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9 Lighting Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Dining Room

March 22, 2022

Impress your guests with these dining room lighting ideas!

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Aside from the table and chairs, light fixtures are an important component of a well-designed dining room. In addition to improving overall visibility, lighting fixtures can even make your dining room look and feel larger and add show-stopping drama to the space.

Blossom Jade Hills, Kajang by MIL Design & Construction
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View this project by MIL Design & Construction

Do you need some ideas to brighten up your dining room? We've compiled a list of 9 dining room lighting ideas, including neon lights, pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and more, that will literally brighten up your dining room while also serving as an eye-catching addition to your space!

1. Wow your guests with custom neons

Want to immediately uplift the mood in your dining area and make it a lot less formal? Display custom neons. These lighting fixture ideas allow you to express your creativity through words in an eye-catching way. You can personalize your neon signs with something related to your life philosophy, food philosophy, or even a general greeting to welcome everyone into your dining area.

Vista Mahogani, Saujana Impian by Surface R Sdn. Bhd.
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View this project by Surface R Sdn. Bhd.

We love how the white neon signs immediately steal the spotlight as soon as guests enter the dining area. It looks great when displayed on a grey wall and keeps the neutral-toned room from looking dull.

2. No-frills pendant light bulbs for an eclectic look

Want to add a classic look that will never go out of style? Consider light bulbs. They are a timeless material that will add some edge to the dining area while emitting a warm glow that will create a relaxing environment while dining.

Setia Ecohill, Semenyih by SQFT Space Design Management
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View this project by SQFT Space Design Management

One of the best ways to install light bulbs is by draping them with extra-long wire as seen in this eclectic style dining area. The collection of hanging light bulbs creates an interesting design element aside from lighting up the entire dining space.

3. Use wall sconces to highlight artwork or mirrors

Ceiling-mounted lighting is a popular choice for dining rooms, but, if your dining room table is tucked away in a corner, you can consider installing wall-mounted lighting, such as scones, to bring in ambient light and define artwork or mirrors on your dining room walls.

Mutiara Villa, Kajang by Pocket Square
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Take a cue from this modern dining area, where a pair of tinted wall-mounted sconces lend a chic look and help to illuminate the dining area while casting a soft glow over the space’s wall art.

4. Introduce small light fixtures to make a small space look spacious

If you have a small space, consider adding a small light fixture to trick the eyes into thinking that your dining room is bigger than it actually is. Using a small lighting fixture creates more negative space, and the more negative space there is in a room, the larger it appears.

Pavillion Residence, Bandar Puteri Puchong by Josh Thompson Interiors
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View this project by Josh Thompson Interiors

This space demonstrates how a tiny light fixture can pack a punch. The light fixture's size also balances out the size of the dining table and chairs, which can only seat four people at a time.

Pavillion Residence, Bandar Puteri Puchong by Josh Thompson Interiors
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View this project by Josh Thompson Interiors

5. Mix several lighting fixtures to add depth to the space

When it comes to lighting in your dining room, don't limit yourself to just one light fixture. You can add depth and dimension to your space by layering several lighting options.

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The Nest Residence, Old Klang Road by Cube Asia Design
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In this dining area, statement pendant lights hang above the dining table, providing direct light, while a floor lamp allows the homeowner more flexibility to move the light source around the room as needed. The floor lamp also adds to the intimacy of the space by casting a soft glow over the dining table.

6. Match the colour of your lighting fixtures with your furniture for a uniform look

If you're unsure about which dining room light fixture to choose, start by looking at what you already have. For instance, are the rest of your furnishings colour-coordinated? If this is the case, consider purchasing a matching light fixture to tie your space together.

The Effingham, Bandar Utama by Ee Design Studio
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View this project by Ee Design Studio

We love how this dining room sticks to a neutral, minimal colour scheme by coordinating the black iron chandelier with the black chairs and open shelving units, tying the whole space together beautifully.

7. Match the shape of your light fixtures with other furnishings for a recurring motif

Matching the shape of your light fixtures with other furnishings sounds like an odd thing to do, but it is one of the most effective ways to create cohesion in a space. After all, there are three focal points in a dining room: the table, the chairs, and the lighting fixture.

Blossom Jade Hills, Kajang by MIL Design & Construction
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View this project by MIL Design & Construction

We love how the bow-shaped lights complement the shape of the chairs, tying the space together. Furthermore, the hanging lights helps to create a clear separation between different areas in this open layout living room.

8. Play with textures for a coordinated look

The shape and colour of your light fixture aren't the only factors to consider. Its texture can also make a big difference, especially if it complements other pieces in your dining room. Examine the textures you're already using and consider selecting a light fixture that echoes them.

Setia Mayuri by Sachi Interiors
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View this project by Sachi Interiors

Take a cue from this Balinese-inspired dining area, where woven rattan pendant lights complement the wooden dining table, chairs, and wall art. Together, the combination of various organic textures contribute to the space's cosy and laid-back vibe.

9. Create a luxurious feel with an oversized chandelier

If you have a large dining room, adding larger light fixtures is always a good idea. Chandeliers are a popular choice for large dining room lighting fixtures because their sheer size helps to create a luxurious, attention-grabbing focal point in a room. Consider hanging a light fixture that is larger than, or at least as wide as, your dining table.

Bukit Raja Klang by Wuuu Studio
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View this project by Wuuu Studio

Take a cue from this modern home, which features a large-scale chandelier above the dining room table that draws your attention to the high ceilings, making the room feel even larger than it already does. Besides serving as a functional piece, the light fixture is also a great conversation starter when hosting dinner parties!

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