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Mantin Bungalow Surrounded by Jungle Has a Bali-style Pool!

August 9, 2021

A married couple, Haizan and Hakim, purchased a property on the outskirts of the city centre so that their children could grow up surrounded by nature.

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Once you step inside this stylish single-story bungalow, it's hard not to mistake it for a vacation rental villa. Owned by a married couple; Haizan and Hakim, their house is nestled in the middle of a forest, with unobstructed views of lush greenery and a tranquil creek.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

The couple purchased the property in Mantin, just 45 minutes drive away from KL to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

We spoke with Haizan, the homeowner, to learn more about their experience overseeing the construction and renovating their dream home from the ground up.

Qanvast: Hi, tell us about yourself and your family

Haizan (H): Hello there, we are a small family of four living in Mantin, a small town located on the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, just a 45-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur. My name is Haizan (33), and I am a housewife and entrepreneur. My husband's name is Hakim (34) and he works in the corporate sector. We have two children, ages seven and two.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

We live in a single-story bungalow with 5 rooms and 4 bathrooms on 6,000 square feet of land and 1,600 square feet of build-up. It is in a private gated and guarded neighbourhood surrounded by lush nature.

Q: What inspired you to create the @villajungalow Instagram account?

(H): It all began when we decided to build our first home on a plot of land in Mantin. We wanted to document the process for future reference because building a home from scratch is a lot more complicated than buying an existing developed house.

When the Instagram account went viral in 2019, it drew a lot of attention. This encouraged us to share our home décor and renovation journey with our followers in order to inspire them.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

Due to the high volume of inquiries, we created a separate Instagram account, to share where we purchase our home décor and furniture with our followers.

Q: In brief, how would you describe your home’s style?

(H): I would say that our house features a combination of farmhouse, minimalist and industrial design elements. In terms of house design and layout, as well as interior décor, we try to keep things simple and practical. Light and airy spaces with neutral colour palettes are always our preference.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

Because we have children, practicality is also very important in our styling, so we keep our décor simple.

Q: Tell us about the renovations that were carried out to achieve this look

(H): Since the house was built from the ground up, we had the opportunity to create the floor layout that we desired from the very beginning. We've always wanted to live in an open concept home with a light and airy feel. Hence we combined the living room, dining room, entryway, and kitchen into one large open space.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

We also installed floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sliding doors throughout our home to allow plenty of natural light to enter the space. This also allows us to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery at the same time.

In addition, we built a pool in our backyard for the kids to swim in. To match the natural surroundings, the pool was built with raw concrete and green tiles. It's a wonderful place for us to unwind with the kids.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

Our kitchen is also designed differently than a traditional kitchen would. I've always wanted to enjoy a nice outdoor view while cooking, so the kitchen hob was placed next to a window with a view of the outdoors. We also installed a farmhouse dutch door next to the kitchen hob to ensure proper ventilation, especially during heavy cooking.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

Q: Did you experience any difficulties during your house renovation? How were they resolved?

(H): Oh yes definitely. Due to documentation and approval issues, our home construction and renovation were delayed for more than a year. Even during construction, we must always ensure that contractors are able and agreeable to carry out our ideas in terms of structure and materials used. Although it was very challenging, it is indeed a good learning process for us!

Q: What do you like best about your house?

(H): The lush surroundings that brought the 'nature' concept to life is the most valuable feature of our home in my opinion. It is indeed difficult to obtain such a view, especially if you buy a house located in the city centre. We also like the 'green' pool, which complements the surrounding greenery that gives us a "Bali" vibe.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

I also like the farmhouse dutch door concept! It's very convenient because I can open the top half of the door for air circulation while still allowing my kids to run around the house safely without escaping through the door.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

Another standout feature in our house is the gas strut window area/outdoor entertainment area with a bar top and stool that connects the indoor and outdoor spaces. It's ideal for a BBQ night with friends!

bungalow surrounded by jungle

The living area with access to the pool is unquestionably our family's favourite. The view is very calming and refreshing, making it an ideal spot for relaxing or spending family time together.

bungalow surrounded by jungle

Q: Are you happy with the overall look of your home now? Is there anything else you'd like to change or enhance in the future?

(H): Yes, for the time being, but we always consider it a work in progress. A house should be able to grow with the family, which is why we left some land available for future expansion. I'm certain that as my children grow older, we'll require more rooms and spaces to accommodate them.

And I've always wanted a courtyard in my house, so that will probably be our next renovation project!

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