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Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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Li Zhen
Great ID experience

Reviewed by Li Zhen・Submitted 9 Apr 2020・Project completed Sep 2019・Designer Shaphine

Shaphine has been very responsive with the follow up and had given great design ideas that other designers told us no.

During the course of work she has given us update on how the progress of the work.She is helpful in helping us source for materials to beautify the overall design of the place.

After sales was good too as she is responsive in providing after sales follow up. Experience have been great overall.

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Smooth & Efficient Team

Reviewed by Jia Sheng・Submitted 9 Apr 2020・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer JJ

We had previously met about 3 ID firms before going with JJ. Reason being I can tell he is very knowledgeable and experienced which is different from others.

Our project mainly consist carpentry as our house finishes were done by HDB. The other reason we choose J Design & Build is they have a team of In house carpenters and workers that you can see at their office which we are quite amazed.

We are impressed with JJ's drawings and space planning. saving every minor space in my small bto. We have tight budget to go with but JJ will still find ways of giving us more then we expected.

The project goes on very smooth after confirmation. WIthin 4 weeks the project is done. Everything is done professionally and we were kept in the loop despite our busy work schedule.

Overall, Price, Workmanship, Timeline, Site updates etc. EXCELLENT!!!

Thanks to JJ and Team

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Yek Elaine
Highly Recommend!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Yek Elaine・Submitted 9 Apr 2020・Project completed Apr 2020・Designer Xiangyi & Jenny

We spoke to many IDs before meeting Xiangyi. Although they were a relatively new company as compared to the others whom we have met, we were convinced to sign up with them because Xiangyi gave us a really pleasant first experience - he was humble and patient. He took in our feedback / ideas and did not hard-sell his services / design ideas.

We are really fussy with numbers and details. Xiangyi took all our comments positively and tried his best to fulfil our requirements and work within our budget. What we really appreciate was his honesty - when we request for something impossible or impractical, he will explain it to us gently and show us why it has to be amended. He also has the initiative to come up with solutions and suggestions.

Xiangyi managed the renovation very responsibly and in a really proactive manner - we feel really reassured by him and just left it in his complete care. He was the one who regularly prompted and reminded us of things and plans. Without him, we would have lost our direction and focus.

Jenny joined us in the middle of our renovation journey - she has a really keen eye for styling, details and color-coordination.

Both Xiangyi and Jenny are really pleasant and enthusiastic individuals. It was an absolute delight working with them. We would definitely recommend them to our loved ones and friends or to anyone who is looking for an ID to work with.

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Sunshine Tsy
First Home Renovation

Reviewed by Sunshine Tsy・Submitted 9 Apr 2020・Project completed Feb 2020・Designer Jasmine

My husband & I decided to engage Great Oasis for our first home renovation and certainly did not regret it!

Right from the start Jasmine was very honest and took the time to understand our requirements in order to customise the contract/work order to our needs. She was very prompt and gave us a strong sense of assurance (which we didn’t get from other IDs) so we decided to go ahead with her.

Additionally, her contract was very detailed and it was within our budget (yet not compromising on quality!)

Throughout the whole process, Jasmine & Samuel were very hands-on and would always be around for almost everything. Both of them brought us to various places just to source for the tile that we liked and eventually with her persistence, we were able to secure our top choice (thanks to her actively calling the shop to check etc.) They were also there when we did the inspection after key collection & guided us with the aircon installation. Despite being first time home owners & doing renovation, we felt very comfortable and reassured while working with Jasmine.

Along the way, she also shared with us practical ideas & tips for our new home..which she shared with us while doing up our 3D drawing etc. We’re greatly impressed by her eye for detail and the pride that she takes in her work (i.e. she was even more particular about the workmanship than we were)

On top of all that, she guided us on selecting the right tap, sink, fans, lights & we also felt comfortable seeking her advice on other matters such as the furniture/curtains. Needless to say, everything went smoothly as per the schedule provided.

Even after she “unofficially” handed over the house back to us, she kindly got her painter & technicians to come over a couple of times to help us touch up on the paint & install new lights (just because we requested & abit “niao” :P).

Highly recommended to engage Great Oasis for their excellent workmanship & value for money! You’ll certainly have a peace of mind working with Jasmine & Samuel. Will definitely recommend them to our friends & family! We certainly had a great & fun experience renovating our new home together with Jasmine’s help (she even made sure the house renovation was complete & ready to move in before our newborn joined us)

Thank you Jasmine & Samuel for all the hard work & everything!!

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Review of Space Atelier
Relational Renovation Experience

Reviewed by Lucy Goh・Submitted 9 Apr 2020・Project completed Feb 2020・Designer Henry

Engaged Henry for my one bedder living and bedroom renovation. Experience was good as Henry was patient and open to my expectations and indecisiveness. He was able to fit my design expectations into a small apartment with ample storage spaces without the sense of feeling cluttered. He also has great rapport with the contractors who willingly aceded to my additional requests. Nice workmanship and great people to work with.

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Reviewed by Bhali Gill・Submitted 8 Apr 2020・Project completed Mar 2020・Designer Jojo Joanne

After meeting 7 different IDs we met Jojo. She was switched on and responsible from the start. She made the process very simple and clear. She took charge of the entire process and was able to give us her excellent recommendations. We were most impressed and relieved to find Jojo. She did our carpentry beautifully and lighting was done to high standards and plumbing work done well.

She was someone who constantly updated us and we never needed to go down to check what was happening. If there were any mistakes she would rectify this without us knowing. We feel so blessed to have Jojo as our ID and know we made a right choice.

Thank you for helping us make our home beautiful and liveable. Highly recommend JoJo and TIL for their high level of quality and service!

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Review of Design Story
Nur Sufiyan Adam
Trustworthy, patient and pleasant experience altogether
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Nur Sufiyan Adam・Submitted 7 Apr 2020・Project completed Dec 2019・Designer Dorothy

I was handed a list of 5 IDs from Qanvast and Dorothy from Design Story was the first that I visited and struck the most for me out of the 5. She was patient and pleasant in dealing with our design needs and have never complained despite us changing few times (fickle-minded abit!), the design and output matches perfectly and it was so loved by all who visited our place. Even deliver ahead of time!

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Review of Studio S Sq Interior Pte Ltd
Makeover for our Sunset Mansionette
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Woon Chong Wee・Submitted 7 Apr 2020・Project completed Jan 2018・Designer Sean and Minghui

We met up with multiple interior designers. Their pricing was either too steep or they did not add much value to the ideas. We had chemistry straightaway with Sean and Minghui and felt the right balance working with them. Their quotation was reasonable and they were very professional, and personalised. This set them apart from many other interior designers that we've met. We were definitely very comfortable with them.

Sean and Mingui would accompany us to shop for materials. They have a keen eye for details and would always guide us towards choosing materials that would match the overall design of our home. I am intrigued particularly by Sean's interpretation of designs that provides that special touch for our home. I felt that they put their heart and soul into every home or project that they worked on.

Fast forward 2 years since they have delivered our dream home, we have treasured the relationship with them and they have also gone the extra mile to keep up our friendship. This surpasses other designers who can be transactional and is also a strong testament to their strong support post-renovation. I would strongly recommend Sean and Mingui if you are looking for a personalised, reasonably priced, and rewarding experience!

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Review of Project Guru
4Rm HDB Hougang Parkview
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Zach・Submitted 6 Apr 2020・Project completed Nov 2019・Designer Tony Chen

We engaged Tony and Project Guru to renovate our 4Rm HDB Resale flat in 2019 Oct. We like their proposal, and decided that it met our budget best, and the plans fulfilled our varied tastes and aspirations. There was a slight delay with the carpentry, but we were satisfied with the quality finishes and the quick rectification after moving in. Tony is the first designer I know who carry out full and speedy modification works even after full payment!

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Review of Fuse Concept
Regina Chan
A wonderful collaboration
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Regina Chan・Submitted 5 Apr 2020・Project completed Aug 2019・Designer Jade Kwok

Jade was the 2nd ID I met and I knew through a very brief discussion that Jade will definitely deliver. She made the entire process enjoyable, collaborative and very comprehensive for a reno noob like me.

I had zero worries or issues throughout our reno journey together except for many late-night brainstorming sessions over Whatsapp (cos this was the only time I can really discuss over my workload) that was definitely over and beyond what an ID could have done for any new house owner.

I recommended Jade to a couple of friends even before writing this review! 110% recommended and if I ever got money for a 2nd place, Jade will be definitely be my 1st choice! ;)

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Review of Space Atelier
Smooth renovation journey & quality workmanship
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by・Submitted 4 Apr 2020・Project completed Dec 2019・Designer Yang Hann

I chanced upon several works by Space Atelier which I quite liked the design/ style, and so happen the homeowners are common friends of mine, who then introduced me to Yang Hann. It was quite a busy period for IDs within Q3-Q4 2019, as we didn't receive much update on the Reno process so we will pop by after work every few nights to check on the reno progress/ carpentry/ tiling work along the way. If any questions, we will reach out to Yang Hann via WhatsApp, he is very responsive and will liaise with his contractors to address any problems promptly. Though we had to fork out slightly more than our initial budget, we were both very happy & satisfied with our humble and cosy abode. We handpicked every tile design for the foyer, kitchen backsplash, toilet floor and wall tiles and also laminate materials used for kitchen, bedroom wardrobes & etc. its definitely not one of the cheapest company, but rest assured I'd say the workmanship quality is very good. We didn't spot any chip and unfinished edges in most of the carpentry works. And the best part is the after renovation service, we have moved in for close to 3 months, Yang Hann is still super helpful and responsive when we inform if of any wear and tear identified. He will help to arrange for his painter/ carpenter to pop by to resolve any problem within the next 1-2 weeks. Thank you Yang Hann & Space Aterlier's team!

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Review of Fuse Concept
Most Reliable and Patient ID
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Diana Goh・Submitted 4 Apr 2020・Project completed Apr 2020・Designer Aaron Chong

Aaron was really patient with us throughout the entire renovation journey and we are deeply appreciative of that. Despite many changes to the plans along the way, revisions to works and contract, Aaron was patient and easy going every step along the way. As with the quality of the renovation works, we are extremely satisfied. Workmanship is excellent with tiles, flooring, paint works, electrical works, drilling works. He even assured us that if we come across any problem after handover we can still look for him. As for the timing, it's perfect. Aaron is efficient and we were able to complete our renovation within a very short time frame of 3 weeks. He planned for all the contractors to come in a back to back consecutive days schedule and the project timeline was shared with us right at the start. Aaron was very understanding, he understood what we wanted from the way we shared with him our ideas. He was able to still share with us his suggestions (him being more practical) in areas that we overlooked while only looking out for the design of things. In short, we are very happy with our experience with Aaron from Fuse Concept and we would highly recommend his service to those who are looking for someone to oversee new home renovation works. Sometimes, the icing on the cake is when you have an interior designer who has a heart for the work he does, an unbeatable level of patience towards his clients, and can be trusted upon for everything. It is very human and it reminds us that having a pleasant working relationship matters. Thank you for everything and all the best to you Aaron!!


Diana and Junyuan

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