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Interior Designer Reviews
Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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68 reviews
Leong Chee Tung
Hassle-free experience to style and renovate our home

Reviewed by Leong Chee Tung・Submitted 23 Apr 2022・ Project completed Feb 2022・Designer Rachel

Rachel and Andy were very professional and proactive throughout the project with us. My wife and I appreciated their recommendations and their ability to complete the works on time and with limited budget creep for us to move into our home. Process was very worry-free, and in the times that there were some minor problems they were quick to help take measures to resolve them. Their professionalism shone through in catching billing errors before we did and making good on them, and supporting us even after payment was fully made. Highly recommended!

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Eunice Tay
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Eunice Tay・Submitted 27 Nov 2021・ Project completed Oct 2021・Designer ERIC LIM

The moment I saw their portfolio, I knew it is the rightest choice to choose MSS! Thank you to the greatest team (Eric, Ya Wen, Tommy and team) for making our dream home come true! I love that every part of my home now looks so insta-worthy! I never thought that the actual would turn out to be even more gorgeous than the 3D. Really love their meticulous efforts on aesthetics and practicality. Also especially thankful for them who took care of all reno matters while i was busy with personal matters. They have ensured that the reno process was ran smoothly without any worries.

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Great home to come back home to everyday!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Leslie Tan・Submitted 7 Nov 2021・ Project completed Oct 2021・Designer Eric Lim, Yawen & Andy

I would like to throw out a big THANKS to our ID Eric, Yawen and Andy in helping us through the whole renovation process and also being patient with all our requests with timely updates during the entire period. They are a helpful, attentive and professional team with vast experience behind them which enabled us to have a good final home design. We encountered high & low experiences during our renovation journey with Mr Shopper Studio team due to Covid 19 which caused slight delays in our carpentry work and late handover of our house. We chose to top up and go ahead with the local carpenters which did an excellent job in the end. The final completion of our home is an ideal one which me and my wife look forward to return back to our lovely home everyday. Last but not least, they were fast to address to defects when we found out that our leather sofa was torn behind. Without delay, they immediately contacted the sofa vendor on our behalf and arrange for the sofa to be repaired under warranty. A thumbs out for them on this matter. It is a memorable experience working with them and appreciate their dedication to their work. A recommended team to work with.

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Great service, great execution, great experience
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by duc・Submitted 20 Jan 2022・ Project completed Sep 2021・Designer Liz Tan

We started our renovation journey by browsing the project catalogues of local design firms and were attracted to MSS for the variety of designs in their portfolio, execution of design elements we were seeking, and their overall design language. At our initial briefing we were impressed by their appreciation of our asks and requirements, and the energy and ideas they brought to the discussion which complemented our vision. MSS’s no-obligation 3D rendering service also made it easier for us to imagine our future home, and created immediate trust in their ways. This trust in MSS was further fostered through their personable and proactive approach, 24/7(!) dedication, expertise and attention to detail throughout the entirety of the project. Being pressed to make important decisions for every single part of the home was stressful enough without worrying about the reliability and quality of the end-product, so having a trustworthy partner in MSS was immensely valuable. We insisted on being hands-on, thoroughly vetting all design suggestions MSS came up with, having continuous constructive dialogue to understand our options, and considering alternatives, yet ended up mostly agreeing to their original suggestions. Our renovation was done during difficult periods of the pandemic with labour and movement restrictions which the MSS team seamlessly navigated, not only coming through with sourcing available contractors and materials but also making sure that the uncertainty of the situation did not weigh on us. Naturally we encountered numerous hurdles and challenges but they were well communicated and dealt with competently by our onsite project manager. At the end, our renovation project was delivered on schedule. With regards to the end-product, our home turned out perfect. The thorough planning from the beginning, thoughtful selection of materials, and the fabrication of design elements resulted in the home that we had dreamt of for so long, and we were amazed that it was executed by MSS with such professionalism, proficiency and efficiency. Their decorating service was the proverbial icing-on-the-cake, removing the headache of accessorising our home, and ensuring that we were in love the moment we opened the door. The quality of the workmanship was spot-on, and we continue to be covered for servicing of defects for the next year. As our 2nd most expensive shopping expense ever (the 1st being the actual property!) it was an understandably all-consuming experience, yet the 12-months engaging with MSS was inspiring, educational and enjoyable! We were superbly serviced by designer-in-charge Liz, Jeff as onsite manager, and decorators Jamie and Reyane. I unequivocally recommend to at least schedule an appointment with MSS for your next project. Our belief that they were the right partner for us was created at our first encounter, and I am confident that you will be similarly impressed with their service if given an opportunity.

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Good Renovation Journey

Reviewed by Jenny・Submitted 3 Sep 2021・ Project completed Aug 2021・Designer Kylie

We decided to engage MSS after meet ups with other ID companies based on review of their portfolio and positive online reviews about their design and services. Our project was managed and led by designer, Kylie and Project manager, Tommy and supported site manager, Raymond. Project scope involved a full renovation of 3 bedder condominium unit, including 2 bathrooms. From the initial meet up, to the initial design conceptualization and right up to the first drawing rendering, the team was focused on getting as much of our design requirements, budget and completion timeline on track. The actual site work started 2 weeks later than the estimated start date. Good tracking. The actual on-site work took 3.5 months, a month longer than the initially planned due to prefabricated material supply issue from across the border, beyond anyone’s control. Despite that, the team was prompt on areas of the project not impacted by delays. The frequent, practically daily on-site construction updates as well as follow ups, co-ordination with other vendors engaged and in general, keeping track of the project schedule by Raymond gave us the assurance that milestones were met and were moving in the right direction. Kudos to Raymond who have adhered to the project timeline but was also accommodating to some of our last minutes additions! Some design/construction changes were made along the way due to unforeseen issues (and us changing our minds!) but throughout, both Tommy and Kylie were able to find alternatives and solutions that are both cost effective and didn’t change the design we wanted. We are really delighted with the end-product and the excellent work and follow up by the team. Scheduling of the project despite the pandemic challenges was spot on. Workmanship and material quality is excellent with very few corrections needed. Only area for where it could have been improved is overall project cost. The final estimated figure prior to the start of construction was off quite significantly from the initial budget we gave. This required a bit of adjustment in design and work to get it close to original budget. Nonetheless, we like to give credit to this great MSS team for giving us the dream house we have been looking forward to. Well done MSS team and thank you.

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Luxurious home for everyone

Reviewed by Shafiq・Submitted 25 Aug 2021・ Project completed Jul 2021・Designer Sean Hafiz

Sean and Sam transformed our home into a hotel suite of our dreams. Throughout the renovations, we have found them to be knowledgeable, collaborative, and highly organised. The wallpaper selection that Sean curated was particularly impressive, and the finishing touch that brought our vision to life. The vendors we came in contact with spoke highly about them too, which speaks volumes about their professionalism and dedication to their craft. Shafiq & Raihana

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Eileen Tan
Very pleased with my home reno experience

Reviewed by Eileen Tan・Submitted 7 Jul 2021・ Project completed Jul 2021・Designer Kylie

MSS was my rescue ID. I was very unsatisfied by the job done by my previous ID, and barely two years after moving in, I was sold on re-doing my place after being inspired by one of my friends who had MSS do a stunning job for her home. From conception to making it a reality, working with Eric, CK, and Kylie was a breeze. I gave the team a bit of a challenge - which was to take my existing furniture and artwork, and to make it work with the theme I wanted. Amazingly, Kylie managed to come up with a design to pull it altogether, and I am beyond pleased with the result! I really want to thank the team for their professional advice and assurance during the consultation sessions (it felt like having a chat with friends who are also excited about seeing your dream home come true), even in moments when I was doubtful about certain elements of the design. It just proves how important selecting the right ID is - the value of design quality (thank you Kylie!), workmanship (thank you CK!), assurance and the client experience (thank you Eric!) of the whole home renovation makes the amount spent worthwhile. Thank you MSS for making my dream home come true, and I'm so glad there is a company like you in the home renovation space!

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Beautiful home thanks to MSS!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Gina・Submitted 28 Jun 2021・ Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Liz Tan

Big thank you to Liz, Tommy, Raymond, Reyane and Stef for making our dream home come to life! The end result was definitely very close to the ideal mood images we had shown them, and I dare say even exceeded our expectations (originally we had thought the mood images were too hard to achieve). Not only was the end result beautiful, but we can also see and feel the high quality workmanship and materials that went into it. Renovation is never void of last-min issues and MSS is definitely a legitimate firm we could trust to resolve any issues that cropped out fairly and swiftly. There were highly experienced project managers (Tommy and Raymond) who could creatively and resourcefully resolve any issues that cropped up. For instance, when our bed base was held up by customs due to COVID, MSS rented a bed base from the supplier so we could use in the meantime. When our pendant light was falling out, even though it wasn't MSS' issue (since we purchased the light ourselves), we could easily consult them for great solutions. Our designer, Liz, was also extremely kind, genuine, patient, helpful, with excellent design sense and taste. Not only was she always answering our incessant questions swiftly and thoughtfully (even 3-5am into the night), she also put in a lot of effort to ensure that our requirements were met, no matter how demanding or ever-changing they were. When issues cropped up, she always lent a reassuring ear to us and had never flared up in any way. She understood our personality and needs very well, and went out of her way to ensure we are comfortable e.g. we were concerned about VOCs, so Liz placed tea bags all around the house for us. Something that we noticed differentiated MSS from other firms is their decorator service. We were very surprised by how beautiful and professional the end result was during handover, due to the high-quality furniture and decorations sourced by MSS' decorator team. We were never a fan of super fancy stuff, but the fancy and sturdy golden cutlery and comfy soft bath mat and bath towels have spoilt us. Some points that could be improved include the manpower of the decorator team. Midway through the process, when we needed the decorator team to help source additional furniture, they were often too busy to help. This led to us spending tens of hours sourcing our own furniture. When we had wanted to change the dates that the decorator team came down to style our house, we were told the next available date was in a month. Due to our cost-conscious personalities, the above-market cost of certain furniture / renovation was also uncomfortable for us. While MSS only works with quality suppliers, it could be good to also keep a list of good suppliers catering to varying budgets. All in all, we definitely spent way more than we had planned on this renovation, and it was hard to get alternative supplier options from MSS to cater to our initial budget. However, we have to stress that they were times MSS had helped us to source an alternative (but supposedly lower quality) supplier for certain works, although this was relatively uncommon.

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Dream home

Reviewed by Carey・Submitted 7 Jun 2021・ Project completed Apr 2021・Designer Rachael and Dylan

We were referred to MSS by a friend, but upon checking out their works on social media, we understood why MSS was highly recommended. We were first impressed by their works as seen on social media as they fit in with what we wanted. We were also pleased to know that MSS is able to assemble a team to work on our project - there was a designer (Rachael), project managers (Dylan and Belinda), and a decorator/stylist. We went ahead with MSS without much deliberation because their value proposition was in line with what we were looking for, which is a fuss free renovation process, and the ability to handover in a move-in condition. True indeed, compared to other renovation process shared by our friends, ours was relatively easy. Rachael and her team was able to present us with ideas on how the house can be styled, furniture stores and designs which suits the theme we wanted. We were presented with at least 3-7 options for each furniture to choose from - without having to source any on our own. Dylan was very conscientious. He was able to remember most of the small items which we needed to fix. Throughout the process, the MSS team was able to assist with our queries and was very responsive. The project was completed on time, except for some furnitures which arrived slightly later due to Covid. Some of the vendors whom they work with were slightly more pricey but we were able to opt for cheaper alternatives if we wanted. Overall, a very pleasant experience working with the team and will highly recommend. Well done and many thanks to the team!!

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Lim Boon Aik
Average Experience With This ID

Reviewed by Lim Boon Aik・Submitted 10 May 2021・ Project completed Apr 2021・Designer Kylie

Officially completed our renovation end of April 2021, although there are still pockets of work not completed and in progress. I would rate them 3 stars out of 5. They are an enthusiastic lot, but from design and project management perspectives, it is just an average experience for our project. I will find it hard to recommend them to anyone. The value for money is not there as their services do not come cheap with respect to the work and services rendered.

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Good experience!

Reviewed by Valencia Long・Submitted 30 Apr 2021・ Project completed Mar 2021・Designer Liz

Thanks Liz, and your team for making this as smooth sailing as possible for us. I appreciate your candid nature, and can-do spirit, and I hope you will lead many more projects to fruition. Also special thanks to JJ, for being the ever ready, and trustworthy engineer of the team. Would recommend it to anyone. Great endeavour, guys! Moving in would be one big fuss FREE moment! Thank you once again!!

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Buckle up, seat back, relax and enjoy the journey!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Shaun Nair・Submitted 20 Apr 2021・ Project completed Mar 2021・Designer Eric, Kate and CK

When thrown the task to write this review by the lovely Mrs, it dawned upon me how the dynamics of our relationship meant that we had polar personalities and preferences on everything! Even writing reviews. So cue Mr Shopper Studio and even more importantly the very foundation of the company, the people. Eric, Kate and CK brought together our indifferences and created a house that I can quite proudly say I love. I’ve even forgotten what it’s like to go out anymore! It was a miserable COVID led 2020, but MSS was with us throughout the journey. Ensuring constant communication, updates and reassurances. Whether or not it was good or bad news, they would own up to it and remain transparent with us, which made it easier for us to sleep at night. I can assure you the experience with MSS is like no other. If you’re not into intimate relationships, then be warned, MSS will be “intimately handling” every aspect of your house. Down to the very forks and spoons, they curate everything. I can honestly say not a single item in our house was left to chance. Well maybe not my undies. And to wrap it up, a true testament to their work is when everyone, friend or family, that has visited our humble home has nothing but praise and awe (and also asking for MSS’s contact!) So keep doing what you do guys!

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