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Everything in This Home Fits Its Blue & White Colour Scheme!

September 14, 2021

Even her existing furniture was repainted or reupholstered to match her home's colour scheme!

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Cosy, soothing, and relaxing, there's something about the colours blue and white that would put you in a good mood. Blue is said to have a calming effect, whereas white represents purity, freshness, and cleanliness. When blue and white are put together, you get an ultimate serene, tranquil space.

blue and white colour home

This double-storey landed home in Selangor would appeal to anyone who loves these classic colour combinations. It is owned by a family of five, and practically every room, including the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, is decorated in a heavenly blue and white colour scheme.

Read on to find out how the homeowner, Intan Suria, creates an aesthetically pleasing modern home by incorporating these soothing colour combinations in every corner of her home.

About the family and their home

The homeowner, Intan Suria is a marketing executive and her husband, Mohd Fadly, is a sales executive. The couple is blessed with 3 children; Daniel, 22, Alia, 21 and Adam,15. They also have four cats called Tiffany, Mya, Nacho and Dipsy.

blue and white colour home

The family had previously lived in a small rental property with two bedrooms and a bathroom, where they were restricted from renovating the property. As a result, Intan only repainted the home's feature wall during the Hari Raya seasons to give their rental space a fresh new look each year.

“I told my husband that my dream house would have a staircase,” Intan explained. So they bought a 1,540 square foot intermediate double-storey house in Puncak Bestari, Puncak Alam, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Intan was thrilled to finally be able to stamp her design on and decorate a home to call their own in December 2014. With a strong creative vision and a lot of handy work, the couple was able to transform an ordinary house into a beautiful family abode with pops of blue all around.

blue and white colour home

About their home’s style

The couple's home is a mix of modern and contemporary design elements, but the blue and white colour scheme serve as the home’s key feature. From the moment you walk through the front door, you'll notice this gorgeous colour combination sprinkled throughout the house.

Intan chose blue and white as their home colour theme to lend a sense of calm to her hectic lifestyle. “To me, blue is cooling and white is clean, so the combinations are great ‘visual therapy’, especially when I get home from work, and these tones are a relaxing sight,” Intan explained.

blue and white colour home

She collected and purchased blue and white furniture from a variety of stores. Her blue sofa and stools, for example, are from Ain Furnishing, while her white dining sets are from IKEA. Apart from that, she gets the rest of her home accessories from places like SSF, Kaison, Romantika, Shopee, and Kedai DIY Wallmaster.

On achieving a consistent colour scheme

If Intan can't find any furniture or decor that comes in her preferred colour, she will re-paint or re-upholster her existing furniture. “We used to have brown sofas and wing chairs, but we recently had them reupholstered in blue to match our blue and white living room,” Intan explained.

In addition to repainting and reupholstering their furniture, Intan and her husband installed the accent walls themselves. For example, the wainscoting wall behind the freestanding TV cost them only RM1200 and took them only two days to install. To balance out the look and avoid overwhelming their living room with too much blue or white, the couple painted the top part of the wainscoting wall with baby blue hues and the bottom part of the wall with crisp white.

blue and white colour home

Various shades of blue and white accents can be found throughout the living room. The curtains, chinoiserie vases, and stripe pillows, for example, are navy blue, while the table lamps are in cheerful turquoise. The mixture of different shades of the same colour helps to create a layered tonal look to the space.

Below the staircase, white shiplap wall panelling, a white wooden bench and baby blue and white throw pillows give the area a fresh and modern look reminiscent of a sea’s coast.

blue and white colour home

The blue and white colour schemes are carried over into the kitchen. When the couple purchased the double-storey, they didn’t do any major renovation works to the home, except for the kitchen extension. “We utilised the back yard to extend the kitchen by 5 feet to create a larger kitchen,” said Intan.

blue and white colour home

For a consistent colour palette, Intan painted the kitchen cabinet doors in light blue hues, while the kitchen counter and walls are covered in white marble and tiles. The blue theme extends to even small details such as their kitchen utensils, cutlery, kitchen appliances, and dining ware.

blue and white colour home

Each of the house's bedrooms has a cosy atmosphere thanks to the use of light blue and crisp white. The board-and-batten wall panelling was DIYed by the couple to create a focal point in each bedroom, while the white walls and sheer curtains help to brighten the rooms.

blue and white colour home

The rest of the room is kept simple, with white furniture and a bedspread to draw attention to the blue accents on the oriental rug, ottoman, throw pillows, and bed skirts. The use of a subtle grey on the bed frame and curtains keeps the monochromatic colour palette from becoming monotonous.

blue and white colour home

In keeping her home looking pristine and clean

Even though the couple's children have all grown up, keeping a clean house with four cats is no easy task. Intan claims that keeping her home tidy requires daily vacuuming.

“We recently purchased a robot vacuum, which has proven to be really helpful in keeping the house dust and fur-free,” she mentioned.

blue and white colour home

In addition to vacuuming, Intan mops her floor with hot water at least once every two days to ensure that the oil and debris are properly removed.

She also uses roller stickers to roll the cat's fur on all of her sofas to maintain her home free of fur shed.

Intan’s advice for homeowners wanting to renovate their homes

Overall, Intan is pleased with the outcome of her home's transformation from an empty shell to a modern oasis with a refreshing blue and white colour palette.

blue and white colour home

When designing a space from a completely blank slate, Intan advises homeowners to make the right/final decision on how they want their home to look, rather than doing it halfway and changing their minds. “The best thing to do is to conduct research before finalising the theme/concept so that you don’t end up wasting time and energy,” she advised.

If you want to see more of Intan’s blue and white home, follow her on Instagram at @intanfadly.

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