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9 Eye-Catching Ways to Exhibit Your Prized Possessions at Home

June 14, 2022

Because they deserve to be seen and appreciated!

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Everyone enjoys collecting something, whether they're sneakers, travel mementoes, or action figures. While others may perceive it as a waste of space, the immense joy you get from watching your collection grow is priceless.

Kenwingston Anenue, Kuala Lumpur by AW Design Lab

Interior Firm: AW Design Lab

But how can you showcase your collection without ruining your home’s aesthetic? Here are 9 ideas to steal!

1. A museum-like display

Akin to displaying art in a museum or gallery, this living room uses a floor-to-ceiling display shelf that houses a colourful collection of figurines in various shapes and sizes. The playful array of figures livens up the room and serves as eye-catching accents along the walkway.

Kota Kemuning, Selangor by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation

The display didn’t stop in the living room; there’s also a dedicated room where the owner's collectibles are kept and artfully presented. Meanwhile, the display lighting within each shelf casts a boutique-like effect and creates a warm ambience in the room.

Kota Kemuning, Selangor by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation

2. A book display that doubles as a feature wall and library

This huge bookcase that also serves as a feature wall and freestanding TV display will delight any book enthusiasts. The display, which is centrally located in the living area, includes varied shelf widths and lengths to make the display geometrically intriguing while functional for different book sizes. Aside from books, this bookcase also showcases mementoes from travels, which blend in nicely with the book display.

The Capers, Kuala Lumpur by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

What makes this particular display stand out is how colourful it is, catching the eye of anyone who walks into the room.

The Capers, Kuala Lumpur by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

3. A display shelf that doubles as a room divider

This contemporary-style living room features a full-height shelf that houses an assortment of figurines. The colourful array of toys livens up the neutral colour scheme of the living room whilst at the same time, offering a degree of privacy (from praying neighbours’ eyes) and segmenting the living room without making the space feel claustrophobic.

Kenwingston Anenue, Kuala Lumpur by AW Design Lab

Interior Firm: AW Design Lab

Apart from that, next to the dining table is an incredible collection of sneakers carefully preserved in a storage box to keep the owner's sneakers in mint condition.

Kenwingston Anenue, Kuala Lumpur by AW Design Lab

Interior Firm: AW Design Lab

4. A collection that expresses its owner's love for music

This lounge area, located next to the dining room, has a collection of vinyl records, violins, and an antique music player that can be easily accessed and admired. It is housed in a stunning hardwood built-in shelf that stands out against the stark white walls.

Domus Semi-D, Twentyfive.7 Kota Kemuning by MIL Design & Construction

To further enhance the collections on display, the display shelf is backlit with warm lights. And by leaving the walls unadorned, the display truly takes centre stage (pun intended).

5. A sports store-inspired display room

At first glance, this room can easily be mistaken for a sports store. The homeowner, who enjoys collecting football memorabilia, requested the designers to create a store-like exhibition area where he could display his collection in an unconventional way.

Platinum Arena, Klang Lama by SQFT Space Design Management

It features a stackable acrylic display stand, velvet ottomans, strip lighting, and spotlights that serve up a feast for the eyes. There's also a striking feature wall in matte black with a motivational quote, all while blending in with the rest of the house, which carries a similar black and red colour scheme.

Platinum Arena, Klang Lama by SQFT Space Design Management

6. Display them all around your living room

Instead of displaying all their collectibles in one place, the owners of this home deliberately placed them across their open-plan living room.

Gold Coast Resort Condominium, Penang by ZT Design Studio

Interior Firm: ZT Design Studio

Under the freestanding TV, for example, is a floating cabinet with open shelves where the owners proudly display their little figurines in an acrylic box. There is also a glass cabinet adjacent to the turquoise sofa where the owners showcase antiques and other small collections neatly while keeping dust at bay.

7. Dining rooms with liquor collection backdrop

Serving both practical and decorative functions, take notes from this landed home's built-in shelf, which houses a plethora of liquor bottles and serves as the perfect backdrop for the owner's dining area.

Setia Damai, Setia Alam by Cube Creation Sdn. Bhd.

The impressive liquor collection is also strategically positioned adjacent to a dining table and the dry kitchen, making it easy for the homeowners to grab a glass whenever they feel like having a drink or two.

8. A home office with a figurine display

If you prefer to appreciate your collectables privately, consider displaying them in your home office, as this homeowner did. An incredible collection of action figures is presented in a custom-made display cabinet, with each shelf lit with warm lighting to create a store-like effect.

Eco Forest, Semenyih by Loft + 7 Studio

Interior Firm: Loft + 7 Studio

The display shelf instantly enlivens the home office while lending character and personality to the room. It also goes well with the glossy white built-in desk and cabinet, as well as the white tiled floor, bringing out the space's contemporary aesthetic.

9. A showroom-like garage

Any petrolhead would drool over this garage's stunning display. To store his precious collection, the owner of a huge 24,000 sqft mansion in Kuala Lumpur constructed a separate structure connected to the house by a glass door bridge. The massive 4000 sqft garage looks like its own showroom, complete with a lounge space and a showcase of 10 luxury cars, including Lamborghinis and Porsches.

The White Mansion, Ampang Jaya by Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd

The garage is flooded with natural light thanks to the excellent use of full-height glass walls and perimeter windows. Meanwhile, the lounge area, where the owner can view all of his beauties, is designed with red brick walls and herringbone timber flooring, giving it a touch of classic European charm.

The White Mansion, Ampang Jaya by Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd
The White Mansion, Ampang Jaya by Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd

Do you like these creative display ideas?

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