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8 Tips for Designing Fun And Functional Kids' Rooms

February 9, 2021

Creating a kid’s room sounds like a modern-day luxury, but in reality, it is a great way to keep all of their playthings out of the rest of your house. Sure, the room might look like a disaster every day, but at least the mess is confined in one area!

The Capers by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

In fact, creating a designated kid’s area doesn't have to require a huge space. Whether you have a room dedicated to playing or you section off part of another living space, creating a play area for your kids is pretty easy to achieve. Below are some of our favourite playroom ideas for your inspiration!

1. Add a Chalkboard

Even though most people would like to have a big house with a huge playroom for their children, not all of us can afford it. The best things you can do is create a little section in your home, like the living room, for example, and turn it into your kid’s play and learning area.

The Capers by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

This kid’s friendly living room designed by Pocket Square for example, features a horizontal chalkboard that is by far the focal point of the space. It's a fun, interactive design element that allows kids to draw and write without ruining the walls.

The Capers by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

2. Build an indoor playhouse

What's better than going to the park? Sliding in your own playhouse, rain or shine of course! If you have the space (and if budget allows), create an indoor playhouse where your kids can run around, climb and slide all day long. This will keep them occupied for hours while you are busy working, on top of a place to let your kids to burn off their energy.

Grove Lake Fields, Sungai Besi by One Space Sdn Bhd

Interior Firm: One Space Sdn Bhd

3. Combine a room for sleep and play

Just because the home isn't big enough for a playroom doesn't mean it can't be just as cool. Simply design their bedroom in a way that combines sleep and play. Take design inspiration from Monogram Design Studio that makes the most out of one bedroom. It features a custom-built bunk bed that doubles as a “play zone” for fun and games.

Daintree Residence, JB by Monogram Design Studio

Interior Firm: Monogram Design Studio

Daintree Residence, JB by Monogram Design Studio

Interior Firm: Monogram Design Studio

4. Create a little library

Want to encourage the kids to take a break from the TV or iPad? Turning an empty corner into a reading nook with bookshelves, table and chairs might do the trick. By creating a cosy, comfortable, and entertaining little library of books at home, you can motivate or encourage your children to enjoy reading instead of staring at the screen all day long.

Setia Damai, Setia Alam by Cube Creation Sdn. Bhd.

5. Set up different zones in your room

If you have small kids that you need to keep a constant eye on while you’re working from home, you may want to include the playroom in your home office. Allocate a space for your desk, computer and everything that you need, and dedicate the rest of the space for play area.

BU9, Petaling Jaya by Muse Design Group Sdn Bhd

Take design cues from this 3-bedroom condominium where Muse Design Group combines office space with a kid’s area for playtime. Meanwhile, blue curtain, lime green wall and baby pink table and chair keep the room looking fun and cheerful.

6. Have fun with decor

The best playrooms are the ones that have a bit of imagination behind them. Sure, opting for traditional furniture like bookcases and couches is easy, but consider something a little more special to spark your child’s imagination.

Kajang by SQFT Space Design Management

Take design inspiration from this home that features a checkered wall that extends all the way to the ceiling and chess pieces that double as a cool overhead lighting feature. A touch of creativity can take an ordinary playroom to your kid's favourite hangout spot!

Kajang by SQFT Space Design Management

7. Leave room for educational activities

When most people think about a playroom, they tend to assume that it is only for playtime. You can have a specific area dedicated to the child’s homework too. That said, it’s a good idea to include a desk where your child can study and do other creative work in their playroom.

Temasya Sinar, Glenmarie by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation

In this multi-functional playroom designed by IQI Concept, a floor to ceiling built-in shelving houses books and other things, while the built-in desks provide space for children to study or get their homework done. Meanwhile, the pastel blue walls keep this room looking particularly bright and airy.

8. Create an art area

If you believe that one of the most important tasks as a parent is to stimulate your children’s creativity and imagination, then creating an art section where your kid can draw or paint is an excellent way of achieving this objective.

kid's playroom

Gather all of the must-have art supplies such as crayons, watercolours, paintbrush, paper, etc. into a movable cart and set up a table and chairs, and voila, an instant art studio!

kid's playroom

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