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Sepang Semi-D Gets a Modern Glam Makeover in Blue and White

October 20, 2021

Simple, sophisticated, and imbued with a sense of calm in every room, it’s everything its owner wanted!

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One of the most noticeable things about this home is the consistent use of dark blue colour. Kemn, the homeowner who loves dark blue, decided to incorporate it throughout the home, and the impactful use of this colour in every room resulted in an elegant modern adobe with a nautical vibe!

home renovation inspiration
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We spoke with Kemn, to learn how she has successfully transformed an ordinary double-storey home into a gorgeous abode where she and her family have resided for nearly a decade.

About her family and home

Hello, my name is Noor Akmar, and I'm also known as "Kemn" (pronounced Kerm), and my husband's name is Mohd Yusri, or better known as Rocky. We are both government officers based in Putrajaya. We are blessed with two sons, aged 10 and 6.

Having previously stayed in government-owned quarters in Putrajaya, we started looking for our dream home even before we were married. We spent a lot of time, especially on weekends, visiting home expos (MAPEX) before deciding to purchase this 2,450 square foot Semi-D double-storey house in Salak Tinggi, Sepang.

We were drawn in by the property's reasonable price and modern layout as well as the house's location, which makes it very easy for both of us to commute to work. This property comes with four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

home renovation inspiration
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About her interest in home renovation

My interest in home renovation and decoration began when the property developer informed us that our house will be completed six months ahead of schedule. We agreed to move to the new house after receiving the keys, despite the fact that we had not yet prepared to do so.

We knew that moving in ahead of schedule would result in higher living expenses, so with the exception of some areas where we couldn’t do without a contractor or professional, we decided to carry out most of the renovation ourselves.

After doing some online research, I decided to go with modern glam and nautical look for our home design.

On changes made to the home

When we first moved in, we made a number of changes to improve the house's overall appearance and functionality. This includes the installation of kitchen cabinets, a living room TV cabinet, and the house grill. We also repainted the entire house ourselves, with the exception of the staircase wall, which was too high for us to reach and thus required professional assistance.

home renovation inspiration
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To achieve the modern glam look, I furnished our home with gold or metallic accented furniture and home accessories, dramatic lighting, and plenty of lush velvety fabrics. This is combined with plenty of navy blue and white hues to lend a relaxing coastal vibe.

I've always had a thing for navy blue since I was young. Because I am not a particularly gentle person, navy blue suits my personality perfectly. Furthermore, since my husband had complete trust in me renovating our home, I saw no harm in incorporating navy blue and white as our primary colour theme!

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home renovation inspiration
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On her most recent home improvement update

The praying area is my most favourite part of our home. Typically, homeowners will create a praying area on the second floor or in a small room, but I chose to incorporate them in the open area next to our dining area. I had been wanting to build this prayer area for a long time, and since I had extra time in my hands during the MCO (Movement Control Order), I was finally able to do so.

To achieve a modern glam look in our praying area, I decorated the space with an area rug, an open shelving unit to store all of our prayer essentials, white table lamps, a gold vase, and gold frame mirrors.

home renovation inspiration
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've spent the majority of my time in the master bedroom. The space is decorated with white and navy blue tones, as I did with the rest of the house. The white bedside tables, sheer curtains, and headboard create a striking contrast when paired with the blue rug, curtains, throw pillows, and artworks. This colour scheme also adds a serious dose of cosiness to our bedroom.

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Since we were required to work from home at the start of the pandemic, I also set up a home office where I could work in peace. I decorated the room with open wooden shelves and a slew of motivational art. I also used a lot of gold accents to add to the luxurious look and give the room a more glamorous feel.

home renovation inspiration
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On her renovation mistakes

Choosing the wrong sofa for our living room was probably one of the most costly renovation mistakes I've made thus far. When we first moved in, we bought a large L-shaped sofa, which didn't go well with our living room layout and made the space appear cramped.

After 5 years of using the L-shaped sofa, we decided to replace it with a three-seater sofa and a wing chair. This has greatly improved the overall appearance of our living room because I can now reposition my sofa and wing chair whenever I need a quick room refresh!

home renovation inspiration
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So, before buying furniture, think ahead about how it will fit into the space or the room’s layout.

To sum up

I'm currently pleased with the outcome of my home renovation; however, in the future, I'd like to renovate our house yard and build a patio, so that will be at the top of my priority list!

Kemn’s tips on renovating with a budget

1. DIY when you can

Rolling up your sleeves and tackling DIY projects, particularly when it comes to home decoration, is one of the best ways to save money on renovations. Plus, you will probably enjoy it too! Today you can find inspiration for DIY projects from various media platforms including Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram.

home renovation inspiration
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2. Create a detailed remodelling plan

Preparation and planning are key when it comes to saving money when renovating. Take time to plan what you are going to spend and where. Once you’ve determined your goals, create a detailed plan that includes expected costs. If you want to be more organised, you could even build a spreadsheet that includes each portion of the project along with the estimated labour and material cost.

3. Avoid renovating your home based on trends

When renovating your home, it's easy to get caught up in trends. While small interior decor accessories can be easily replaced if you grow weary of a trend, permanent fixtures such as wallpaper or flooring may not be as easy or inexpensive to replace once it has gone out of style.

4. Avoid spending more than you can afford

Before you start your renovation project, think about how much you can realistically afford. Most people go overboard on upgrades that result in a huge financial burden in the long run. However, if you manage your money well, a nice-looking house does not have to come at the expense of a large financial loan if you can manage your money well. It's also a good idea to budget for any unexpected expenses that may arise during the course of the renovation project.

home renovation inspiration
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