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Interior Designer Reviews
Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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10 reviews
Serena Wong

Reviewed by Serena Wong・Submitted 21 Mar 2019・ Project completed Feb 2019・Designer Marqx Tian

ID was very pro-active and prompt with replies during initial phases. We decided to give him a shot with doing the project for us as he displayed understanding in what we wanted in terms of look of the place, details of work. He gave us an impression that he knows a lot and was very experienced. A week or two after the project started, we were pretty much left to manage the project on our own more than we could’ve handled. It was a very challenging period for us especially when he’s hardly in the loop about the project where we had to do our own follow ups with the workers and tonnes of reminders had to be given before something could get done. Positives, the electrician team were awesome. A very professional and responsible team that did the job very well and went the extra mile to help us during this project. The painters too did a decent job, were very helpful and receptive towards getting the job done properly. On the other hand, work by the carpenter was utterly poor. There were chips, cracks and holes here and there in the work. We were unsure who was supposed to do a proper clean up before the kitchen cabinets went onto the raised concrete but it’s definitely filthy under our kitchen cabinets now because the dirt/hair/scraps weren’t cleared out before the carpenter started to fix the wood on. We were only able to clean up whatever we can reach and had to deal with the stench and the pests that harvested in the area since the place was handed over to us. We also asked the ID at one point if there was another carpenter that could help out as it seemed that guy was rushing the work on his own from day to late night. The question was never addressed and the guy continued to finish up. Only later when we raised the issue of carpentry and they got someone else to do the all the fixing, corrections and touch ups. The carpenters/factory measured and fixed the bar top wrongly as the ID gave the wrong information to them. Height, width, and depth were all wrong (this was discussed and confirmed a few times during our meet ups. Dimmensions were also stated inside the quote when the contract was signed). He told us he couldn’t remember what was discussed and then later on said he thought he vaguely rememebred the conversation. We had to make do with the wrongly cut dimmensions and they were only able to make the adjustments to the height in the end. Floor contractor did not lay the cement over a large area of space properly.. Have seen so many other projects done well with this such floors on large spaces elsewhere, and when something cropped up, they only blamed it on the fact that it was never going to be possible to lay it out without “the ugly mark” that is a long line cutting across the middle of the whole living room. We were prepared for a raw look, feel and it didnt have to look perfect or clean but we definitely did expect a poorly done one. Floor now is also nowhere close to being slightly flat (bumps and marks on on the floor showed that floor wasn’t screed properly). The only saving factor that happened was the layer of epoxy that went down on to the cement that made that “ugly mark” less obvious. Project was meant to be completed before Christmas 2018 but project was only closed in Feb 2019. The project came to a halt for one week at one point and there wasnt an update or follow up on what was happening. We like to believe that the workers have time for their meals and we provide them with snacks and drinks whenever we visit the project site, but the workers seemed like they were over stretched with their hours, sometimes working into the wee hours of the night after that one week halt. Even after we were asked to make the final payment (the place still had quite a bit to be done), the ID did not keep to his words on completing/delivering certain things and reminders once again had to be sent multiple times before something was done. It came to a point where we concluded that the ID was just interested in closing up the project and getting his end of FY commission/bonus so we stopped giving chasers on what he’s still owing us. In the end, our place looks beautiful but having to be put through this whole experience led us to question if engaging with an ID who is just a plain designer with little project management skills and low responsibility was worth it. This isn’t our first time working with IDs/contractors and we definitely had a lot better an experience with others as to this one. We won’t be working with them in the future.

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Celina Tan
Reno at Kovan

Reviewed by Celina Tan・Submitted 21 Jun 2019・ Project completed Jan 2019・Designer Mxxx Teoh

I have engaged Hue Concept to be my interior designer in Sept 2018 and renovation work started on the 31 Oct 2018. Given a small project,  the whole thing ended before Chinese New year this year instead of the promised deadline of 2 weeks.  Aside from the whole renovation process taking longer than expected, we were also left with disappointments on their workmanship,  materials used and the service rendered by the ID.  Our carpentry work was left with defects that till date,  this cannot be rectified.  In addition, workmanship on our carpentry work is of inferior quality which even I as a common man would not be able to accept. I seriously do not expect such a service from the ID after paying so much. Even after I lodge a complaint with the boss of the company,  minimal actions were taken by them and the ID attitude and response was also rather unprofessional.  It looks more to me than the ID was only interested in earning the commission rather than fulfilling his job as an ID. The ID even went missing in action while I am still pending a response from him. Totally irresponsible and disappointing workmanship.

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My renovation experience with Mr Lucas Ma from Hue Concept
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by K Pua・Submitted 9 Jan 2019・ Project completed Sep 2018・Designer Lucas Ma

I engaged Hue Concept as Lucas met my budget with a better design. Lucas is easy going, patience and sincere. He helped to source for suppliers per requests. He promptly rectified our kitchen tiling errors by liaising with contractors to redo. But this craftmanship for the kitchen still has room for improvement. On an overall basis the house is considered nice and stylish. Compliments from my relatives and friends are on the panel of shelvings in the living, carpentry works and the 2 bathrooms. I'd suggest Lucas to incorporate Feng Shui into his designs. With his experience in this big project, he has advanced in his skill. I wish him all the best and success!

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by David & Lee Min・Submitted 2 Apr 2018・ Project completed Sep 2017

A year ago, we first approached Hue Concept along with several other ID firms for discussion. After several rounds of meet-ups and sharing, we were very impressed by Lesley's concepts and suggestions, which stems from his many years of experience in this field. We found Lesley to be very approachable, he was willing to discuss and explore new ideas which also accommodate to our frequent change in requirements. Apart that, Hue Concept's pricing is very competitive and reasonable compared to other ID firms. There is actually another ID firm who quoted even lower than Hue Concept and even offering to waive the 7% GST, but ultimately we are still won over by Lesley's professionalism and his affable character. Keeping a long story short, the renovation has been completed for 6 months and all aspects of the works are still very pleasing, including design, carpentry, lighting, electrical etc. Once again, thank you Lesley for the great job done! For the renovation of our next house, it has to be Lesley and no one else!

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Lionel and Anita・Submitted 22 Jun 2016・ Project completed Jun 2016

4 months before we started our renovation, we were doing our research and came across Qanvast and it was not long before we got addicted to the app. Out of the 5 IDs that Qanvast has recommended, we decided to work with Aclester from Hue Concept not just because he’s very creative but also for the fact that we’re impressed with his workmanship and quality. The chemistry and trust were there as well, making our renovation journey a smooth one. One of our criteria was to have an island top and hanging wine rack but most of the designers said it could not be done due to space constraint, Aclester was the only one who promised it can be done and the end result is perfect. We’re very happy with how our house has turned out.

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Wilson・Submitted 4 May 2015・ Project completed May 2015

I got to know about Danny through interior design magazines. I felt that Danny was very good with his materials (resourceful), down to earth and was able to give a wide range of options with one look. He also made things affordable for him by offering me in-depth considerations based on his current constraints and needs while offering me the style/look I was aiming for. Generally there was good coverage and the follow up was satisfactory. Some suggested some areas of improvement though, such as better coordination of work so that progress could be on schedule. Other than this, I was pleased with Danny's workmanship and has already recommended the ID to another friend of mine recently.

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Pending Road
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Jiewei・Submitted 4 May 2015・ Project completed May 2015

Overall I was happy and satisfied by the service provided by my ID, Aclester from Hue Concept. In particular I really liked how he was able to conceal the room doors. He provided good service and was concerned with satisfying his customer. One room for improvement can be in communications, during the renovation process there was miscommunication which slowed down the renovation process. I greatly appreciated recommendations provided by my ID and felt his follow up service was good as well as he would drop by to make sure everything is in order.

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Parc Vera
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Annie・Submitted 4 May 2015・ Project completed May 2015

I have done my own house with Hue Concept before and hence decided to approach them again. Aclester's 2 way communication made the entire process more smooth. We would suggest our ideas and he would propose recommendations too. His attention to detail is commendable as well. Although we wished the cost would be lower, we were looking for high faulty material and hence did not want to compromise. Aclester's follow up action was satisfactory as well and we have also recommended Hue Concept and our ID to our friends who have already started work with them.

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Jalan Sikundangan
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Ron・Submitted 4 May 2015・ Project completed May 2015

Hue concept was recommended to me by a friend and I liked their designs and hence decided to engage them. Our ID, Aclester, was able to provide a lot of ideas and I liked the way he renovated my office and also recommended him to several of my colleagues. Overall I felt his work was worth it. His follow up action was satisfactory and on the last day he came to check and make sure everything was in order.

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Lupman・Submitted 4 May 2015・ Project completed May 2015

Overall we found Hue Concept and our ID, Aclester's work to be excellent. We were recommended to them by a salesperson. We felt that Aclester delivered well and adhered to the time line given to him. Both us and our iD has their own ideas and we were able to work well to ensure a smooth renovation process. Follow up action was good as well and our ID did not rush for payment. This satisfactory service led us to recommend him to several of our friends as well.

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Singapore for your reference.

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