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Interior Designer Reviews
Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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6 reviews
Verified reviews are cross-checked against their renovation contract.
Excellent services and value for money quotation

Reviewed by serene・Submitted 25 Jan 2022・ Project completed Jan 2022・Designer Ernest

Provided excellent service from the initial quotation to the post sales service, the initial quotation was also somewhat lower than many other companies. The final outcome of the office renovation turned out to be was very close to the initially proposed design and workmanship is pretty great with very little issues, their team is prompt in addressing the issues after being informed via whatsapp. Ernest has high integrity in delivering the promises. I would highly recommend them. The quotation was also much lower than other renovation companies, even after some design changes that led to additional costs. Highly recommend as total experience was great with Ernest. At first I had shopped around for different quotes from various ID companies in Singapore, when it came down to consideration of the portfolio and quotation, I decided to go with Singapore Carpentry for the renovation of my office, despite being the last to respond to my email enquiry, their proposal was the most detailed and one of the best. The team was prompt, sincere and efficient, despite taking two to three days to respond on average, he did a good job to accommodate the design changes requested by me and incorporating the image of our company into consideration and did a great job on proposing cost saving solutions that did not affect that overall quality.

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commercial renovation that suits your budget and goes the extra mile

Reviewed by winston lim・Submitted 25 Jan 2022・ Project completed Dec 2021・Designer Ernest

We had enlisted Singapore Carpentry for retail space, commercial renovation works, the initial quote that had been provided to us was quite decent, incorporating many different works for a low cost. Compared to other companies that provided a proposal, their proposal was the best value for money solution. The proposed design style was also quite ingenious and stood out easily from the rest of the other companies I had emailed, and that was why, after a period of consideration, I had decided on selecting Singapore carpentry as our company of choice for commercial renovation works.The team really worked hard to bring the proposed 3D designs to life, and the final results look incredibly similar to the 3d designs, great work in the details, every inch was done with great care and craftmanship.Thank you very much, Singapore Carpentry, kudos to Ernest and the rest of his team at Singapore carpentry for the excellent job on the retail space renovation!

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We highly recommend Singapore Carpentry. Cheers!

Reviewed by Nico・Submitted 26 Jan 2022・ Project completed Nov 2021・Designer Ernest

We definitely recommend Singapore Carpentry to my relatives and friends after the seeing the excellent results of the renovation, my designer Ernest is a very responsible ID with lots of ideas that really help brought the home to life. We had initially collected 3 ID company quotations and had done a comparison among all companies, and we found that Singapore Carpentry’s quotation is very reasonable. Ernest has always been able to provide us with professional support throughout the entire process, he is able to make good design changes in order for the final design to really suit our household’s needs and requirements. At first we were indecisive when it comes to selecting materials that could compliment each other well and Ernest was able to provide good advice. Responsive and responsible, Ernest is creative and able to give good advice when it came to the reno of our home. We are grateful for a job well done. Ernest was prudent with handling every single detail and resolved if there were any issues, making the whole process a hassle free and enjoyable one. Ernest handled our landed home renovation with careful attention and handed it over back to us with minimal delays in the renovation. Clearly highly experienced in design, especially carpentry and able to work within my budget. He also did a great job with remodelling our kitchen to provide more space for working and storage, especially love the carpentry workmanship on the wall mounted cabinets. For the living room, he also suggested some open display cabinets that extended all the way to the high ceilings with Led lights on the shelves that really lit up the room, and added a modern sense of design to the overall room interior. Then for the walk in wardrobe, he did a good job, with suggesting carpentry work for custom made open door and closed door wardrobes, shelves for bags, accessory display and many hidden storage solutions, he provided a really detailed proposal, that showed an excellent grasp on what the client needed. For bathroom interior, the use of two mirrors and two sinks in a bath room is rare in Singapore, I was surprised when he suggested this to us, however it really boosted the allure and luxury of the home interior. Also the rain shower and bathroom were installed quite well, and fitted well with the modern look and feel I was looking for, the use of the marble textures on the feature wall, flooring, and storage also came together quite well. He also suggested great colour schemes that really complimented the whole home interior, making everything go together really well. Over the whole process, he accommodated all our changes and various special requests such as solid wood carpentry or extra storage. Plus, he never tried to push designs we didn’t like and never chased or rushed us. He even coordinated for my sound system to be installed by getting the renovation contractor to provide trunking for the wire to go through the false ceiling. Unfortunately there had been some delays due to the COVID situation, however Ernest was able to work efficiently in order to get our project back on track, with minimal delays and issues with the renovation, any additional issues were discussed and resolved on site. Workers were arranged efficiently to come over to rectify those issues within a week. Overall, the look and feel of the home is top notch, and we really appreciate all that Ernest has done for our home interior, thank you. We highly recommend Singapore Carpentry. Cheers!

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Horrible experience with Singapore Carpentry, skeptical on all the good reviews

Reviewed by Appleton Chia・Submitted 19 Feb 2021・ Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Ernest Tan

Horrible Interior designer firm, price very low at the beginning and price keep adding up after you sign, do not be like me never go through properly. And many thing not included keep increasing the boss Ernest Tan is very poor in implementing and talking like he is expert and his company carpentry is very good. He will make sure customer see his Ferrari and have faith in him. He is good at talking only. All the carpentry work is done by poorly skilled bangladesh he hired. the finishing is horrible and not fitting in so many place. Redo and redo. The electrician is also bangladesh his own worker, horrible wiring work. The supervisor he use name Kaden Malaysian is so young like a school boy i think 19 yo no experience at all The delay is out of this world, over 6 months cannot deliver house, 1 or 2 workers working 1 day a week. Once they receive the deposit they really squeeze your balls. They cannot deliver still have the cheek to accept more jobs and do "carpentry group buy". The boss is good at marketing all the Instagram pic only 3D. Don't dare to give referral. still do group buy carpentry. Do your home work, don't be fooled by reviews, they all seems to be written by the same person.

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Good ID to entrust your house

Reviewed by Jenny・Submitted 21 Aug 2020・ Project completed Apr 2020・Designer Kaden

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Kaden for our house as he is very detail-oriented and also responsible. He made sure that everything was done with quality and tried to ensure that the team hit deadlines although there were some small setbacks. Overall very satisfied as our house looks amazing and the workmanship, carpentry work is good. The design is also up to standard, requested for a modern Scandinavian style and it was delivered. Would recommend Singapore Carpentry to everyone.

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Would definitely recommend to friends and family!

Reviewed by Thomas・Submitted 6 Jul 2020・ Project completed Mar 2020・Designer Ernest

My wife and I were looking for an ID and after recommendations from friends and evaluating the quotations from different companies, we chose Singapore Carpentry. Needless to say, it was a wonderful experience. Our designer was thoughtful and attentive towards all of our needs. He answered all of our queries even though we had many questions as we were new to this. He was frank with us and gave constructive feedbacks when some of our ideas were not feasible and discussed how we could change that idea such that it would be plausible. The renovation process was smooth sailing under the supervision of Ernest and we could trust the team to get the work done on time. Workmanship was also good as all our cabinets and wardrobes turned out great and as envisioned. I would say the project was a success as our home looked exactly like we imagined, or even better, thanks to the help of our ID. The price is definitely reasonable for the quality of work. Hence, would definitely recommend to our friends and family!

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Singapore for your reference.

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