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Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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Cyrus Adam
Modern and cosy design
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Cyrus Adam・Submitted 10 Jan 2023・ Project completed Jan 2023・Designer Eddie

Eddie is very experienced and very honest. His knowledge of carpentry is very extensive and has a "secret recipe" for durable, long-lasting wardrobe carpentry. Eddie's quotation is guided by the principles of honesty which seek to comprehend the customer's budget according to the "things you must have" for a satisfactory home. The company (Kingsley Interior) follows a very strict step-by-step standard operating procedures (SOP) on the "design process" to avoid errors and has direct control over their carpenters, hence corrections are done promptly to the customer's satisfaction with good workmanship quality. All in all, I think Eddie and the company (Kingsley Interior) have done very well.

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Altar table

Reviewed by Paul Soon・Submitted 12 May 2022・ Project completed May 2022・Designer Rachel Kam

We had a major renovation to our condo in March 2021 and it was completed in June 2021 despite the delays caused by the pandemic . However , we were very unhappy with our renovation contractor and wanted to redo our living room after the Chinese New Year in 2022 . We looked at Facebook and Qanvast for some ideas and decided on Kingsley Interior after some research . We went to their IMM office and spoke to one very young ID , Rachel Kam and despite her age , she was much more experienced than our first ID and Rachel was very patient and listened to what we were looking for and even presented a few ideas to us for consideration . We actually wanted to redo the whole living room but Rachel advise that the living room looks nice and new and as it’s only have been renovated for a few months we should seriously reconsider renovating it again . She suggested just doing the altar table instead as the altar table was too small and not practical in many ways . We listen to her suggestions and go ahead with just doing the altar table again . As it was such a small project , we did not expect such detailed and good service to ensure that we have what we want in mind and it took many drawings and planning before we gave the go ahead with the job . We are glad we appointed Rachel Kam of Kingsley Interior to redo our altar table as it was done according to our schedule and the final work was beyond our expectations . We will definitely recommend Rachel to our friends and relatives for any future works and as for me and my wife , our future renovation will also be handled by Rachel .

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Committed, Innovative ID

Reviewed by Gilbert・Submitted 21 Apr 2022・ Project completed May 2022・Designer Eddy Tay

I had Eddy right from the start of my renovation and at the very first moment I felt that things are in good hands. He had managed the contractors appropriately and timely rectify the issues that have been identified. More often than not, he provides valuable suggestions about how the design should be changed which are indeed better solutions than what I have in mind. It has been a great pleasure to have Eddy as my ID and I have already recommended my friends who wishes to renovate their homes to him.

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Professional ID & Renovation Services

Reviewed by Jamie・Submitted 6 May 2022・ Project completed Apr 2022・Designer Hazel Zai Mei, Bradley Tong

We have completed our EA flat renovations, with the dedicated help and professional services of the IDs and contractors at Kingsley Interiors. Very happy with their works, and we greatly appreciate their patience and understandings of our needs, and their expert advices and competent follow-ups esp. from ID Bradley. Would recommend their services to anyone looking for an experienced renovation team.

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Law Ang
My ID Marcus

Reviewed by Law Ang・Submitted 14 Jun 2022・ Project completed Mar 2022・Designer Marcus

Thank you Kingsley Interior for designing my house. Throughout the process, i actually argued with my wife about some design on certain areas but i am glad that Marcus actually step in and suggested a win win situation solution for us! Overall, he is very patient and experience and always around the clock when we need his advise or assistance. I would say this is a really memorable experience for me and my wife and definitely i will recommend my friends and relatives to engage them in future.

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Junrong Zhang
Trustworthy, reasonable and responsible ID firm
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Junrong Zhang・Submitted 19 May 2022・ Project completed Dec 2021・Designer Haz Pang

Engaged KI to renovate a 4 room resale flat which was in a rather bad condition. Had 5 quotations from different ID companies and KI provided the most reasonable and fair prices. Haz Pang was the ID in charge. The whole experience was smoother than I had expected. There will surely be hiccups along the way and 1 thing I'm impressed with Haz is that she will definitely get the things done right for you (even follow up after completion). Very responsive and responsible ID. Whatever you need to do for your new home, she will try her best to make it happen. Overall, I'm glad that I engaged Kingsley after hearing many other renovation horrors from people I know.

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We highly recommend him to be your ID if you’re seeking an experienced senior ID for your renovation works!

Reviewed by Ashley Alphonsus Ong・Submitted 29 Oct 2021・ Project completed Oct 2021・Designer Eddie

Eddie has been an excellent ID and both my wife, and I are very impressed with his work ethics, principles, and solutions he has shown/given throughout our engagement of his services. He patiently listened to how we wanted our home to be designed as we have designed it ourselves but needed to engage an ID to help project manage, render out and guide us on what can be done and cannot be done. Overall, we are exceptionally satisfied with him from pre, during and post renovation he has constantly kept us updated and replied to questions and issues promptly. We highly recommend him to be your ID if you’re seeking an experienced senior ID for your renovation works!

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I will definitely recommend Jia Jun at Kingsley Interior to my friends and family. Keep up the good work!

Reviewed by Roody Bin Sukayman・Submitted 25 Oct 2021・ Project completed Oct 2021・Designer Jia Jun

ID Jia Jun was very professional in helping us in choosing our materials and designing our kitchen. He kept updating us on the progress of the renovation. Whenever there was any enquiries he will be there to address our concerns and proposed a solution. No major issues encountered and everything was completed in good time. I will definitely recommend Jia Jun at Kingsley Interior to my friends and family. Keep up the good work!

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Great Aftercare

Reviewed by Kishore・Submitted 6 May 2022・ Project completed Sep 2021・Designer Marcus

In summary, Marcus was always at hand to provide assistance when the renovation work was at a challenging stage. He was quick to remedy the issues and gave great aftercare. Marcus provided alternative possibilities when issues came up with the painting. Kingsley's pricing was very competitive and comparable with several leading reno companies. They were patient throughout the process. Marcus made the entire journey manageable.

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Professional renovation with a Peace of mind

Reviewed by Justin Seow・Submitted 15 Sep 2021・ Project completed Aug 2021・Designer Haz

It has been a pleasant experience engaging Kingsley for the renovation of my room. They are professional and knowledgeable. Took care of all the logistical needs and i don’t really have to worry about materials, production and all other nitty gritty issues. I enjoyed chatting with them and definitely engage them again in the future. Key thing is a Peace of mind. Thank you for your help and we appreciate your assistance.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Eddie for his hard work with innovative ideas and professionism in handling his customers.

Reviewed by Xiao Li・Submitted 22 Oct 2021・ Project completed May 2021・Designer Eddie

My 2nd house (private condominium) was renovated by Mr Eddie and we were very happy about his professionism in overall project management and design. Due to HBL and WFW during covid 19 period, we encountered some space constrains and we decided to shift back to our old HDB flat which is much bigger with potential to create 4 bedrooms for 5 persons (2 adults and 3 kids). We can forsee this would be a challenging job to meet our design taste as well as space requirements. Thus we decided to look back for the same person for this tough job (5Rm Executive HDB flat) There is quite odd floor plan for this HDB flat with only 3 bed rooms, one open concept study room and L shape living hall. We had an intensive discussion about our needs and design theme, and Mr Eddie took in charge of everything efficiently. We are superbusy with our works as we are essential frontliers so we have almost no time to check the progress of the work. We got regular updates by WhatsApp video recording about hacking, walls, doors, wiring, flooring, ceiling and furniture's and etc. We knew that our house was in a good hand from a reliable person. Yes indeed, the final products turns very impressive with condominium furnishing taste with well planned layouts (4 proper sized bedrooms, 1 study room, dry+wet kitchen, laundry area, TV area, dining area and even tea area), simple yet grand design with all the storage hiding behind the walls. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Eddie for his hard work with innovative ideas and professionism in handling his customers. I definitely would recommend him to my friends and engage him as my designer if I had my 3rs house.

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Thank you Bradley and Kingsley Interior!

Reviewed by Fathimah・Submitted 24 Sep 2021・ Project completed Apr 2021・Designer Bradley

Last year in December, I engaged Kingsley Interior to renovate my house. Out of all the ID firms that got back to us, Kingsley was the one that really listened to us and stuck to our budget. Bradley was my ID and he did a very good job from start to finish. There are 5 people living inthe house and each of us had different requests but he listened to everyone and did his best to accommodate to what each of us wanted. Even though we were fickle-minded and changed our minds a few times about the colour of the wall/ the laminates for the carpentry etc, Bradley was still patient with us and gave us time to decide. We also had a tight timeframe because we had to shift all our furniture to a warehouse and we did not want to incur additional charges for extending the duration. Even though it was during COVID period and it was quite hard to get manpower, Bradley did his best to finish the project as fast as possible. Thank you Bradley and Kingsley Interior! Thanks

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Interior Designer Reviews

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