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Interior Designer Reviews

Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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Review of Ofthebox
Timeliness & super responsible

Reviewed by Magdalene Ong・Submitted 22 Mar 2024・ Project completed Oct 2024・Designer Chamian

First met up with Charmain through my sister’s recommendation. We’re glad that we did not have to go through any sort of reno nightmare as first time homeowners. We appreciate her help to coordinate with all our external vendors for installation etc. Along the way, there were no major hiccups and Charmain was responsive and prompt in resolving any minor ones. Overall, we would recommend Ofthebox for their timeliness, responsiveness and service recovery (all of which to us, is the most important).

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Breath of fresh air

Reviewed by Jesmond・Submitted 19 Jan 2024・ Project completed Oct 2024・Designer Andy

Amongst the sea of confusing designers, Andy was a complete breath of fresh air!! Not pushy, but with many interesting and innovative suggestions that were budget conscious. I am happy and glad to have Andy as the Interior Designer. He is very hard working and very responsive (even in strange timing). He take his time to understand our ever changing requirement, and trying to meet them. He gives very valuable suggestions in term of design and practicality balancing between cost. He is definitely a value add in my opinion in this very stressful renovation time. Andy has an eye for detail and will directly get the contractor to change things when it doesn’t meet his expectation, so you don’t have to worry! For bigger issues he will inform you and suggest options with his rationale and that made deciding so much easier! Any queries you may have will be answered almost immediately which is impressive. Highly recommended for the outstanding work that they provided!

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Review of Ofthebox
Highly recommended - best ID

Reviewed by Fabian Kho・Submitted 22 Mar 2024・ Project completed Sep 2024・Designer Haylee

We had a great experience working with ofthebox for our first-ever property! From our initial meet-up with Haylee through design and execution, we were impressed by her attention to detail, methodical follow-ups and above all, sensitivity to our preferences and dislikes. Ever accommodating and thoughtful, Haylee is a designer we would highly recommend to help create your home interior visions into reality.

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Review of Ofthebox
Thank you for the hard work and remarkable service rendered.

Reviewed by Zyee Lin・Submitted 22 Mar 2024・ Project completed Sep 2024・Designer Jay, Charmian

We’ve been to Interior designer fairs and met multiple interior designers before we came across Of the box on TikTok. We were impressed by their work and decided to proceed with them. With every project, It is impossible to expect zero ups and downs throughout. I’ve heard so many home renovation horror stories from people around me. Likewise for us, we met many hiccups along the way. However, both Jay & Charmian were reliable and very responsive to all our request. Our concerns were addressed and issues were rectified timely. Both their patience, unwavering assistance, and design ideas will be unforgettable to our home renovation process. Overall, we had a pleasant experience working with both Jay and Charmian! Thank you for the hard work and remarkable service rendered.

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Review of Space Atelier
Made a home out of a house
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Katherine・Submitted 18 Apr 2024・ Project completed Jul 2024・Designer Yang Hann

Working with Hann has truly been a pleasant experience. From the moment we began collaborating, it was evident that their passion for design and commitment to excellence would exceed expectations.
 Hann’s attention to detail is unmatched. He is always responsible in ensuring that every aspect of the project, from concept to execution, is executed flawlessly.
 What sets Hann apart is his ability to blend aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. He not only created a beautiful space for me but also ensure that each design enhances the way I live and work. 
 Throughout the entire process, Hann demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and a genuine dedication to wanting to bring my dream home to fruition. His collaborative approach and open communication made the journey enjoyable and stress-free.
 Thanks to Hann, my space has been transformed into a home that not only reflects my style but also exceeds my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Hann to anyone seeking an exceptional design experience.
 Thank you for turning my vision into a reality and for creating a space that truly feels like home.

Response from Space Atelier

Thank you so much for the positive review! We really appreciate your kind words and are thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with us. we look forward to working with you again in the future!

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Review of ECasa Studio
Go above and beyond

Reviewed by Alvin・Submitted 6 May 2024・ Project completed Jun 2024・Designer Hecy

We recently had the pleasure of working with Hecy for our home renovation project, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Her expertise, creativity, and attention to detail truly transformed our space into a haven we're proud to call home. From the initial consultation to the final touches, she guided us every step of the way with professionalism and enthusiasm. Her ability to understand our vision and seamlessly execute it exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making our dream home a reality!

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Average Experience

Reviewed by Eunice・Submitted 4 May 2024・Renovation in progress・Designer Clark

The senior ID – Darren is able to answer most of my enquiries during the initial meetups and the junior ID - Clark is the overall in charge of the project. The bulk of the renovation works (carpentry and tiling works) for the toilets are done quite swiftly within the first few weeks. There is some delays and hiccups along the renovation works process due to miscommunications and resource planning. Definitely room for improvements on the coordination between their contractors but the issues are rectified after a few back and forth communications and reworks. They went the extra mile and effort to fix some of the original house minor defects out of goodwill which are not part of their scope of work. Thank you for the hard work and effort put in creating a comfortable home.

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Review of Key Concept
Tan Mei Choo
Happy to choose the Right ID who is enthusiastic about his work.

Reviewed by Tan Mei Choo・Submitted 20 May 2024・ Project completed May 2024・Designer Erwin Saysay

I had already consulted with 3 other IDs and was not sure if they could deliver the work. So, I decided to look for alternatives. When I visited a friend’s newly done up HDB flat, I was impressed with the work done by Key Concept. So, I decided to check out Key Concept. My ID assigned by Key Concept was Erwin. He is young, energetic, and enthusiastic about the work. These attributes have increased my confidence to engage Key Concept. I reminded Erwin that I am a meticulous person. He assured me that he will not fail me. Indeed, he has lived up to my expectations. Erwin has been very responsive and never fail to answer my queries or my messages. He will go the extra mile to check and find out the details required. He will not side with the carpenter/electrician/plumber when I raised any doubts. Erwin will always check with me and seek permission before he proceeds with any work. This is the excellent work attitude that I admire, and I will definitely recommend Erwin to my friends and family for any future ID contracts. I am very happy with the finished work and efforts put in by Erwin from Key Concept. I must thank Qanvast for the referral too.

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Review of Mavid Space
Annie Chen
Aesthetic harmony

Reviewed by Annie Chen・Submitted 20 May 2024・ Project completed May 2024・Designer Maverick Ho

To be honest, we are not an easy-going house owner, we wanted an almost perfect living space as our new home, and MAVID SPACE PTE LTD, yes! Maverick made it! As a house owner, we did plenty of surveys before decided to engage Maverick. We were impressed by his passion in design initially, followed by his exceptional interior design knowledge. And YES! He is incredibly talented and a friendly designer that I have met. His ability to transform limited space is extraordinary. Our home illustrated his understanding of aesthetic harmony. It’s totally a hassle-free, high-quality and well-organized experience. My husband and I had an enjoyable renovation journey. Although we engage a fengshui master, Maverick’s design turned out to be not only met Fengshui element but with an incredible design and high level of comfortability. Maverick is also meticulous in managing the tight schedules. His enthusiasm and seamless coordination skills is absolutely impressive. We had site visits almost every weekend and we noticed that his contractors/suppliers ‘s works are professional. Our house kept clean throughout the whole renovation processes. We would like to thank you for your flexibility and adaptability. Your ability to pivot and adjust to our needs has made all the difference in the success of our new house!

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Thoughtful, meticulous, patient, honest. Extremely satisfied

Reviewed by Daryl Lee・Submitted 19 May 2024・ Project completed May 2024・Designer Gabriel

Forefront Interior has been a great ID partner for our new home - from the initial ideation to detailed discussions to the actual renovation process. Easy words to describe Gabriel are meticulous, patient, thoughtful, and honest. He did not behave like other IDs that our friends told about, who often "upsold" additional work to clients to increase the renovation costs - he told us what made sense and what did not in the context of our home. We are also appreciative of the constant updates he gave us about the place, and were extremely happy that he met the initial timeline set out without any slippages. Would definitely recommend him / Forefront to my other new homeowner friends, and hope to work with him again on our future new homes as well. Thanks Gabriel, and thanks Forefront!

Response from Forefront Interior

Hi Daryl Lee, your satisfaction is our top priority, thanks for your fantastic review!

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Forefront Interior responded to this review
Clinton Tan
Positive Renovation Experience

Reviewed by Clinton Tan・Submitted 19 May 2024・ Project completed May 2024・Designer Jay Ng

We are glad that we engaged Jay Ng as our ID to build our home. As first-time home owner, we had many ideas in our minds and glad that Jay managed to help us to realise it through his masterful use of colour shades, practical ideas/designs and materials during the entire renovation period. Although there are hiccups/disputes during the renovation period, Jay ensured all issues are resolved at the end of the day, which we are very grateful for. Workmanship by the Fifth Avenue carpentry team is excellent as we can feel the build quality in the work. Administrative financial paper works were properly done up and accounted for as well. We would definitely recommend Jay and Fifth Avenue to our friends and family.

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Simple and cozy renovation

Reviewed by Sk・Submitted 19 May 2024・ Project completed May 2024・Designer Jacqueline

Jacqueline is very patient and understand our preference choice when she is still following up with my home till complete renovation. She can help to save our cost tight financial and our home is very simple and cozy. My designer can solve to meet my needs asap when we are satisfied with this things. Service and workmanship quality is very good knowledge and sometime give us some good advise. Thanks Jacqueline

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Interior Designer Reviews

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