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Friend, Not Faux: 4 Faux Details That'll Transform Any Space

March 9, 2018

When it comes to interior spaces, a well-designed home doesn't necessarily mean having a big budget! Rather, it's all about making the most of what you have - and thinking out of the box.

And one classic way of transforming your home on the low? Faking it till you make it! Enter faux decor - whether it's stick-on wall panelings, vinyl flooring or decals, these materials often mimic real-life (but costlier) materials or designs, at a fraction of the price. A breeze to install as well, here we check out 4 popular faux design options you can easily work on to instantly change up your space.

1. Trompe L'oeil and Stick-on 3D Wallpapers

Faux Details and Materials

Source: Pinterest

Love the classic, fancy designs of French-style wainscoting, or prefer the gritty, edgy effect of exposed brick walls? If you're looking for an alternative without spending too much time or effort - try faux wall features such as trompe l'oeil wallpapers and stick-on 3D wallpapers.

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Roomia

With highly realistic imagery, trompe l'oeil wallpapers work like optical illusions to create the same decorative effect, though on a flat, 2D surface. Great for those who want a smooth, sleek wall surface, these types of wallpapers come in all sorts of themes - from Victorian style wall moldings to timbered walls and the like.

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Kava Decor

For something that looks and feels like the real thing - opt for stick-on 3D wallpapers instead. Usually made from PE foam, most of these panels are also affordable and easily removable. Thus, if you aren’t happy with the outcome, just uninstall and try something else!

While you can work on installing it yourself, do consider engaging a handyman if you're working on a larger area or a complicated set-up.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

Want to revamp the look of your floors without having to redo it completely and spend a hunk of cash putting new floors in? Then you might want to consider ‘faux’ vinyl flooring that you can easily overlay on top of your existing floors.

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Kech Design Studio

Not only is it an economical option, faux flooring panels can also be very durable. In fact, high-end versions can last from five to seven years and sometimes more, depending on the brand and installation quality.

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Nevermore Design

This stick-on flooring also works well to create distinct spaces in open concept layouts or to enhance the décor of different rooms in the home. For instance, to create a warmer, cosy feel in the bedroom, installing faux wood tiles can easily and instantly set such a scene.

Vinyl flooring is sold in tile form or as soft rolls. But best of all, most vinyl flooring can be self-installed, saving you even more money!

3. Textured Paint

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Gusto Design & Build

If you are into artsy finishes for walls, skip your usual solid-coloured paints and opt for faux textured paint finishes instead! Whether it's a rustic, Tuscan-style rock face, rusted metallics or even a marbled patina, faux finishes provide a unique, attractive look that you can't find anywhere else.

Faux Details and Materials

Source: Pinterest

In fact, the magic of textured paint is that you don't even need any special paints to create the look! Rather, it's all about using the right tools; and if you fancy yourself an artist, you can attempt faux wall painting yourself with many DIY kits and resources available online.

On the other hand, if you're not much of a creative person - professional artists and painters also offer faux painting services, so rest assured!

4. Decorative Decals and Stickers

Faux Details and Materials

Source: Pinterest

Decorative faux adhesives can effortlessly refresh and breathe new life into your home interiors! Bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplashes, window glass, aged cabinetry and other furnishings can be stylised with inexpensive decorative decals and stickers.

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Paperwork Design Studio

What’s more, most decals and stickers are not only durable, but washable as well. Applying these adhesives can be your weekend DIY project but more complicated, artsy decals may need to be professionally installed.

Faux Details and Materials

Interior Designer: Torch Empire

You can buy decals and stickers here online as well as from home furnishing stores like IKEA.

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