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3 Benefits Of Having A Smart Home Automation System

March 30, 2017

The days when you could only call or SMS via phone are long over. Technology has revolutionised the way we interact with the world – from socialising, grabbing a cab to even finding a job, it is now slowly creeping into our homes.

Smart technology is thus a total game changer, bringing greater convenience and a whole slew of perks that’ll make living at home a joy. Here are 3 ways smart, automated features can benefit you and your home.

3 Benefits Of Having A Smart Home Automation System

Image by Amorphous Design

1. Aid the Kids and Elderly with smart Motion Sensors

No more groping around in the dark for that bathroom light switch - you can install a device instead that tracks motion in a room, and turns on the lights when you want it to. Especially when you have kids or elderly folks that might be more susceptible to accidents or falls, keeping switches automated saves them the potential hurt and trouble.

3 Benefits Of Having A Smart Home Automation System

2. Home Improvement with Pre Set Lights, Air-conditioner Switches and Curtains

Having problems putting your kids to bed? Try this trick – pre-set their bed-time hours via your smartphone and when it’s minutes before bedtime, lights will automatically dim, sending cues that it’s time for bed. Likewise, wake your heavy sleepers once and for all with one pre-set, which automatically turns on the lights, turns off the air-conditioning and pulls aside the curtains for the ultimate rise and shine. It’s like being Mary Poppins with none of the work!

3 Benefits Of Having A Smart Home Automation System

3. Keep Your Home Secure With An Online Security System

A home is meant to be a haven for you and your family, and it always pays to play it safe. Out and about? You can now receive notifications on pop-up alerts when something is amiss at home, or view your security cameras remotely to check in on your rowdy kids.

3 Benefits Of Having A Smart Home Automation System

Smart home automation is definitely the next big thing in revolutionising the way we live. Find out how you can incorporate the latest technology that meet your family needs - contact Sean Lee at 6016-212 8118 or email to from goSmart for a free consultation. The goSmart showroom is located at the Walnut Café in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

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