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How to Make Your Wardrobe Work For You (Forever)

March 6, 2018

Just like the clothes we wear, wardrobes – be it walk-in, built-in or loose – are an essential part of any functional home. Hefty (in size and in cost), they are also a major investment that most of us won’t want to constantly move or change. Often, once a closet is set up, it stays – regardless of your changing interior styles, clothes, or lifestyles.

How to design and maintain a wardrobe

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

But truth is, your needs will change – and any sturdy wardrobe is bound to suffer the effects of wear and tear. So, how do you make your wardrobe work for you – forever? Here we dive into 3 common closet issues that might arise over time, and the quick fixes to keep your wardrobe in (stylish) tip-top condition for the long run.

Issue #1: It’s Taking Up Too Much Space

How to design and maintain a wardrobe

Interior Designer: Klaas Design & Build

While that hulking wardrobe of yours might seem like the perfect size when moving in, things might start to look a little too cramped once you live in and stuff piles up. If it’s a fixed, built-in wardrobe you’re dealing with, one way to visually reduce its bulkiness (without actually hacking it away) is to finish it in a light hue like white, cream or beige. This helps to brighten up the surrounding area and allows the wardrobe to blend into your walls or ceilings.

How to design and maintain a wardrobe

Interior Designer: EA Alam Reka

Another alternative could simply be opting clear wardrobe doors, or getting mirrored doors that reflect and create a sense of space, whilst doubling as a functional dressing mirror. Do note that if you’re working with an existing wardrobe, this option will require a bit of restructuring and carpentry work, and you might have to engage a contractor for that.

Issue #2: General Wear and Tear

How to design and maintain a wardrobe

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Think about it – years of effortlessly pulling out drawers, opening and closing doors as well as hanging innumerable pieces of clothing will inevitably lead to some kind of wear and tear over the long run. That’s where it pays to invest in quality mechanisms. Pay more to get wardrobe hardware from reputable suppliers like Hafele or BLUM, most of which offer limited lifetime warranties on its products* and generally last longer. So, if your wardrobe ever starts to get cranky – you’ll know who to reach out to replace them.

How to design and maintain a wardrobe

Interior Designer: Kava Decor

Also, it may be wise to opt for soft-close mechanisms that will reduce the impact or friction caused by sliding or slamming wardrobe doors. That will help to prolong the life of a wardrobe’s laminate finish. Lastly, it’s always good to do a little maintenance every couple of years by engaging a contractor to reseal, refinish or make other repairs to help your closet last longer.

*Warranties might differ, depending on product type. Do check with your contractor, interior designer or supplier for full details.

Issue #3: It Looks Outdated

How to design and maintain a wardrobe

Interior Designer: Archiplan Interior Design

Got an existing wardrobe that’s been there since you’ve moved in, or have been using for years? If the same ol’ wardrobe doors are looking a bit too dull or outdated, you can overlay them with wood-grained vinyl contact papers. Available in all sorts of finishes and easily bought online, this low-cost, DIY option can be completed in an afternoon. Only catch? Contact papers are better for wardrobes with flat, linear surfaces that are easy to cut and adhere to.

How to design and maintain a wardrobe

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

If yours is a traditional wooden wardrobe with detailing or insets, give it a fresh lease of life by painting a new coat! Another easy DIY project, some sanding will be required to roughen the surface and enable the enamel paint to adhere. Check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

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