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Turns Out, An Interior Designer Can Save You More Money

November 21, 2018

So, can an interior designer save you money?

Answer is yes, they absolutely can! Contrary to popular belief that hiring an interior designer is a costly, indulgent expense, a trustworthy, talented designer can actually help you conserve more cash! Here are 4 ways your ID can help you achieve your dream home, within a realistic budget:

Affordable Interior Designers Malaysia
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1. Provide design plans tailored to your budget

The first and probably most important way a designer can help you save money on an interior project is by helping you craft a design plan according to your budget.

A highly-skilled and dedicated design team will be able to provide advice on alternatives, or adjustments that can help you achieve your desired look at a budget that’s comfortable for you. For instance, if you like wooden flooring for your home, but have a limited budget, interior designers might suggest affordable alternatives like wood-effect vinyl or tiles instead of parquet planks.

Of course, if it isn’t possible to make your budget work for a specific style that you may have in mind, the designer can also suggest other design plans or propose designs that require less works to fit into your finances.

Affordable Interior Designers Malaysia
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2. Offer special discounts for fittings and furniture

Successful interior designers have all sorts of contacts and sources for furniture, carpenters, contractors, fabric merchants, and the like, that they have a longstanding working relationship with, and can provide competitive pricing.

You stand to benefit greatly that way, as your designer may be able to secure obscure or popular pieces that you like and at reasonable prices - something that can be hard to achieve if you're shopping on your own.

So, consult your interior designer for any furniture or fittings contacts, though do keep in mind that mark-ups are possible, and make it a point to compare prices with other alternatives before committing anything.

Affordable Interior Designers Malaysia
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3. Restore existing or second-hand furniture

Quality furniture is one of the most expensive components of a home revamp and design project, but with good designers, these costs can be drastically lowered with a bit of creativity!

Full-service interior designers may provide restoration services to your existing furniture to help you save money, so you won't have to spent more buying new pieces. Your designer may also be a superstar at sourcing for quality but affordable second-hand items, or even help to up-cycle these pieces for you!

With services like these, your designer is essentially providing greater value for the money spent and helping you stretch your budget as far as possible.

Affordable Interior Designers Malaysia
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4. Advise on cost-friendly design solutions

Picking up from the first point, note that an interior designer would also have the expertise to provide cost-friendly advice that'll help you achieve your design aspirations without the need to splash out.

This can include anything from making use of dead space for extra storage, suggesting design ideas that don't require hacking (which could rack up costs), layout planning for more space, as well as sourcing for reasonably priced, long-lasting materials.

Affordable Interior Designers Malaysia
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