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Your Handy Guide To Kitchen Countertop Surfaces

January 23, 2018

Deciding on the best kitchen countertop materials can be quite a tricky affair when considering various factors. Not only will you have to consider the décor, you’ll also need to look at durability and resilience as well as maintenance and cost.

Here’s a look at six of the most common kitchen countertop choices in Malaysia:

1. Granite

Types of Kitchen Countertops
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Interior designer: A Moxie

There is so much to love about granite counters! It is one of the most sanitary, resilient and low-maintenance materials you’ll come across. In terms of price, granite countertops typically fall within a middle-to-high end range. But cheaper options are available as well such as Chinese granite that average RM15 per square feet. In addition, granite goes well with popular décor styles in Malaysia such as contemporary, modern and minimalist (white granite) kitchens.

The main drawback is that it can sometimes appear a little dated and offers fewer colour and pattern options.

2. Marble

Types of Kitchen Countertops
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Interior designer: One Roof Studio

Let’s start with the good – marble is timeless, beautiful and a symbol of high-end décor! Its instantly clean and luxe looks complement modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, and traditional kitchens.

However, high-grade marble can be very costly and requires regular maintenance. Furthermore, Malaysian cooking tends to use plenty of stainable ingredients like turmeric and soy sauce; this spells bad news for the easy-to-stain and scratch marble.

3. Concrete

Types of Kitchen Countertops
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Interior designer: Studio Bikin

Old-school or raw looking kitchens find a home with concrete materials! This super-resilient material is also stylish and durable. It comes in a range of colours and cuts that can be fit with almost any size kitchen and colour theme. Décor styles that mesh well with concrete surfaces include industrial, Asian, modern and contemporary.

In terms of maintenance, it does require sealing to keep it from staining. You’ll also have to wax it every four to six weeks to give it greater stain-resistant strength. Also, since this is a premium stone, expect prices to be in the same range as marble and other similar materials.

4. Wood

Types of Kitchen Countertops
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Interior designer: Anwill Design Sdn Bhd

For rustic, homely kitchens, nothing beats handsome wood counters! It’ll pair perfectly with many different types of décor styles such as Scandinavian (especially when painted white), country, French, contemporary, traditional, rustic and mid-century modern. Pricing can vary to meet most budgets with the average cost being RM200 per foot run.

Durability is an issue when considering the nature of traditional Malaysian cooking that involves the pounding and grinding of spices. Wood surfaces, depending on the quality could be damaged in the process. Also, it does need regular care such as sanding and oiling to remain in good condition.

5. Laminates

Types of Kitchen Countertops
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Interior designer: Yong Studio

Looking for an inexpensive option that is relatively sturdy and still capable of style? Then laminates could be your best bet! Laminates come in a range of colour and pattern options making it a good fit for most, if not all décor styles. Moreover, you might be better off with laminate materials if you love redecorating often.

Being the cheapest material available, expect that it can be damaged by hot pans, scratches and even stains. Thus, you’ll have to be very careful with laminates and note that it might need replacing within three to four years (depending on usage). Still, higher-end options are available for better durability but it will cost more, though not as much as premium materials like marble or concrete.

6. Stainless steel

Types of Kitchen Countertops
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Interior designer: Oriwise

If your kitchen goals involve professional-looking aesthetics – stainless steel makes for an incredible choice. Its sleek and shiny quality will give your kitchen a clean, modern and high-end appearance that can also ‘seamlessly’ match metallic kitchen appliances. In addition, stainless steel is rather apt for smaller kitchens thanks to its reflective surface.

If your home (like most homes in Malaysia) is prone to termite problems, you might want to seriously consider this material. In terms of décor, stainless steel fits Asian, modern, minimalist and industrial themes. It can be rather expensive though, but since it is long-lasting and timeless in appearance; this material is often worth the cost.

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