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How To Nail A Modern-Luxury Look (On A Budget)

June 27, 2017

Palatial, but never gaudy

That pretty much encapsulates what modern luxury interiors are all about. Unlike Industrials with its gritty brick walls or the Scandinavian style with cool, wooden accents, a modern luxury look is posh, yet not overbearing in an old-school, opulent way (like Versailles).

Think refined décor in clean, classic lines, muted colours and quality finishes. Simply, something comfortable and understated - an aesthetic that's the perfect backdrop for any family home! If anything, the best part is that you don't actually have to be rich to pull off a modern luxury look. Sold on this classy décor theme? Here are 5 steps to instantly nab that timeless style.

Use Neutral, Warm Shades

Interior Designer: Nevermore Design

What separates modern luxury from its traditional décor counterpart, lies quite strikingly in the hues chosen. Where olden-time luxe went with deep tones and regal colours like red, purple and blue; modern luxury mostly employs light, neutral tones throughout.

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Working in tans, beiges, creams and whites for furniture, drapes, carpets, walls and flooring, should set the style in motion. Still, a splash of colour here and there can bring life to all neutrals; think coloured flowers, a table runner, vases or colour-rich art pieces.

Add Rich Textures Sparingly

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

As we move through the idea of leading with contemporary style, a little bit of traditional glamour will keep the décor from simply being ‘modern’. This can be achieved by subtly adding luxurious textures with gilding. For instance, try gilded mirror frames, sconces, window grates and even furniture legs. Of course, don’t overwhelm the décor with gilded-everything, rather pick just one or two to merely hint the style.

Interior Designer: Oriwise Sdn Bhd

Another way to keep luxury alive is to incorporate glossy-textured accents and elements with sheen to your decor. Such reflective and smooth touches lend an expensive impression to interiors. Try glossy paint finishes for walls and furniture, display reflective art pieces and use satin materials for drapes or throw pillows.

Light Up, Warm and Even

Interior Designer: Oriwise Sdn Bhd

Keeping lighting evenly layered is the key to highlighting all facets of this style. This means that every sector of the home needs to have access to sufficient lighting; darkened spots that you might see with industrial or Asian décor doesn’t work with modern luxury themes. Moreover, warm lighting will hearten the neutral scheme and complement the reflective textures of the décor.

Interior Designer: EDI: Essential Design Integrated

Here you’ll need to focus on using several types of lighting such as recessed ceiling lights, wall, table and floor lamps as well as access for natural light. In addition, be sure to choose well-crafted lighting pieces with a design element to it.

Interior Designer: Box Design Sdn Bhd

You should consider using decorative lighting sconces, ornate lamp bases and even a petite chandelier to modestly keep luxurious charm alive.

Choose Quality Materials

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

We know that luxury has to look expensive but what does modernity do to lavish style? Well, it doesn’t get downgraded, rather, the style becomes less obvious but still fitted with quality, high-end materials.

Interior Designer: EDI: Essential Design Integrated

For instance, consider adding materials such as metals (and metallic), well-finished hardwood, natural stone and the like to your décor. You can try bronze, silver and gold finishes for appliances; hardwood or stone tile for flooring and; a mix of wood and metal for furniture.

Interior Designer: Nevermore Design

Going a step further through renovation, a modern luxury home could consist of natural materials in its construction too, such as, modern brick feature walls and hardwood panelling.

Don’t Forget To Add Art

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

No luxury home, modern or otherwise, is complete without art pieces and artistic accents. Choose a few high-quality, well-crafted pieces, to bring the theme alive in your home.

Interior Designer: Box Design Sdn Bhd

Modern luxury homes look impeccable with metal art sculptures, unique designs, modern photography, paintings and even artistic furniture or fittings. You can also bring the art with designer rugs, drapes, sheets and wallpaper.

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

What you don’t need though is expensive art – it just has to look expensive! So make sure the pieces you choose reflect high-style rather than just simply being attached to a high price tag.

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