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10 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Instantly Elevate Your Space

February 10, 2022

Just one wall covering away from a kitchen glow-up!

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Backsplashes are an excellent addition to any kitchen because they protect the walls from spills and splatters during cooking or dishwashing. Because backsplashes are usually within eye level, they are also one of the first things people notice when they walk into a kitchen.

Setia Alam, Selangor by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation
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Check out these inspiring kitchen backsplash ideas to spark your own creativity and turn your kitchen into a conversation piece. Whether you want a custom-designed tile pattern, a gorgeous piece of natural stone, or classic subway tiles that will never go out of style, these gorgeous backsplash ideas are sure to infuse your kitchen with dazzling style in addition to functionality!

1. Lively patterned tile backsplash

White kitchens are timeless classics, but they also have a reputation of appearing cold and clinical. The key is balance, which can be achieved by adding a patterned tile backsplash to an otherwise white-themed kitchen.

Paloma Residence, Subang Jaya by Wuuu Studio
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View this project by Wuuu Studio

In addition to injecting the space with character, the busy patterns and colours of these tiles can also help to hide stains, so you won’t have to stress over every single blemish being visible - like you would if plain coloured tiles were used instead. That said, it’s still advisable to give them a good wipe down with a kitchen cleaner at least once a week (if you cook regularly) to prevent grease build-up, and for basic hygiene reasons!

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2. Opulent marble backsplash

If you don't want to use tiles as a backsplash, natural stones like marble are an excellent substitute. This opulent stone is not only beautiful but also heat resistant and long-lasting, making it a worthwhile investment for your kitchen. The only drawback is that this material is porous, which means that certain liquids can stain and ruin the design. So, if you get a stain on a marble kitchen backsplash, make sure to clean it right away.

Quayside, Tanjung Tokong by Nevermore Group
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View this project by Nevermore Group

See how the white veining on the backsplash in this kitchen adds interest and drama to the room. The black marble also looks great with a black quartz countertop and a series of matte black pendant lights, making for a stylish open kitchen.

3. Elegant quartz backsplash

If you want something a little easier to care for than natural stone but still has that high-end aesthetic, quartz is a great choice. This man-made, non-porous material not only protects the wall from moisture, but it's also stain-resistant, doesn't require sealing, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Tropicana Aman, Kota Kemuning by The Grid Studio
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View this project by The Grid Studio

A warm neutral palette is perfectly executed in this kitchen clad in Calacatta classic quartz backsplash and countertop. What's interesting is that the grey veins appear to be similar to the wood-grain flooring, resulting in a very cohesive appearance.

4. Modern terrazzo backsplash

Terrazzo is a great material for a kitchen backsplash if you like colours or patterns but don't want to go overboard because the decorative grains in terrazzo aren't too jarring. Furthermore, terrazzo, like quartz, is non-porous, making any water or oil spills easy to clean.

28 Boulevard, Pandan Perdana by Wo Design Studio
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View this project by Wo Design Studio

The designer created a seamless aesthetic in this kitchen by using the same terrazzo material for both the backsplash and the countertop. The soft colour contrasts with the dark lower cabinets and open shelves, and the use of different metals add a layer of interest to the overall kitchen design.

5. Reflective mirror backsplash

If you want a solid backdrop with no tile or grout lines but can’t afford to splurge on natural stone, consider a mirror backsplash. A mirror's reflective surface helps to create the illusion of more space while also increasing the amount of light in a room. Because there is no grout, mirror backsplashes are also smoother and easier to clean than tiles.

Soho Suites KLCC, KL by Airhost
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View this project by Airhost

Take a cue from this kitchen design where the mirrored backsplash adds a sophisticated touch to the alluring but small open concept kitchen. It also reflects natural light, making the room appear spacious, bright, and airy.

6. Back-painted glass backsplash

Glass is another great backsplash material because it is resistant to cracking, scratches, and, most importantly, staining. Glass can also reflect light, making your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. In terms of style, glass is an excellent choice for those looking for a clean, contemporary look in their kitchen.

Amarin Kiara, Mt Kiara by GI Design Sdn Bhd
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View this project by GI Design Sdn Bhd

A light green backsplash adds refreshing colour to this kitchen. The soft colour adds a modern touch and serves as a shining backdrop for the stainless steel hood and the open shelves. Brimming with views of the outdoors, the light green backsplash also brings a touch of nature into the kitchen workspace.

7. Classic subway tiles backsplash

If you want to achieve a timeless look in your kitchen, subway tiles are a great backsplash alternative. They come in a variety of colours and are generally less expensive than other tile materials, proving that creating a show-stopping kitchen backsplash doesn't have to be an expensive endeavour.

Setia Alam, Selangor by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation
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Take a cue from this modern kitchen that features a grey subway tile backsplash. The subway tile's traditional design offers an undeniable vintage feel, complementing the shaker style cabinetry, rattan bar stools, and shiplap kitchen island.

8. Warm wooden backsplash

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, consider a wooden backsplash. They can add a natural and warm touch to your kitchen. If you choose to install a wooden backsplash, make sure it's coated with glossy paint or polyurethane to help extend its lifespan while maintaining a beautiful appearance, as this material is much more prone to mould and moisture.

Regency Height Penthouse, Bayan Lepas Penang by Nevermore Group
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View this project by Nevermore Group

The light tone wooden backsplash in this modern kitchen is very soothing to the eyes and adds an extra dose of comfort to the space. It works well with the beige upper and lower cabinetry, creating a natural-inspired aesthetic.

Regency Height Penthouse, Bayan Lepas Penang by Nevermore Group
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View this project by Nevermore Group

9. Stainless steel backsplash

Want to give an illuminating sheen to your kitchen? Go for stainless steel. It is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and easy to clean thoroughly, making it ideal for those who want a hassle-free kitchen with a sleek appearance. While stainless steel is more commonly associated with modern kitchens, it can also be a surprisingly good fit for those looking to create an industrial or minimalist look.

Jade Hills 9A, Selangor by DCO Interior Design Sdn. Bhd.
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View this project by DCO Interior Design Sdn. Bhd.

Take a cue from this kitchen which features a stainless steel backsplash that serves as a great focal point. The shiny surface of the stainless steel material also bounces light around the room, brightening up the otherwise dark kitchen.

10. Penny tiles backsplash

Though most commonly used in bathrooms, penny tiles can also make for a striking kitchen backsplash. This material is full of texture, inexpensive and one of the easiest types of tile to install yourself.

Metropolitan Square, Damansara by JeeHan Lee Design
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View this project by JeeHan Lee Design

This gleaming and glamorous kitchen with gold penny tiles backsplash is designed to impress anyone who enters the room. The tiles' small scale adds texture to the walls and complements the gold accents on the custom built-ins and furniture. Stretching the tiles all the way to the ceiling adds to the dramatic feel of the room, while a chandelier adds an unapologetic dose of luxury!

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