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Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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Excellent experience for first home

Reviewed by Ali Tanjim・Submitted 18 Jan 2021・ Project completed Jan 2021・Designer Danness

Danness was an excellent ID. He was responsive, dedicated and very detailed about the progress of the work. Despite a few delays over the Christmas/New Year period, he still ensured that the work went smoothly. He followed up multiple times even after handing over to check if there was anything else needed. He also has a very good rapport with his contractors, and they helped me with basic drilling/installation work even though it was not in the work scope. I am very grateful for his efforts, and am very lucky to have gotten him as my ID. I would strongly recommend Danness and Van Hus for anyone's renovation needs.

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Satisfied with their services and professionalism
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Lawrence Teoh・Submitted 7 Sep 2020・ Project completed Mar 2020・Designer Danness Ng & Roy Chong

Danness, the project manager and Roy did a good and excellent job on the renovation of our new house ahead of the proposed timeline. Furthermore, it is in the midst of the coronavirus period. Excellent service, reliable and great follow up/ communication throughout the whole renovation period. Would like to commend Danness as well for taking the time to come down on Sat (despite him staying in Malaysia). Usually I heard that most project manager will just manage through phone calls/ pictures and seldom come down to site. However, Danness is different in this respect. Great and excellent attitude and service from Vanhus.

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Pleasant experience with Van Hus
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Cheryl Lim・Submitted 7 Sep 2020・ Project completed Feb 2019・Designer CC Lim

CC Lim was my ID. He was very responsive and responsible. I find his attention to workmanship impeccable. Even after he has handed over the project, he contacted me six months later to check if everything at my place is alright. He even came down six months later, just to help me with a down- light issue. I consider myself fortunate to have CC Lim as my ID. He has made my renovation journey a very uneventful and pleasant one.

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Very satisfied and thankful
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by George Zhang・Submitted 7 Sep 2020・ Project completed Dec 2018・Designer Jason Tan

My renovation was completed on the 3rd week of Dec 2018 and follow up on touch was carried out after that till Apr 2019. My ID was Jason and he was very patient in the entire process. Although I and my Wife made many changes in the process and there were some major issues in the renovation, Jason was very patient and professional in acceding to our requests. He managed to complete the renovation in time as we were very tight on schedule to get the house before our wedding. After that, Jason was diligent in following up on touch up whenever we found minor defects: arranging carpenter and various specialists to carry out the touch-up. Thank you Jason!!

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smooth renovation experience
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Leon Chok・Submitted 7 Sep 2020・ Project completed Sep 2018・Designer Russel Chan & CC Lim

Our renovation is completed and handed over to us last night (27/9/2018). I would really like to thank Russel, CC Lim. Thank you for making our renovation as effortless and smooth sailing for us. Also like to specially thank Russel for giving us wonderful design proposals (3D hand drawn) which I don’t see it from other designers we have engaged before Van-Hus. Price is acceptable and they tend to advise us not to do so much as it may not be needed. I would recommend Van-Hus to people who are looking for a ID firm. And i already recommended my relative to them and my relative to another relative.

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Fuss free and excellence
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Calvin Sim・Submitted 7 Sep 2020・ Project completed Oct 2017・Designer Keith Ng

In my opinion, a good ID comes up with interesting and creative designs which are out of the norm. An outstanding ID is one who strikes a balance between design, functionality, and execution. He is more than a designer, he is also an excellent project manager. Keith fulfills those criteria as he not only suggests ideas, he also assesses their feasibility and manages the project very well. One thing I liked about Keith is that he is highly responsive to our queries, typically replying within 15 mins or so. What's worse than having an ID who disappears on you half the time right? On top of that, he tries his best to address our concerns and is highly receptive to our ideas as long as they are feasible. It has been our pleasure working with Keith and I'd definitely recommend him for a fuss-free renovation experience.

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Exceeded beyond my expectations
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Avideht Lim・Submitted 7 Sep 2020・ Project completed Sep 2017・Designer Keith Ng

After meeting up with 10 IDs, I am glad I went ahead with Keith from Van Hus to have my resale unit done up by him and Van Hus.It was Keith's sincerity and patience that I felt I could trust him as he was patient and actively listened to my ideas and needs. Keith was honest in his feedback with regards to how practical certain ideas of mine were, spending on what needs to and cutting down on what is not necessarily required. However, he and his team ensured that there was quality and pride in every step of the renovation, touching up and rectifying whenever there was any to be done. The quality of the workmanship was not in any way compromised, in fact it was very well done, beyond expectations. Friends and family who have visited commented on the delicate workmanship and quality of carpentry done. The design and colours used that made the entire house a very cosy and comfortable place. Most importantly, timeline was kept to especially when Keith knows that I was in a rush, yet ensuring that he checks through every process and stage of the renovation. A special thanks to him also for always being available whenever I contacted him. I will definitely recommend Keith and Van Hus to anyone I know who is looking for an ID. Thank you Van Hus!

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Telok Blangah
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Shou Pin・Submitted 17 Aug 2016・ Project completed Aug 2016

I got to know Van Hus through a friend who had previously engaged them. I chose them because I like their designs, especially those they had done for my friend. The renovation process was very smooth, I could leave everything for them to manage the renovation. Previously, I came across online on the bad renovation experiences, however our designer was able to give me the assurance and I need not worry about my renovation at all. He followed up frequently, was physically at the job site more often than us, and gave me updates regularly. Overall, my ID from Van Hus has very good accountability, knowledgable and provided good design and work, I am very satisfied with his services and my renovation.There was no hiccup as they were able to resolve all the feedback I had. Completed: July 2014 Cost of renovation: $45000

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Gabriel Sim・Submitted 17 Aug 2016・ Project completed Aug 2016

Van Hus was a referral from a friend, hence I had heard good feedback about them. Apart from their works and designs that impressed me, the main deciding factor on was because they were very flexible and accommodating. They are professional, have high level of integrity and honesty, which were the criteria that I looked out for especially after all the horror renovation stories that I had heard. My designer, Keith, is very easy to work with as he has been very accommodating. They listened to us, and take our feedback seriously and alway proceed to rectify any issues immediately. No hiccups were faced at all during this renovation, because many at times, he was able to highlight issues even before I can see it. On top of all, he was able to complete the project within a tight timeline despite it being the peak period of the year. Completed: January 2016 Cost of renovation: $80000

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Mr Koo・Submitted 17 Aug 2016・ Project completed Aug 2016

They did a good job for my boss' home previously, so my boss recommended Van Hus to me for my renovation as well. Their reasonable quotation and the good reviews were the deciding factor to engage them for my renovation. Overall, the experience working with them is not bad, they were accommodating to my request and did what I want. There were no issues faced at all during the renovation, however were some problems with the material of the kitchen cabinet after several months, and they came back to resolve it for me. Completed: November 2014 Cost of renovation: $55000

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Punggol Drive
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Malsom Sim・Submitted 17 Aug 2016・ Project completed Aug 2016

I got to know Van Hus through a friend's recommendation. After comparing among several IDs, I still decided on Van Hus as I was able to 'click' with the designer. They were able to give me exactly what I was looking for and the follow up was good as well. My renovation journey experience was really good, we were able to connect like long lost friends! However, we did experience some unforeseen set backs from the sub-contractor side, there were some miscommunications. Nonetheless, their rectification was prompt, despite the slight delay in timeline. The whole situation was understandable. We had highly recommended them to my other friends, although we do share that their price is on a high side. Completed in: December 2015 Cost of renovation: $35,000

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Interior Designer Reviews

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