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5 Space-Saving Solutions to Maximise Every Inch of Your Kids’ Bedroom

July 6, 2022

Having a limited space for your children's bedroom does not mean you have to sacrifice style, fun, and functionality.

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Decorating your child’s bedroom isn’t as simple as some might imagine. You want the space to look great, practical, and capture your little one’s imagination, but that’s a tall order for one small space! Below, check out a few kids' room design ideas that will help you to utilize most of your kid's space, even if it's tiny.

kids bedroom ideas

1. Optimise vertical space with bunk/loft beds

Most of the time, the smallest bedroom of the house usually belongs to your young ones. To make the most of the limited space, opt for bunk beds or loft beds.

Jade Hills 6B, Selangor by DCO Interior Design Sdn. Bhd.

Take a cue from this bedroom by DCO Interior Design, which features a customised double-decker bed with the upper level dedicated to sleeping and the lower level transformed into a hangout area. (Bonus points for how it looks like a playground!) The remaining space next to the bed frame is then used as a more conventional area for homework as well as art and craft.

Jade Hills 6B, Selangor by DCO Interior Design Sdn. Bhd.

2. Incorporate play elements into built-ins

Or take things a step further and transform their bedroom into a playground like how SQFT Space Design and Management did so in this unique and uber-fun bedroom.

Platinum Mira Show Unit, Kuala Lumpur by SQFT Space Design Management

It has a built-in loft bed, with the upper level dedicated for sleeping and only accessible by a ladder, and the lower level is reserved for a variety of activities such as homework, arts and crafts, and wall climbing. A room like this will undoubtedly keep your small children engaged, and give them an avenue (or rather, multiple avenues) to burn off excess energy before nap/bedtime.

Platinum Mira Show Unit, Kuala Lumpur by SQFT Space Design Management

3. Include kid-friendly storage solutions

Clutter is a common problem in children’s bedrooms. Toys, clothes, and games all take up space, so introduce plenty of storage solutions to make it easier for them to keep their space tidy and organised.

Laman Baiduri, Selangor by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

Take inspiration from this kids’ bedroom by Pocket Square where not an inch of space wasted in this small room! It comes with concealed storage built together with the platform bed to help the room stay looking crisp and clean while also giving you extra options to put away a never-ending supply of toys. As a bonus, you’ll be able to teach your children the importance of cleaning up after themselves from a young age.

4. Install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry

For older kids (who can reach higher), floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a great way to maximise storage space. This solution is also ideal for small spaces because it makes use of wall space that would otherwise be wasted. This allows you to store items that aren't used as frequently on top and regularly used items at a more accessible height. Furthermore, making the floor space available not only makes the rooms appear larger, but it also provides vital space for children to play.

Berlian Residence, Setapak by Lebeau Interior

Interior Firm: Lebeau Interior

Take a cue from this boy's room, which features floor-to-ceiling built-in units that include a platform bed, steps, desk, and cupboard for a visually cohesive and clean appearance.

5. Invest in multi-functional furniture

Furniture in any small space has to work hard, so make sure you choose pieces that can be used for multiple purposes. Having multipurpose furniture also means that you will need to furnish your child's bedroom with fewer items, which will save you money in the long run.

The Plaza Condominium, TTDI by Ee Design Studio

Interior Firm: Ee Design Studio

Take a note from this EE Design bedroom, which includes a multi-functional bunk bed. The steps leading towards the upper level also serve as a storage area for toys and school supplies, among other things. There is also an integrated reading lamp and plenty of open shelving unit that allows the kids to enjoy nighttime reading. Meanwhile, the queen-size bed on the bottom floor is ideal for kids' sleepovers or as a lounging area during the day.

The Plaza Condominium, TTDI by Ee Design Studio

Interior Firm: Ee Design Studio

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