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8 Ways to Bring Good Vibes to Your Home Using Feng Shui

January 7, 2021

It's a New Year and the saying "out with the old, in with the new" couldn't be more relevant when it comes to your home. Now is the perfect time to spring clean your house and breathe more life into your space, creating a happy, healthy, and welcoming environment.

Midfields 2, Sungai Besi by Josh Thompson Interiors

It is said that applying Feng Shui to your home can help to create a healthy and happy home.​ The goal of Feng Shui is to invite positive energy, or chi (Chi brings good health, wealth, and luck!) into your home so that your life feels both energized and balanced, and it’s a relatively simple way to improve the vibes of your space.

To kick start your journey to a happier and healthier home, here are some simple tips for creating good vibes (especially if you are looking to make this year a little less stressful than the last!) to your home using Feng Shui.

1. Clear the clutter

In Feng Shui, clutter is believed to take up valuable space that new incoming energy needs. Having too much clutter around your house stops us from having clarity of thought and can weigh us down emotionally.

Midfields 2, Sungai Besi by Josh Thompson Interiors

Hence we recommend making a habit of keeping your home neat and organised every day. Make sure that you have the correct organizational systems in place for everything in your life, from paying bills to recycling to having a designated spot for your keys and get rid of any visual clutter as it could negatively influence your aura (energy field), dreams, emotions, and thoughts on a subconscious level.

Midfields 2, Sungai Besi by Josh Thompson Interiors

It may seem like hard work, but clearing away any clutter can feel very therapeutic and at the end of it, you will have a much clearer space, filled with items you love. This is an essential step to take when you are trying to create a house that has harmonious positive energy.

2. Start with your front door

If you don't know where to begin, the best place to start decluttering your space is by the front door. The entrance door is also very important in Feng Shui. It’s where all energy or chi enters. To keep things flowing freely, make your entry a clutter-free zone and never block the front entrance from the outside or inside. Let there be a clear path. A cluttered space disrupts the home’s flow, creating negative energy.

Paragon, Seri Kembangan by Rezone Interior Design Studio

The entryway is also how the world sees you, like a first impression so be sure to keep this area clean, well lit, and make sure that your door number is clean, hung straight, and easily visible. Auspicious opportunities need clear signage to find you!

3. Add plants

Once you’ve cleared the clutter and created a space to welcome good energy, you can bring in things that will further foster that positivity.

Plants play an important role in curating good Feng Shui in a home because they embody life energy. Introducing nature to your home can also help to purify the air, reduce your anxiety and create a calming atmosphere to your home.

Summerskye Residence, Bayan Lepas by EMPT Studio

Interior Firm: EMPT Studio

Many plants inspire positive and abundant vibes to a space. For example, try placing orchids in the bedroom for a calming, peaceful quality, an aloe plant in the bathroom to promote healing, or bamboo in the living room to encourage good luck within your family and others. If you like art, you can also hang pictures up on your walls that represent nature. All of these things combined can help to create peaceful energy to your home.

4. Shower your home with lights

Feng Shui is all about energy, and light is the strongest manifestation of energy. Light represents the fire element, one of five Feng Shui elements that should be represented in a home for harmony and balance. Good lighting creates a welcoming space for good energy, whereas poor lighting contributes to clutter buildup, which slows down or even stops the good energy.

The Park Residence, Bukit Jalil by Lakar Design & Construction

To improve the Feng Shui in your home, try to illuminate dark corners with plenty of lights (both natural or artificial lighting). You can also consider hanging a mirror to help bounce the light around. Just make sure it's not facing the entrance door or you risk pushing away the good energy trying to enter your house.

5. Hang mirrors

Mirrors can do wonders when it comes to Feng Shui. It can 'expand a room' by making it look and feel bigger and the ability to energize a room. When placing mirrors around the house, be mindful of where you put them and be mindful of what the mirror is reflecting, as it doubles the energy of whatever it sees. You can strategically place mirrors in places where you would like to increase energy flow. This could be your bathroom, dining room or living room.

One Menerung, Bangsar by Monogram Design Studio

Interior Firm: Monogram Design Studio

6. Create a commanding position

In Feng Shui, one of the most important principles is the “commanding position”. It means that certain objects such as the bed (it represents you), the desk (it represents your career), and the stove (it represents your wealth) should be facing the entry door. For example, when you are lying in bed, sitting at your desk, or cooking at the stove, you want to be able to see the door. You shouldn’t be directly in line with the door but shouldn’t have your back to it either.

Setia Eco Glades, Cyberjaya by Viyest Interior Design

Interior Firm: Viyest Interior Design

Establishing a commanding position allows you to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching and it allows you to receive positive energy and the best opportunities in life.

7. Remove obstacles

Efficiency is everything in Feng Shui, so it’s important to clear obstacles from your path and make your walking flow as easy as possible at home. Think about the high traffic areas in your home such as your living room or bedroom and ensure that they are free from tripping hazards. If this inspires major furniture to rearrange, you probably needed it.

Dolce Shorefront, George Town by Vault Design Lab Sdn Bhd

Speaking of clearing the path in your home, in Feng Shui, doors represent your voice and communication. Doors are also portals in which opportunities can come into your life. So be sure that all your doors can open to at least a full 90 degrees. When there is a bunch of clutter behind a door, it can’t open all the way. This means that you’re only able to receive a portion of the opportunities life has to offer.

Dolce Shorefront, George Town by Vault Design Lab Sdn Bhd

Second, check that all your doors are working properly. Make sure that the hardware functions effortlessly and the hinges are not squeaking. Look to see that the door can close well and with ease. All these details affect how the energy finds its way to you and you want the flow to be as smooth as possible.

8. Clean your windows

To create good Feng Shui in your home, clean your windows regularly. Clear, clean windows let in more sunlight and this naturally energizes and wakes us up. Sunlight also vibrantly renders all of the colours and objects that we see. Therefore, our homes become more vibrant, and full of energy when we let in more light.

Alam Impian, Setia Alam 2 by Surface R Sdn. Bhd.

Interior Firm: Surface R Sdn. Bhd.

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