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Lightings Brands

Brighten up your home (and life) with these ceiling lamps, hanging lights, and more!

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Lightings Brands

Where to buy the best lighting fixtures in Singapore

Shopping for lights in Singapore is a relatively easy matter -- all you have to do is make a trip down to Balestier Road where you'll find a myriad of local lighting stores. But what if you don't wish to travel to this go-to destination? Then check out these stores on Qanvast Brands!

Sol Luminaire is an innovative lighting store in Singapore that designs, manufactures and integrates its in-house lighting brand, AEON, which is used in residential and commercial projects across Southeast Asia. For cost-effective and trendy lighting fixtures, you can also check out Glowlights as well as Northstar Lighting for pendant lights, LED ceiling lamps, wall lights and even chandeliers!

Why having good lighting at home is important

Good lighting at home matters because it will affect the functionality of your home space. Be it the kitchen, living room or study, having proper lights will allow you to work more efficiently and safely.

With home lighting solutions, such as downlights and ceiling lamps, you'll be able to illuminate your personal spaces, making them appear larger and hence, more attractive as well.

How to get the best lights for each room

To know what the best light fixtures are to get for your home, you'll first need to know the different forms of lighting: ambient (or general), accent, and task lighting. Each of these three lighting types serve a different purpose and understanding them is the key to outfitting your home with the best lights.

As its name implies, ambient/general lighting creates an 'overall glow' that illuminates surrounding spaces and this can come in the form of cove lights, downlights, track lights or recessed lamps. Spaces that benefit most from ambient lighting include living spaces as well as kitchens where it's necessary to illuminate an entire space for comfort and safety.

On the other hand, accent lighting plays a more decorative role as it's usually focused on an object or a specific part of a space. Examples of accent lights include wall sconces, cove lights and picture lights that can be angled in a specific direction.

Finally, there's task lighting and it is used for specific purposes, like illuminating a work desk or kitchen counter. Ideally, your task lights should be adjustable, both in terms of brightness and position, so that they can better suit your needs. For instance, a dimmable desk lamp will be ideal for preventing eye strain while you're working long hours at your study desk.