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Interior Designer Reviews
Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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25 reviews
Verified reviews are cross-checked against their renovation contract.
Review of M+L Associates
Thank you!

Reviewed by Jaelle・Submitted 12 Aug 2021・ Project completed Apr 2021・Designer coco

We’re glad to have our cheerful ID Coco with us throughout our renovation journey. It’s not easy as we have a tight timeline to catch but she did it! Even if there are things yet to be completed or fixed required after she hand over, she will still promptly get those things done. Great job, Coco! 💕 Thanks to you and your wonderful team. 😊

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Review of M+L Associates
to mike and coco....

Reviewed by Syarif DaCaveman・Submitted 12 Aug 2021・ Project completed Apr 2021・Designer mike & COCO

To Mike n Coco.. you guys are the consummate professional and Both me n my wife in awe of your design abilities and seamless coordination skills. We absolutely adore our new space and I am forever grateful to you and your team. Every person you recommended produced an impeccable product and every person was a pleasure to work with. You were always attentive and responsive and you guys guided our choices in a respectful and welcoming way. Working with u guys was such a pleasure that I am tempted to move just so we can start all over again! I know you will continue to brighten many lives, thank you guys for your part in ours!

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Review of M+L Associates
Friendly and great team!

Reviewed by Nad Nadya・Submitted 12 Aug 2021・ Project completed Apr 2021・Designer mike & COCO

Super Overdueeee Review. But nevertheless, recommended to those whom are looking for a renovation. Coco is our ID and she is one of the best ID among those which I have asked for quotation. Definitely she will quote suitable to your budget. Whatever budget u have, she will ensure your house is going to be a perfect home ever! 😊 Not forgetting her understanding boss too, Mr Mike! Friendly team ever! 😎 Kudos to the team!

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Review of M+L Associates
Thanks Jason for everything.

Reviewed by Nathaniel Loh・Submitted 11 Aug 2021・ Project completed Apr 2021・Designer Jason

Had a great experience with Jason on the renovation of our home. Jason was very accommodating and pleasant to work with. Great recommendations given and very satisfied with the result. Would recommend to anyone looking for a conscientious, affable and accountable ID to work with!

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Review of M+L Associates
Good Design & Workmanship

Reviewed by Ronnie Yeo・Submitted 11 Aug 2021・ Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Tommy

My family and I like to appreciate all the hard work and diligent effort that you and your team members/contractors into completing renovation on our home in such a difficult period during current Covid-19 period. It was your company’s support and expertise advice to meet timeline and help us to fulfill our dream home. Special thanks to Tommy Lei as ID designer for innovative design and his team for quality carpentry workmanship, from sketches, 3D drawings till delivery. The company dedication to quality work, desire to experiment, out-of-the-box thinking & find solutions to our needs is unparalleled. Without the company efforts, this renovation would not have completed in time and with this kind of quality. My family and I are grateful to have your company as our main renovation contractor and thank you for excellent work during this period of times.

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Review of M+L Associates
Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Laks Gal・Submitted 11 Aug 2021・ Project completed Jan 2021・Designer Gylen

Gylen and his team did an awesome job for our house renovation. He never fails to update us on the works that he will be starting and also when finished he will sent us the completed work with pictures. Whenever he is unsure, he ask us before continuing the works. Gylen ensures that the work is done well and not a half past six job. He is willing to accommodate to how we exactly want it to be. A Very good and trustable ID that you can rely on. Thank you so much Gylen!

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Review of M+L Associates
Handover in tiptop condition!

Reviewed by Bil Skylar・Submitted 11 Aug 2021・ Project completed Dec 2020・Designer Dennis & Jason

Dennis and Jason are super friendly and nice. They gave us alot of ideas for our house. Issues were resolved quick. They are very professional and also fast at responding any queries. Workmanship is also tip top. Quality of our vinyl and cabinet is top notch, actually all of it is good too. It’s not the typical material you see outside. Would definitely recommend them

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Review of M+L Associates

Reviewed by Jolanda Lau・Submitted 11 Aug 2021・ Project completed Dec 2020・Designer Gylen

Gylen and his team is very friendly, helpful, understanding and very prompt in answering to our 101questions! 😂 We engaged him and confirmed the job in short notice, even gave him a very short deadline to complete the job but they have provided us with a lot of support and delivered with very good quality work! 👍👍👍 My family and i would like to express our gratitude to the team and will definitely introduce the team to our friends and family! THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE WONDERFUL JOB! 😁😁😁

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Review of M+L Associates
good job :)

Reviewed by IZ DEAN dano・Submitted 12 Aug 2021・ Project completed Mar 2020・Designer ben louis

ID was Ben Louis and only got to know he is not with them anymore. Nevertheless, he was outgoing and very easy going. Came out with so much ideas that we did not think of. A little sceptical at first but the end result shows it all. After market sales, contacting the boss, Mike is easy also. Got any problem can consult him and as much as he can, he will help. Good job team!

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Review of M+L Associates
Highly recommended 💯

Reviewed by Bavani Nagarajan・Submitted 12 Aug 2021・ Project completed Nov 2019・Designer mike & Paul

Dear Mike and Paul, Thank you for turning our house into a beautiful home to step into everyday.From day 1 you guys have been very accomodative and us ideas from lightings to the wallpaper colours..the curtains..the dinning area etc.The kids loved the room too.we have met many home contractors but you guys really were a blessing as u were very genuine and customer satisfaction was very important to you.Your workmanship is perfect too.Really appreaciate your after service.Impressive n 100% recommendable!👏🏼

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Review of M+L Associates

Reviewed by Teddy Anwar・Submitted 12 Aug 2021・ Project completed Nov 2019・Designer mike

Thank You mike for clearing my doubts and arranging for a comfortable payment plan. Although there was a slight miss communication at first but at the end of the day you manage to get things done which i really apreciate so much. Thank You So much Mike. Love my kitchen

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Review of M+L Associates
Patient and great interior designer.

Reviewed by Kayathri Jaya Paul・Submitted 12 Aug 2021・ Project completed Jul 2019・Designer Mike

Mike is a very patient guy. He listened to all our needs and helped us with the changes we wanted in our current house. We had a budget and he helped us to keep the expenses within it. We love the idea of an open kitchen concept which he made it possible and designed it well more than what we expected. Now, our kitchen is really spacious and we have more than enough storage spaces. Quality of products such as cabinets, sink, tiles, vinyl flooring, lightings etc are very good! Work started immediately after payment and we were updated by videos of the renovation progress. To conclude, we are very happy with having Mike to do our home renovation and will definitely recommend to others.

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Singapore for your reference.

Our reviews are vetted and independently submitted by verified users, so you can be sure that they will help you make the right move in your renovation journey. You may refer to our Review Policy on how we manage and police the reviews.

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