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The Impact of Renovation Planning During the CMCO Period

May 12, 2020

Following the announcement made on 1 May 2020 by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, almost all economic sectors and business activities are allowed to resume business on 4th May 2020, subject to conditions and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlined by the government.

This means that interior design firms in Malaysia can continue to operate their business as long as they implement and comply with the relevant precautionary measures.

Scenaria North Kiara, KL by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation
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We got two local interior designers to share the impact of renovation planning during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period, and how the renovation industry will be like moving forward.

IQI Concept Team

Q: What has been the biggest challenge IQI Concept faced throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) period?

A: The biggest challenge that our business faced during MCO was not being able to physically meet our clients and do a site visit. The delay of progress in our projects was also one of the challenges that we faced, but we are making sure that everything will be back on track as soon as possible once we are allowed to fully resume our renovation works.

Q: Do you plan to change the way you do business after MCO ends?

A: Since the start of MCO, we have largely relied on online communication and have been doing very well, therefore, we plan to continue doing online presentations or meetings if there are clients who prefer not to meet up physically or are not based locally. On top of that, online video meetings help to save a huge amount of travel time and cost for the company.

Meetings can now be conducted anytime and anywhere which also means, decisions can be made quicker and problems that arise can be solved almost immediately.

Q: Can homeowners schedule for a site visit during CMCO?

A: Yes, homeowners can now schedule for a site visit with us and we will be practising social distancing when meeting with homeowners. We will avoid physical contacts (no handshakes), we will be wearing masks all the time and sanitise our hands frequently during the meetup.

Scenaria North Kiara, KL by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation
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Q: What steps have you taken to protect the health and safety of your staff who has returned to the office to work?

A: We implemented standard operating procedures (SOP) for all employees who have resumed work at the office. This includes wearing face masks at all times, a compulsory temperature check and recording upon entry and exit at the office premise, and placing hand sanitisers around the office.

In order to comply with social distancing, we have introduced a rotating work schedule for staff to limit the number of people in the workplace and minimise the contact with each other. Workstations and tables are measured and distanced 4 feet apart to maintain a safe distance from each other. Frequently touched surfaces will also be wiped and sanitised regularly.

Clients who come to a meeting at our office are required to wear a face mask at all times. Temperature and contact info will be recorded upon arrival for contact trace when necessary. The maximum number of people per meeting is limited to two, and we will disinfect the meeting rooms before and after each use.

Q: When will ongoing renovation works resume?

A: Our operation team members are preparing all the necessary arrangements to comply with the rules set out by the government during CMCO before we resume the renovation works.

Q: Will there be a delay in the supply chain and are home renovation processes going to take longer than usual during CMCO?

A: Yes, as most of our suppliers, both local or overseas, have not started work yet. To practice social distancing, we are limiting the numbers of suppliers that can be present on-site when the renovation works resume. This will definitely cause some delays in the renovation works but it is necessary for the safety of our team members and suppliers.

Janny Nye - Director of Interior Hunters

Q: Has CMCO changed your business structure and the way you deal with your clients?

A: Yes, the most significant changes we have made throughout the MCO period and moving forward is the way we communicate with our clients. On top of that, implementing the standard SOP procedures became one of our top priorities in every working process during CMCO.

Q: Can homeowners arrange for a site visit with Interior Hunters to kick start their renovation journey?

A: Yes, we are now allowed to visit our client’s home to kick start their home renovation process by complying with the SOP standards set out by the government.

Gurney Height, Jalan Bukit Keramat by Interior Hunters Sdn Bhd
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View this project by Interior Hunters Sdn Bhd

Q: What steps will you take to protect the health and safety of your staff and homeowners during a site visit?

A: We will practice social distancing and ensure that we bring along and use our sanitisers during each site visit. When entering the unit, we will make sure the door handles are disinfected and restrict the number of people per site visit.

Q: My on-site renovation works have been put to a halt during MCO, when can it resume?

A: Given the SOP restrictions and the frequency of new rules set out by the government, our contractors will only begin work when it is clear that the situation has improved.

Gurney Height, Jalan Bukit Keramat by Interior Hunters Sdn Bhd
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View this project by Interior Hunters Sdn Bhd

Q: Are home renovation processes going to take longer than usual during and after the CMCO?

A: Given that we have to half the team on the actual work site due to the new rule, we definitely need a longer time to complete the same amount of work with lesser manpower now. Delays are inevitable.

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