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Review of Interior Times
Kimberly Ann Marie Chan
Bad scheduling. One bedroom taking more than a month to complete

Reviewed by Kimberly Ann Marie Chan・Submitted 16 May 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Martheo

Extremely slow and bad scheduling. I am only doing minor reno works for one bedroom but it's been more than a month and it's not complete yet. My vinyl flooring is uneven which the ID days will settle and become smoother over time so I still have to wait for a few more weeks to monitor the floor. Howver, there's quite a lot of popping sounds and bumps so I highly doubt it will settle over time. There is no proper scheduling of works and sometimes workers come to my house when no one is home so its a wasted trip for them. Workmanship is also poor so I have to constantly monitor. I also added parquet varnishing for some areas of my house and it was not communicated that there will be a strong smell throughout the house so we will not be able to access the bedrooms/ sleep in the bedrooms until the next day. Poor communication. My ID Martheo has left the company and initially told me he will still handle my project till completion but I was recently notified he has been terminated so the company, Interior Times, will take over. They have not contacted me to follow up. My ID has since moved to a company called Classic Decor.

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Ajin Ardilles
Thank You!

Reviewed by Ajin Ardilles・Submitted 24 Apr 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Melvin Sim

Yang Inspiration is of the IDs that offered us a reasonable reno package for a resale unit. Melvin always try his best to accommodate to our requests and at the same time also gave us practical and cost-effective suggestions. We also felt comfortable communicating and conveying our ideas to him. Quality of work done so far has either met our expectations or beyond. Would highly recommend Yang Inspiration!

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Review of Jialux Interior
Andy Kwan
Thank you!

Reviewed by Andy Kwan・Submitted 19 Mar 2021・Project completed Jun 2021・Designer Chloe

After a couple of rounds with several IDs, i decided on Jialux Interior after looking at their portfolio and was assigned Chloe as my ID. Throughout the couple of months, we built great rapport, she was very responsive to my queries and faults (inevitable) were rectified within a short time (even after handover, she went the extra mile to coordinate for touch up works! Thank you so much Chloe!) The final result turned out exactly how we envisioned. Great job, recommended!

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Review of Livspace
Well Done, Livspace!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Chang Yoke Bee・Submitted 17 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Wanting

I engaged Livspace through Qanvast for my 5-room HDB renovation and am very happy with the excellent job done by the team despite of the tight schedule. I would like to specially thank the interior designer, Wanting, who was very dedicated and responsive even on weekends and late at night. She was very patient with me and willing to accomodate to any last minute changes by me. And thank you for creating a cozy home for me and my family. You have all the commendations, not only from me, but also all my friends who visited my house! The project manager, Kent, is another person who should not be missed out from my thank you list. He was very professional and responsible throughout the entire project. I remember I ever received a call from him informing me that there were some minor deviations from the design, which i would not realise without him telling me as those deviations were insignificant! Not forgetting to mention Jem and Shawnn who helped with the defect rectification works following the handover. Jem was very friendly and attentive as there were times she managed to point out defects to contractor even before i did. She even assured me that I can always look for them whenever I have any concerns or questions regarding my house in future. I would not say the works delivered are perfect as there are some minor defects which could not be resolved. But I would like to commend their professionalism and work ethics as they did make sure that all defects pointed out were properly managed. Well done Livspace! I will definitely engage you again if needed and have already recommended you to all my friends.

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Tricia Chng
Great experience with Javerson from Charlotte's carpentry (highly recommended)

Reviewed by Tricia Chng・Submitted 16 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Javerson

We are very grateful to have Javerson to help us with our renovation. We started looking for IDs about 1.5 year ago, we met up with a few IDs and subsequently decided to go with Javerson because he appeared as a really sincere and earnest guy from the first meeting and the design presented / quote given was reasonable. We have had no regrets since. Due to COVID-19, our renovation was delayed by almost 9 months but Javerson helped to make sure we finalised our design and selected our tiles early so that we could start our renovation once we got our keys. From the first visit to completion of project, Javerson has been very accomodating and helpful. He also provided many good suggestions and solutions to problems that we had during the discussion and renovation process. He made sure to understand our needs and expectations before coming up with designs that we are very happy with. One of the best thing about Javerson is that he is always there for you every step of the way, he always makes the effort to get back to us no matter when and what we have to ask him about. I had alot of queries about the designs / options and even changed my mind about the design a few times. However Javerson was extremely patient with us during the entire process: answering questions about the renovation, explaining if the ideas we had are feasible, helping us to decide on furniture that would suit the house and rectifing problems that arose during the renovation process. He has a good eye for details and is always very thoughtful and conscientious with his work. His efficiency and dedication to his work is extremely commendable and we are grateful to have engaged him. We have since engaged a few of our friends to Javerson and Charlotte's carpentry because of the pleasant experience we had.

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Saiful Serapth
Happy Customer
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Saiful Serapth・Submitted 15 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Ansel

We were directed to Ansel from Carpenter Direct and we were never dissapointed since the first appointment. Ansel was very transparent with everything shown to us. Everything that we wish to have is taken into consideration and also within out budget. Communication with Ansel is hassle free and he will answer all our queries to his knowledge. We were upset at first when we got to know that our renovation will take around 8 weeks but a week later Ansel gave us the schedule for our renovation and he is able to complete the job in about 4 weeks! Ansel will constantly update us on out house during the renovation period. We are really thankful to be able to move in to our new house within the Hari Raya period(even though celebration is restricted) Thank you once again Ansel for renovating our house and do look for him for your future renovation! :)

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Highly recommended if you are considering to renovate your house.

Reviewed by Lim Kim Chiau・Submitted 15 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Jeff Lee

A big thanks to Jeff Lee and I-Plan who helping me transformed my resale flat to a simple and cozy house with tight budget. Jeff is very patient and attentive to all my needs and feedback throughout the renovation. Highly recommended if you are considering to renovate your house.

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Review of Jialux Interior
Dave N Wendy Chew
Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by Dave N Wendy Chew・Submitted 14 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Gerald Lim

We are very pleased with the work ethics and precise coordination of our home renovation of Gerald Lim with Jialux Interior. His knowledge and know-how have been impeccable down to the last detail. He has been able to work closely with his contractors to ensure workmanship of the highest quality and ensuring a timely handover. All these would not have been possible without his help from start to finish, with the very tight timeline that we had given to him, he actually managed to hand over the unit before the deadline! Kudos to Gerald Lim! We strongly recommend Gerald Lim.

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Review of Livspace
Jeanius De Milo
Worst customer service EVER

Reviewed by Jeanius De Milo・Submitted 14 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Nicole

ID asked to see actual apartment to take measurements, and as I have not taken legal possession yet, agent was kind enough to get permission from owner and open the door for us. Arranged for 12 pm, Nicole was a NO show and no call or message to inform us. After waiting thirty mins, I called the main line to check where she was, as she was rejecting my calls to her mobile. Later she called after an hour and twenty mins to say she was sick, DiD NOT even apologise and gave attitude more like “what’s the big deal “ kind of tone and did not even offer to rush down. In fact I had to ask her to come as we were still waiting and there would not be another opportunity to enter the apartment . She then said twenty mins to her arrival but became forty mins and in the end showed up at 2 pm! We waited for her 2 hours !!! Did not utter a word of sorry or anything when she arrived , and when I spoke to her manager he said he would deal with it and call me back. Guess what ? He never called back either ! Terrible customer service and also how can clients trust them when they can’t even be relied on to show up for an appointment or call back as a follow up? Further Messages sent to their Facebook page were the same, someone replied I would get a call from a senior manager and , NO CALL was received either . Would not recommend this company , and they are presenting themselves as a unicorn to raise funds but highly unreliable with poor service . Don’t be fooled by false reviews online as their designs and ppl hired are below average They will try to fool u by giving u free vouchers , but for the pain endured it is not worth it !

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Review of
Irene Tan
Renovation Nightmares

Reviewed by Irene Tan・Submitted 12 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Evelyn

We engaged to renovate our condominium unit. However, it turned out to be the worst nightmare ever. It was a stressful experience from the designing stage to renovation. The proposed kitchen design by ID looks similar to the original style, and she was unable to give us new ideas. Despite expressing dissatisfaction with the first proposed sketch-up design, nothing much was done. I had to spend many nights thinking of ideas to improve her work and re-design the kitchen myself. I will appreciate it if ID can make a better effort to provide alternatives. I was on-site almost every day and alerted her about the laying of protection. Nevertheless, she did not take action. The laying of protection costs $450 (double that of other companies quoted). She reassured us that we are paying this high price because of her company's standard (because is a big company) can provide. However, her workers started false ceiling, carpentry installation, etc., without appropriately protecting our new vinyl flooring. As such, there are many scratches on the new flooring. It also seems like there was no supervisor (ID or project manager) on-site to manage the project, hence, the reason why such mishap can occur. It has created so much inconvenience to find out the extent of damage caused. These are reaching a ridiculous stage that I need to step in to and be on-site now to check whether they can change out all these damaged floorings because we have lost all the trust in our ID and the project management. More often than not, we had to be one pointing out the problems first. For instance, only after installing the TV console, the result was not what I expected to enjoy my vinyl turntable for playing music. It is a matter of fact whether the entrusted ID wants to do it properly - I have seen sliding designs able to extend more. There are certain things I already tried to lower my expectations, but I am just hoping I can at least get to enjoy my beloved turntable for playing music at home. I wish ID can make a better attempt to fulfil my request. All the reasonings despite my countless feedback, her excuse was she had spent a lot of effort. But what we want to see is actions taken. These are all supposedly what should be done correctly for what the client has paid to do. In fact, I love the completed design and feel (but it has involved a lot of work from me). However, it has been an unfortunate series of mistakes, ignorance, and negligence that reaches an intolerant level, which made me write this review. There were also other issues like plumbing not elaborated - there is a big hole in the under sink kitchen cabinet which has been mishandled.

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Michelle Seah
Highly recommended Interior designer to work with!

Reviewed by Michelle Seah・Submitted 12 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Kenny Yeo

Working with Kenny was a pleasure, enjoyable and rewarding experience. Kenny did a fantastic job on our home! he had such great ideas and really helped to make our new space feel like home. He definitely understood our style and the looks that we were going for. His design and ideas fit our needs while also staying true to the design of the space. We would highly recommend him! I'd like to thank him for the good job done!

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Review of Key Concept
Siti Maisarah
Kitchen Renovation & Home Painting

Reviewed by Siti Maisarah・Submitted 11 May 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Claire Seow

Claire did an excellent job in proposing the kitchen layout at a very short period time. Once confirmed, she gave us fast replies and follow up. Being our ID, Claire was very detailed and organised. Our expectations were met and we are happy with the outcome of our kitchen. Given short timeline, the reno was done before our need date which was before the festive season. Thanks Claire! Keep up the good job! :)

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