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7 Dream Home Makeovers with a Budget of RM350,000 to RM400,000

May 5, 2022

These gorgeous homes prove that it pays to invest in a home renovation project!

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There are numerous reasons why you should renovate your home. Certain updates can increase the value of your home while also making it more functional and comfortable for the homeowners. Whereas, some home renovations can increase the square footage of your home by improving the existing layout or by extending it.

Inwood Residence, Kuala Lumpur by Ambient Design Studio
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View this project by Ambient Design Studio

But how far would a dream home renovation project really set you back? To give you an idea, here's a list of 7 stylish home renovations that costs between RM350,000 and RM400,000. We hope that you will find inspiration from these designs to replicate in your own home if you are looking to set aside a renovation budget within this price range.

1. A minimalist open-concept condominium in Selangor (Renovation Cost: RM350,000)

By making changes to the layout, interior design firm, Pocket Square was able to transform a once cramped 1500 sqft condominium into a minimalist, spacious abode for a family of five.

home renovation
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For starters, the unit used to have many small compartments/rooms, making it feel cramped and dark. Pocket Square then removed the existing doors and hacked down some of the walls to open up several areas of the house, such as the kitchen and laundry room to create large open spaces that now flow seamlessly into one another. The lack of walls allows an abundance of natural light to pour into the home (especially the centre area), which eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the day.

To give the home a more spacious feel, Pocket Square replaced its existing dining table with a kitchen island, which now serves double duty as a family's dining area as well as a place for food preparation.

2. A cosy Scandinavian-design landed home in Selangor (Renovation Cost: RM350,000)

This cosy Scandinavian design home by Surface R is an absolute dream, and it's all in the details.

home renovation
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If you look around this house, you'll notice that the walls, ceilings, and sheer curtains make the rooms feel larger, as well as sleek shaped furniture and a minimal amount of decor. While the walls, flooring, and furniture provide a neutral foundation, a few accent pieces, such as pastel yellow throw pillows and gold table lamps add dashes of rich, saturated colours to the room.

Meanwhile, a slew of cosy finishing touches such as pouffes, blankets, and textured throw pillows, lend a modern, hygge vibe to the space.

3. An urban abode with a hotel-luxe feel in Kuala Lumpur (Renovation Cost: RM370,000)

Every corner of this 1065 sqft condominium designed by Blaine Robert feels like a perfectly orchestrated exhibit.

home renovation
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It features clean-lined furniture and well-defined shapes that are typical of contemporary design. Muted neutrals like grey, white, and beige create a dynamic atmosphere, while pops of colour like blue and salmon are used to punctuate the neutral tones for a touch of freshness.

Meanwhile, accents made of brass, glass, and marble contribute to the creation of a sophisticated and elegant space that feels more like stepping into a luxury hotel room rather than an ordinary home!

4. An elegant Scandinavian-style condominium in Kuala Lumpur (Renovation Cost: RM380,000)

This Scandinavian designed condominium by Ambient Design Studio may look minimal in terms of colour and décor, but thanks to its emphasis on texture, it’s anything but boring!

home renovation
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As Scandinavian designs often put comfort first, everything in this home has a tactile feel to it. This includes the leather chair, the fur rug, the marble island, and the wooden chairs found in the open plan living room. Meanwhile, the house's white walls and cool earth tones are pleasing to the eye. Lastly, warm lighting and candles are used throughout to make the space feel inviting.

5. A light and airy minimalist-design landed home in Selangor (Renovation Cost: RM380,000)

Choice of colour and furniture plays a big role in this minimalist-style home design by Cube Creation.

home renovation
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Instead of the typical black and white tones found in most minimalist-style homes, the designer experimented with greige, beige and blue to create a clean, fresh-looking home that inspires a sense of calm. The house is also outfitted with a slew of built-in storage units, giving it a streamlined and minimal appearance. Meanwhile, timeless, well-made furniture and a curated selection of decor pieces are used to emphasise the home's simplicity.

6. A sophisticated modern-design landed home in Perak (Renovation Cost: RM390,000)

Red Land Design incorporated an elegant modern touch to this 5060 sqft bungalow by incorporating the client's favourite colours, white and brass, which evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity in the space. Aside from that, the designer used natural materials such as leather, marble, and wood for the furniture, floors, and walls to give the space a modern feel.

home renovation
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The dry kitchen is the house's most eye-catching feature, with a handcrafted half oval shape side leg structure to support a specially selected rain tree wood countertop. Meanwhile, gold accents found throughout the house added a touch of luxury while still remaining understated.

7. A moody contemporary-style landed home in Penang (Renovation Cost: RM400,000)

This 2935 sqft landed home by Vault Design Lab has been transformed into a contemporary abode that feels utterly artistic. With varying shades of grey and black found on the walls and furniture, this home deviates from the stark white palette typical of most contemporary homes in the best way possible. The moody tones make the room feel cosy and snug and they help to elevate the white ceiling and other neutral tone items in the room.

home renovation
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The designer then furnished the home with sleek modern pieces and played with simple geometric forms on the walls, carpet, furniture and lighting to create order in the surroundings.

Ready to embark on your home renovation journey?

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