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Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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Review of Project Guru
Kian How Lee
Satisfied renovation completed and good follow up throughout CB period
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Kian How Lee・Submitted 30 Sep 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Catherine Hau

Had engaged PropertyGuru to do the renovation of my resales unit in end Dec 2019 after being impressed by Catherine's committment and enthusatism in helping us to come out with a design and proposal that meet our expectation and more. Renovation work started in Feb 2020, after the CNY break, was initially target to complete by end April 2020. But due to Malaysia MCO in mid Mar, and Singapore CB from early April, the renovation was only completed in end Aug 2020, and handover in early Sep 2020. By then, we had already stayed in the unit for 3 months. Catherine had been very responsible throughout the whole renovation project by providing close supervision to the workers and regularly update us on the progress, and flexible to accommodate our change requests along the way. She had taken care of all coordination works required and also liasing with authorities and agencies, that saved us a lot of headache. During the CB period, she had tried her best to push for the earliest possible schedule for all the tasks. She had also help us to make sure our unit is in a livable conditions when we were forced to move into the unit in Jun 2020. Minimum disruption had also been taken care of to complete the renovation after we had moved in. Overall we are very satisfied with the quality of the works and also the service provided by Catheine.

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Shah Anaz
Seamless process: Great attention to detail.
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Shah Anaz・Submitted 30 Sep 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Ean

Ean was amazing in conceptualising the overall design of the house. We wanted a modern yet functional space with plenty of storage. He was non-judgemental, and was ready to accept new ideas and adapt whenever needed. He had a nice palette for design, and was a good voice of reason — ensuring that our overall project was cohesive. Despite having to keep within a tight budget, he was able to recommend quality alternatives and thus we had confidence on the process till completion. As Ean was stuck overseas due to covid, Kelvyn was the main person that oversaw the entire project. I have to marvel at his adeptness and rational thinking. When faced with on-site challenges, his experience in the field showed dividends as he was able to react quickly and respond with brilliant ideas to get around these problems. Kelvyn always were accomodating to our schedule, and ensured that our needs were met. There were plenty of design aspects that were outstanding such as: 1) pull out condiment tray 2) unique gate and unit number 3) creative cabling management, where there made another grommet hole behind the tv. We would gladly work with them again, and would recommend them for their hard work, professionalism and warm personalities.

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Review of Stylemyspace
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by weixi・Submitted 29 Sep 2020・Project completed Aug 2020・Designer Ethan

It was a great and smooth renovation journey with Ethan and Stylemyspace. Ethan was the 10th designer that we looked for. Ethan was the only designer that amazed us with his perspective drawing when we meet up with him. He took extra effort to show us what he wanted to propose on our second meeting, with all the ready moodboard and materials. Most of the Id we met, they are all more like " sales " people, with 0 knowledge about design, but ethan showed us his professionalism in design, and i felt that i really working with a Interior designer than a contractor. Thank ethan and his team for our lovely home!

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Review an Interior Firm
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Review of SHE Interior
Going beyond expectations!

Reviewed by Fion・Submitted 29 Sep 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Jeff

My husband and I went onto Qanvast and got a few IDs and we decided to pick Jeff from SHE Interior. We picked Jeff for he really listened to what we wanted and he fully understood the theme that we were going for. Jeff gave us his professional inputs on designs and made things better than we pictured. It has been such an absolute pleasure to have had Jeff there along the way with us to give us what we wanted. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the lack of manpower, Jeff has managed to make things work and handed over the flat to us within the stipulated time with everything in great condition. There were some hiccups during the renovation phase, but Jeff managed to not only solve them but went far and beyond to really help us with what we wanted. Apart from having a well designed home, we are also very happy that we got Jeff as our designer. Thank you so much Jeff! Highly recommend!!

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Review of Juz Interior
Fang Jingyang
Great experience with Juz Interior
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Fang Jingyang・Submitted 29 Sep 2020・Project completed Dec 2019・Designer Brian and Zoel

Worked with Brian and Zoel for my house at Lake Grande. I chose them because firstly they had CaseTrust certification, secondly when I met up with them, they were patient and listened carefully to all my requirements especially with regards to design and costs. We went through several iterations during the design phase and Brian and Zoel always kept me updated on the progress. During renovation, they were accommodating to my schedule and my requests to change. They also held their contractors to high standard and would rectify issues immediately upon discovery. Overall I am happy with the renovation done for my house and I am happy to recommend them to my family and friends and I would certainly engage them again if I have a chance.

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Bk Ng
Utterly disappointed with the quality of the end product.
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Bk Ng・Submitted 29 Sep 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer JT Hew

Although there are other IDs that quoted us a better price, we decided to trust and go along with JT to have our house done up nicely. But we are utterly disappointed with the quality of the handover / end product. Many issues/defects were left unfixed. Yes, JT did mentioned that he will help to rectify the problems, but as we have already moved in, most of the times we are left with the choice of "suck it up and use (insert whatever quick fix method) to patch over the defect" or "hacking / major works that will create a huge mess that require hours and hours of cleaning". Shouldn't the house be checked thoroughly and ensure that everything is in order before handing over to the customer? Also, it seems like the contractors that they engaged are not honest /up to standard: Scenario 1 (dishonest contractors): I noticed a small white patch (photos attached below) on my master bedroom wall titles, after using water to clean it off, I discovered that someone actually chipped part of the title off, and tried to use white cement to cover it up. Upon discovering it, I immediately inform JT and the respond I got is "nobody (contractors or project manager Jack) will own up now. JT told me the only choices that I have now is to remove my vanity mirror with cabinet, hack the wall titles and put up a new one, or use cement to plaster over the chipped area. With all my furniture moved in, all the hacking will create too much dirt and cleaning work afterwards, so I'm left with no choice but to accept using cement to plaster the chipped area. Scenario 2 (poor workmanship from their aircon contractor): Few days after moving in, I noticed there is water dripping down from the rubber air con pipes. Aircon contractor came to check and admitted/apologize that they did not black tape the connection point of 2 rubber pipes, causing condensation and water dripping. All they did was to black tape the connection point, and ensure me that there will be no problem afterwards. Alas, after 1 week later water starts to drip from the same area again. Aircon contractor will come down to my place to take a look at the issue again, which is the following day at the point of typing this review. Scenario 3 (contractor damage both my bedroom doors): Again, JT did send a contractor down to "fix" the doors, but why wasn't it repaired before handing over to us? And by "fixing", the contractor just plaster something on and paint the doors. I trust them with my house reno and they end up damaging my doors. There are just too many things to list here.. So if the management team of Forefront Interior or any new home owners would like me to share more of my experience, feel free to drop me a PM.

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Review of Juz Interior
Experienced, patient, effective!

Reviewed by nicole n・Submitted 28 Sep 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Ray Lau

For our first home, we wanted to work with an ID that was experienced, practical and could serve as a trusted counterweight to some of our ideas. Ray from Juz Interior was all of that and more. We had very clear ideas of what we were going for, but were concerned that it was functionally achieved. Ray always had an opinion (and recommended reasonable vendors) but was never pushy with them. He had the experience to problem-solve when issues cropped up as they naturally do during the renovation of a very old HDB resale. He was easy-going, good-humored and patient with all of our queries, and steered us to make good decisions that aligned with our main goals. Workmanship was excellent! The firm (Juz) works with carpenters and tilers that are really dedicated and take pride in the job. Project was completed with a view to staying on-budget, on-schedule, and pricing was fairly transparent. Above all, we observed Ray's visibly good rapport with his workers/contractors, which came in especially helpful as our renovation took place over a challenging period involving circuit breaker and manpower shortages. Thanks Ray for helping us set up a stylish and flexible home.

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Friendly And Helpful ID
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Jerald・Submitted 28 Sep 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Ken

Review Title: Friendly and Helpful ID We worked with Ken for our project. Through the covid period, he helped to find alternative Singaporean suppliers for us for all the various aspects. He is approachable and easily contactable when we had any issues to raise. Overall Rating : (out of 5 stars) : 4.25/5 Professionalism (out of 5 stars) : 5/5 Workmanship (out of 5 stars) : 3.5/5 Design (out of 5 stars): 3.5/5 Project Management (out of 5 stars): 4.5/5

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Ruth Yuen
Good Design, Workmanship and After-Sales Service

Reviewed by Ruth Yuen・Submitted 28 Sep 2020・Project completed Sep 2017・Designer Irvin

My 5 room HDB flat was designed and renovated by Free Space Intent back in 2017. The project was mainly handled by Irvin with Raymond supporting when needed. We were satisfied with the design and colour scheme she proposed was happy that she was able to incorporate our requirements into the design. We needed the renovations to be completed urgently and was glad that she was able keep to project management timelines closely. I would also like to commend Irvin for her excellent after-sales service. It’s been 3 years since the renovations was completed but her response to our recent request for minor repairs is still as prompt as ever! Thanks, Irvin, for the good service and Freespace for upholding a high quality of work and service standards!

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5/5 stars for Kalvin from Escapade studios

Reviewed by BK・Submitted 28 Sep 2020・Project completed Jul 2020・Designer Kalvin

After being screwed over by our previous ID for our home renos, Kalvin took over our project after a recommendation from a friend. He is reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, responsive, and straight talking - he agrees to things that he can deliver, and doesn’t if he can’t. These are character traits that you want from an ID who’s handling your money and your home (and sometimes your sanity!). He is also able to bring our design ideas to life and deliver on the product as promised. Despite the multiple manpower and resources challenges that we had to deal with due to covid CB, he was able to pivot and find alternatives each time, showing great project management skills. Any defects after move in were also diligently rectified by him. I will not hesitate to recommend him to any homeowner looking to renovate their place. Thank you Kalvin!

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Review of Orange Interior
Chermin Lam
Service-oriented and Trustworthy

Reviewed by Chermin Lam・Submitted 28 Sep 2020・Project completed Aug 2020・Designer Jaslyn

As with most things, hiccups are bound to happen, be they of any or no fault of your own. One thing I’d like to especially pride Jaslyn for is her attitude to own it, regardless whether it had anything to do with her or not. By owning and not just pointing fingers, she manages to get things done and resolved in an efficient and quick manner, rightly focusing on the end result. Overall, I had a good experience because they have been accountable and upfront on all matters in relation to this project. Jaslyn and Francisco have provided good tips and excellent promptness whenever I’ve needed them. I’m happy with this end result and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them once again ☺️

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Review of Honeycomb design studio
Gary Lim
4 room resale renovation

Reviewed by Gary Lim・Submitted 28 Sep 2020・Project completed May 2019・Designer Xavier

Xavier was brilliant! I can safely say that my renovation project would not have been completed at the speed and quality that was achieved without his dedication and inputs. He has a very personalised approach to his clients and projects and is very reassuring. He listens to my ideas but is also quick to identify potential flaws and issues that might crop up in the future. I love the way in which he is able to illustrate the solutions to potential issues such that the wife and I can easily understand. I honestly believe that all of this is important when you are engaging in a massive renovation project. You really do not need any more stress in what is already a very stressful situation. the thing with xavier is that you can depend on him which ensure that you can actually go about enjoying the process. He has never scaled back on the quality and is ever so professional. I have recommended him to my friends as well, all with glowing references. All future projects of ours will definitely be with him! I suppose that is the best compliment I can offer Xavier for his brilliant work ethic, knowledge and skills.

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