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Do You Really Save More with a Contractor?

October 10, 2018

It’s not always an easy decision when it comes to settling on who you want in charge of your home improvement project.

After all, it’s going to cost money, take up time and when all is done, you’ll want a home that you can, at the very least, be satisfied with – and optimally – in love with!

But which gives you better value-for-money, a contractor or interior designer? Let’s go through these options and find out!

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Firm: DesignLah

1. Time, Project Management and Convenience

We can’t say conclusively, whether an interior designer or contractor can complete a particular job more swiftly than the other.

This is because it depends on the time management skills, in addition to the handling skills of both these types of professionals.

Thus, it’s important to gage the responsibility levels of an interior designer or contractor, to determine who will get things done the fastest.

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Firm: Latitude Design

But how can you know beforehand? Well, this is where a renovation platform like Qanvast helps.

On our site, clients can review the services of interior designers and contractors, in terms of timeliness, responsiveness, and efficacy, for instance.

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Firm: JCS Design Project

Generally though, since interior designers act as project managers that keep track of sub-contractors, etc., it is likely to expect them to be the more prompt and convenient option.

Conversely, when you hire a contractor, you’ll have to be hands-on and monitor their progress closely, to ensure that things progress smoothly and in an efficient manner.

Verdict: Go with an interior designer if you want to be less hands-on and let the designer deal with the various sub-contractors.

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Firm: JCS Design Project

2. Range of Services

The services of a contractor and an interior designer are similar in many ways; however, contractor services are comparatively less comprehensive.

While both offer services to improve the function and aesthetics of a home through major and minor renovations, an interior designer has the edge.

This is because an interior designer can offer décor advice and suggestions that have more to do with one’s personal needs for form and function.

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Firm: Nu Infinity

Contractors do as well provide practical suggestions when renovating, but it is often less holistic. This is especially when compared to an interior designer’s aptitude for details such as patterns, colours, and materials.

An interior designer also helps with furniture selection and to visually improve moods and size issues, for example, with apt décor styles.

Thus, an interior designer is expected to lead the design and creative style elements of a home improvement project – but the same can’t be said for basic contractor services.

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Firm: IQI Concept

Moreover, contractors, architects, carpenters, and other home specialists are hired by interior designers when necessary, so you won’t miss out on essential services.

We may also conclude that a contractor may be more suited for repairs and maintenance works, or other minor improvement projects – when design and style are not a major concern.

Verdict: Unless you have a keen eye for (or not particular on) design, otherwise, go with an interior designer

3. Cost

Often, the most important consideration when it comes to renovations and home improvements is how much each of these options will cost.

Now on average, since an interior designer provides more comprehensive services, they could end up charging more as well.

Some do also charge a separate consultation fee or weave their professional fees amongst other costs.

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Designer: Gusto Design & Build

On the other hand, contractors that offer more basic, no-frills services would typically charge a lower fee.

However, this does not necessarily indicate which is “cheaper”, because even though contractors may charge less upfront – don’t forget about ‘surprise’ or hidden costs.

These are typically due to unforeseen circumstances that drive up the costs of a project i.e. the availability of materials, miscommunication, construction issues, extra labour, etc. – which you could be liable to cover.

Thus, these hidden costs could indirectly cost you more.

Do you save more with a contractor?

Interior Firm: Id Industries

With good interior designers that provide thorough contracts and meticulous planning, you can expect to save time and reduce errors as well as money – but it’s not always the case.

It’s best to seek out reviews and referrals, as well as compare between designers and contractors when considering either. Hint hint: check out Qanvast Professionals directory to discover the most reliable and cost-friendly interior designers and contractors!

Verdict: If you're one a budget, speak to both IDs and contractors to get a feel on the quotes and works provided each firm provides and pick the one that suits you most.

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