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Interior Designer Reviews
Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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5 reviews
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Mish Chang
Match Made In Heaven

Reviewed by Mish Chang・Submitted 7 Oct 2021・ Project completed Jul 2021・Designer Angela

They say choosing an ID is very much like an arranged marriage. If you want an ID with both heart and soul, please do consider R+R Designs. After speaking to several interior design companies we chose to work with Angela at R+R Studios because she really listens to what her clients want to achieve and helps them each step of the way. Most companies would promise you the moon during their pitch but not be very upfront with the hidden costs. Angela has proven to be a very approachable yet transparent person. She is detailed yet sensitive to our costs and most importantly, she really makes us feel like she's on our team. Her team of builders and contractors are professional and produced high quality work. Their designs and materials choices are also functional yet aesthetically beautiful. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our renovation!

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A happy homeowner

Reviewed by Paulina Oh・Submitted 18 Dec 2019・ Project completed Sep 2019・Designer Angela Cher

Worked with Angela on our first owned home. She was one of the last few IDs we saw and we had shortlisted to 2, between Angela and another. ID What won us over was her initial 3D sketch (albeit only 1 room but she nailed the idea) she brought to the 2nd meeting (most IDs only do that upon signing contract), and her initiative to follow up on the meetings with us. Her proactive-ness was constant throughout the project, and the house was handed over not just on time, but earlier! Her advice on items, interior furnishings etc, was great and was a good balance between my husband and I, as we sometimes have deferring opinions. Having a young baby in tow was not easy with the move, but she was very supportive, even helped with baby at times, and even bought him and us small presents during the project. We bonded on a personal level as well, so it was much easier working with her. Her communication skills were great, listened carefully and intently, gave prompt responses, and even responded to messages sometimes at night. We are currently very happily living in our new place. Some teething issues (all houses will have that) but it was very promptly sorted as well. We would highly recommend working with Angela!"

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A positive experience

Reviewed by HW・Submitted 18 May 2019・ Project completed Oct 2016・Designer Angela Arwen Cher

I went to Qanvast to look for my interior designer. Having met those that Qanvast gave me, I selected DOD as I felt that Angela could communicate well with me. Their designs were also what I was looking out for. As it was my first renovation project, I had many questions and a lot of uncertainty. Angela was able to listen and gave me recommendations. For eg I saw a design of a door in Pinterest and showed it to Angela. She was able to research and find a way to get a similar door for me. During the renovation itself, I was quite busy and Angela was able to supervise the project for me. The completion of the renovation was according to plan and I was satisfied with the outcome. There were minor areas after I lived in for a short while like my led lights needed to be stuck back and Angela was able to address the issue very quickly. Hence I was quite satisfied. Overall, I would recommend DOD as I felt that they listened to my needs, communicated their recommendations, waited patiently for me to make decisions and delivered as they promised. Angela is also responsive and prompt with her service.

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Pavilion View
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Mr Chua・Submitted 26 Apr 2016・ Project completed Apr 2016

Our old house was renovated by them 10 years ago. We had plans to renovate our new home so we decided to contact Angela again for she has rendered us excellent service in the past. Other companies did approach us but their design concepts were not to our liking. As for Angela, she is a very responsible designer and her standard of service is very high. During the renovation, she was accommodative to all our feedback and requests. Their designs were up-to-date to the latest trends and workmanship was good as well.

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Neil Road
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Anand・Submitted 18 Apr 2016・ Project completed Apr 2016

We looked through the portfolio of a few interior design firms and decided to engage Department of Design as their design best suited the style we wanted. One of their senior staff, Joanne, was appointed to handle our project. We are an multinational IT firm with offices in UK, USA and London, and the blogger headquarter office is based in Singapore. We wanted something different; an open concept and industrial style for this headquarter office. Joanne was able to work on the concept and came out with a splendid design. As our office is a heritage building managed by Singapore Institute of Architects, our landlord is at level 1 while our office is at level 2. Due to that, there were a lot of stringent requirements and safety aspects to adhere to. For example, air-con compressors are not allowed to be placed outdoors, and this is one consideration Joanne had to look into while re-designing the place. All in all, they handled the project professionally despite the stringent requirements and constant checks from the landlord.

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Singapore for your reference.

Our reviews are vetted and independently submitted by verified users, so you can be sure that they will help you make the right move in your renovation journey. You may refer to our Review Policy on how we manage and police the reviews.

You can also make a more informed decision by checking out these useful resources and guides:

Hiring an interior designer, contractor or architect for the very first time? Keep an eye out for these key characteristics and details before choosing to work with a design firm and/or service:

  1. Project portfolio – What type of projects has your designer completed to date? Are they a good fit for your needs?

  2. Chemistry – Is your designer a good communicator? Are your interactions pleasant?

  3. Quote – Are you comfortable with your designer’s quotation? How does it compare to similar projects?

  4. Management style – Does your designer handle his work with care? Is he or she on the ball about his/her work?

  5. Reviews and references – What do other clients and/or homeowners say about your chosen designer?