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4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

February 24, 2017

The kitchen is the most important room in your home; Which is why designing an efficient, long-lasting space is key when renovating a new place.

But, before you dive into selecting fancy countertops or state of the art equipment for your new cooking space - take note! If your kitchen design isn't solving any of these 4 common problems - it's time to bring your blueprint back to the drawing board.

1. Storage, storage, storage

Even if you're not much of a cook, allocate ample storage space for those 'what if' moments - You'll thank yourself later when the cooking bug strikes! Likewise, frequent cooks will definitely appreciate more storage space; a clogged up countertop means less preparation space and less efficiency.

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Source: Pinterest

One secret to solving storage woes is by simply holding less stuff. Yes, this seems obvious – but you should conduct a kitchen 'cleanse' every 3 months; Clear any unused utensils or expired foodstuffs!

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Source: Pinterest

Once you narrow the essentials, you can then move on to organizing your cooking tools. Install drawer and cupboard organizers to help you maximise storage. Also, try to incorporate swing-out shelves and other concealed storage options to double the usable space.

2. Lighting Issues

Your kitchen is a danger zone - just think about the sharp tools and fire you're constantly working with. Thus, lighting is not just about style, it’s a necessity.

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Interior Designer: UP Creations

While fluorescent lighting does a fine job of illuminating your kitchen, it doesn't do much in terms of ambience. Instead, various light textures can convey a brighter, cosier mood. For example, choose inexpensive spotlights for showcase areas (preferably on glassware). Otherwise, trendy under-cabinet lighting bars, rope lights and cool white ceiling lights provide enough brightness for safe preparation.

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Interior Designer: Rowenda Kitchen

3. Space Restrictions

A small kitchen isn't the end for your cooking dream; With a few creative additions – even a tiny space can be ultra-practical. One clever idea is to simply buy smaller appliances. Refrigerators often take up the most space, so opt instead for a less hefty one or consider an in-built (cupboard) mini fridge.

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Interior Designer: Nice Style Refurbishment

Another cool space-maximising concept is to make use of empty wall space to implement hanging ceiling shelves and wall-mounted showcases (they'll double as storage space!). Likewise, add more natural light and use glass in counters, cabinets or even mirrors to create an illusion of more space.

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Architect: Only Solutions

4. Countertop Wear and Tears

The fastest way to outdate a kitchen? Letting your countertops show just how much you’ve put them through the ringer. Choose a countertop that's hardy and will last the years over a gorgeous looking one that can't handle the heat.

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates

Some durable materials to consider include stylish (but expensive) soapstone, quartz or concrete. Of course, there are economical alternatives, such as granite, laminate and wood which may be slightly more susceptible to scratches or damages.

4 Common Kitchen Design Problems, Solved!

Source: Apartment Therapy

Bonus Tip: If you’re looking for a DIY project, tiles can be an inexpensive and durable option; it’ll also likely match the rest of your kitchen colour scheme as various tile hues are readily available.

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