation works.

Why do I have to submit a quote request?

By submitting a quote request, we can match you with up to 5 interior design firms that best match your renovation requirements, based on the information provided. Homeowners are recommended to meet a few to compare quotes and pick the ID most suitable for them. Submitting a quote request also enables us to provide follow-up service and get feedback on your experience. Connecting with interior designers via a quote request is also a requirement to be eligible for the Qanvast Guarantee.

What is the Qanvast Guarantee?

The Qanvast Guarantee protects homeowners in the case the recommended Contracting Service Provider breaches the contract, or becomes uncontactable or insolvent, you are protected under our Qanvast Guarantee, which covers 50% of your contract value, up to S$50,000, whichever is lower. Find out how to opt-in by clicking on 'Guarantee' on the navigation bar.

Does Qanvast receive commission from interior designers?

To align with your interests, we do not receive any commission when we match you with the interior designer firms.

How can I save those pictures that I really like?

Easy! Just tap on the heart on the top right corner and create or pick a board you want to save the photo to. When the heart is 'filled', it means the image has been saved to the board. To unsave the photo, tap on the heart again. You can see all your saved photos under ‘My Boards’.

Where can I see all my saved pictures?

Go to 'My Boards'. You can choose to organise, edit and comment on your saved pictures.

Do the renovation prices include furniture and appliances?

Most of the projects do not include them unless otherwise stated in the 'Works Included' tab listed in each project.

Does Qanvast screen reviews?

Yes, Qanvast screens homeowners’ reviews to ensure they meet our posting guidelines, and to verify that the reviews submitted by homeowners who have gone through the necessary renovation process with Qanvast. Our Happiness Officers will also examine questionable reviews regularly and promptly.

Will Qanvast change the content of our reviews?

No. As long as a review meets our guidelines, we will post it regardless. We do not influence or change the content of reviews, other than to make it comprehensible to our users. However, do note the “30-day investigation period” for negative reviews.

When will my review be published?

Within 24 hours from our verification unless the review has been flagged for extra checks. For a negative review, Qanvast will also put in place a “30-day investigation window” to ensure that it is fair for all (involved) parties. Following that, homeowner will have the option to edit review prior to publishing.

What type of review may be flagged for extra checks?

Reviews that do not meet our posting guidelines, such as insulting language or on comments made on other reviewers”. For example: “Super EGO old man. He is just rubbish”, or “We disagree with the above reviews because their services were terrible. Those who complimented them here must have been paid to do so”.

What are your review posting guidelines?

Review left should be on a recent renovation, no insulting language or smear campaign, unbiased and non-commercial, and helpful for other homeowners who read about your experience. Reviews written should be in a clear and concise manner for homeowners to understand; Singlish is acceptable!