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Planning a simple refresh or embarking on a major overhaul for your home? From architects, interior designers to contractor-IDs, sort and discover the right interior professional for your needs by type.

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Interior Designers & Architects

Whether you prefer a simple, unfussy space or a gorgeously styled up abode, there's an interior professional for everyone.


They build spaces from the ground – designing both the interior and exterior. Looking to do A&A? Turn to an architect. Architects are perfect for homeowners who are looking to design their landed home or require extensive interior works that require structural changes or built-ins.

For the smaller-fledged architectural firms, they do focus on creating beautiful interiors in apartments and condominiums. If you are someone who’s particular in creating spaces, their meticulous to designs will wow you over.

Interior designers:

Bringing a mix of construction knowledge with a flair for aesthetic design, interior firms run the gamut in terms of renovation services, from interior design, spatial planning, project management to even furniture shopping for some.

The common types of interior firms are:

  • The big-brand interior firms come with an army of designers, a wealth of experience and a portfolio to match
  • The design-centric agencies that prefer to focus on creating unique, inventive spaces that you’ll probably see in a magazine
  • The contractor interior designers that offer the same services as the above two but their strength lies in the execution on the construction rather than designing fanciful, eye-catching homes

And if you are someone who wouldn’t want to fuss over the whole coordination of project management side of renovation, pick interior designers over contractors.