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That’s Smart: 7 Clever Carpentry Ideas for More Storage

January 30, 2018

While most people these days favour loose furniture and home décor pieces for less commitment and lower cost – there’s still value in investing in some solid carpentry! Especially when it comes to tight spaces and underused areas, sometimes a creatively designed built-in piece is what you need to solve these storage woes. Here, we’ve rounded up 7 incredibly inventive carpentry works that break the norm from the usual boxy built-ins – bringing form and function to their spaces.

1. Custom Countertops

Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage
Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

If you are looking for a feature that’s a little different from your usual pre-fab countertops – go customised! This minimalist dry kitchen island is packed with all sorts of functional corners and cubbyholes – maximising whatever usable storage space that is often lost in these bulky built-in pieces.

2. Full-Length Bookshelves

Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage

Interior Designer: Up Creations

With floor-to-ceiling shelves that are wonderfully positioned against a recessed wall corner – mismatched lengths bring a visual punch to the reading room. Best part? Having the bookshelves flushed to the corner allows the rest of the small space to be better utilised – such as having a comfy reading armchair to sink into.

3. Built-In Seating

Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage
Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage

Interior Designer: Lemonfridge Studios (Singapore)

When you are short on space, creative carpentry can be the answer to your prayers! This dining area in a small-scale apartment has been transformed into a cosy, highly functional space! Timbered finishes form the structure of the built-in seating, which incorporates concealed storage bins at the bottom, small cubbys on the side for stowing books and even a display shelf for the homeowner’s collections.

4. Wall Crates

Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage

Source: Pinterest

These cutesy wall storage boxes add rustic warmth and glow, while being perfectly practical!

We love how it has a niche-like quality that brings dimensional structure to a room, even serving as a backdrop of sorts. Wall boxes like these are a cost-friendly addition to your home. Crated from inexpensive but strong wood, it doesn’t require much finishing, nor does it need to be aesthetically perfect.

5. Movable Wardrobes

Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage
Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage

Interior Designer: Seshan Design Sdn Bhd

We often think of our wardrobes as large, stagnant things, but this project flips it completely over – with the addition of sliding mechanisms that reveal various ‘blocks’ of wardrobe space. Great for smaller areas like the bathroom, the blocks can be closed to form a compact system, or pushed open for the user to walk through and access their belongings, much like a walk-in wardrobe.

6. Revolving TV Consoles

Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage

Interior Designer: Metrics Global Sdn Bhd

What happens when you can’t peel off your eyes from the TV for one second? Build a console that's perfect for your obsession. Especially nifty for tight spaces that can’t afford a separate living or bedroom space, this revolving TV console acts as a divider and convenient TV mount that can be turned to wherever you fancy watching your television in.

7. Platforms

Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage
Clever Carpentry Ideas For Storage

Interior Designer: RK Interior Studio

If you have the ceiling height to afford, a platform area provides a little more dimension to an otherwise flat, broad living space. Plus, what’s not to love about it’s laid-back, Japanese vibe? But more than just for aesthetic reasons, this project’s platform living area also comes with hidden pull out drawers at the bottom – allowing the user to store a whole host of stuff without cramping the home’s clean-cut look.

Smart minds, clever designs

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