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Tips for Creating a Productive Study Space for Kids & Teens

September 18, 2020

Kids need a dedicated space at home where they can concentrate on their schoolwork, but how do you make sure they stay focused on their studies while at home, especially when there are many distractions like the television and smartphones that can easily pull their attention away?

Scenaria Super Link 2, North Kiara Hill by Amaze Design Sdn Bhd

Interior Firm: Amaze Design Sdn Bhd

If your kids are often distracted or don’t feel motivated to get their homework done, maybe all you need to kick-start your kid’s study habits is to add some fun factor to the room to make homework time a pleasure rather than a chore.

Follow these smart tips to create an ideal place for your child to concentrate on their homework.

1. Incorporate fun shelves

Just because it’s a study room, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Have some fun by incorporating fun shelving in unique shapes and sizes. Besides books, files and papers, you can also display toys to keep the place organised and add a fun element to the room.

Duplex Condo by SQFT Space Design Management

2. Combine play and learning into one room

Want to make your kiddo’s homework more fun? Create a dedicated space where they can play and learn at the same time. This custom-built clubhouse is a kid’s dream come true! Besides the double-storey wooden playhouse, this kid’s room is also equipped with a study area that comes complete with chairs and desks that offers the perfect place to encourage reading, writing and artistic activities.

Permai Gardens, Tanjung Tokong by Vault Design Lab Sdn Bhd
Permai Gardens, Tanjung Tokong by Vault Design Lab Sdn Bhd

3. A private study space

If your child can concentrate better in their room, give them the privacy and space they need by installing a study in their own room. This bedroom, for example, is a perfect space that combines a bed area with a strategic corner for study. It also comes with plenty of shelves for the owner to display their collectibles and personalize their own space.

Anjali Residence, Kuala Lumpur by IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation

4. Add a splash of colour

Studying shouldn’t be such a gloomy task, so add in fun colours like orange, green or yellow to visually stimulate your child’s mind and lift up their mood. This bedroom that comes equipped with bright yellow cabinetry and matching yellow chairs, for example, is modern, functional and cheerful!

Setia Damai, Setia Alam by Cube Creation Sdn. Bhd.
Setia Damai, Setia Alam by Cube Creation Sdn. Bhd.

5. Add some greenery

Another way to create a more comfortable and conducive environment for your kids to enjoy learning is by adding some indoor plants. Studies have shown that having some plants around helps to boost concentration when studying. So you may want to consider picking up a plant or two to put in your child’s study room. Not only will it allow your child to have better concentration, but it will also make the environment more lively and vibrant!

The Plaza Condominium, TTDI by Ee Design Studio

Interior Firm: Ee Design Studio

6. A study buddy

Having a study buddy makes homework more fun, and by sharing a workspace with the kids, parents can stay on top of their own to-do list while being on hand to offer all the help and encouragement their kiddos need. This family-friendly study space for example, is ideal for multiple users of all ages. It also helps busy families transform “homework time” into family time.

Island Glades, Penang by Archiplan Interior Design

7. Keep it simple

Sometimes, the simplest study room is also the most efficient and sensible to promote better productivity. This minimalist homework station, for example, doubles as a partition that divides the bedroom into separate zones while ensuring plenty light flows through the entire room.

Fen Yang Mansion, Butterworth by EMPT Studio

Interior Firm: EMPT Studio

8. Personalise with accessories

Accessories, if added the right way, can turn a not-so-great study area into a fun and productive homework space. However, don’t over clutter the room with more accessories than required, especially if you are battling with space issues. The key is to look for functional items that also add an element of personal touch rather than random décor pieces.

Setia Eco Glades Cyberjaya by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

A colourful rug, penholders, desk organizers, and a dust bin are among the must-have study area accessories to encourage your kid to stay organized and clutter-free. You can also opt for other accessories like cushions, globes, clock, maps, etc. based on the availability of space.

Setia Eco Glades Cyberjaya by Pocket Square

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

Hire a professional designer to help create a functional study for your home!

Many families feel overwhelmed right now as they face the challenges that come with home-based learning. So it’s worth considering hiring an interior designer to help you set up a functional workspace for your kids or teens. We’re here to help! Request for a free quote here and we will recommend you up to five reliable interior firms based on your budget, style preference and needs.

All recommendations made by Qanvast will be protected under the Qanvast Guarantee scheme that covers 50% of your contract value, up to RM50,000, in the case that the recommended interior firm becomes insolvent.

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