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Interior Designer Reviews

Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Malaysia homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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4 reviews
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Bryan Chong
Meets expectations and quick to resolve issues
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Bryan Chong・Submitted 2 Mar 2020・ Project completed Jan 2020・Designer Pei Pei and Zoe

My wife and I went through quite a number of IDs before settling with Fuyu. We decided to go with them mainly because they are one of the only IDs that accept payment by credit card and the quotation seems reasonable. During the design phase, Pei Pei was very accommodating and her team were able to capture what my wife and I have envisioned for our house. Reno phase: we got a lot of updates through pictures and explanations through our whatsapp group. However, there were some issues along the way (perhaps due to inexperience) but they were quickly rectified. Workmanship: so far looks acceptable but the finishing touch can be improved. It's not bad by any means but if there is anything we find not up to our liking they will always rectify it as soon as possible (like paint jobs, small chips on the cabinet doors, etc) Conclusion: I'm quite satisfied with their work so far and really appreciate how they respond to any issues. The workmanship can be improved but some guests of mine are actually quite blown away by the design so that's good enough. What can be improved: inexperience in handling certain things so hopefully they learn from them.

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Lim Shir Lin Jeff
substantially below expectations
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Lim Shir Lin Jeff・Submitted 18 Feb 2020・ Project completed Dec 2019・Designer zoe

Quotation stage: We met Fuyu via Qanvast recommendation and selected them after slow progress with our initial choice. Fuyu's MD Pei Pei was very pleasant during the earlier stages, responsive and was very willing to match quotations I got from others. Despite its lack of experience, I believe Fuyu's in house carpentry factory makes up for it, I thus opted for Fuyu. However, I did noticed the expensive MYR20k window it quoted but I believe it was to balance the overall project profitability and thus accepted the overall quotation. Design phase: Most inputs are from owner, except for the foyer design. We had to search for designs to visualize our ideas. Zero input from Zoe who supposed to be the designer. At the end of the project, I learned that owner's ideas are fed back to junior ID to draw and Zoe did very little to monitor or value add. Reno phase: Simple wet work, like putting concrete on 200sqf of balcony took more than 2 months to complete and it was done poorly which then required a redo. Wet Kitchen - due to the lack of input in early stage and owner's inexperience, the initial drawing did not include a rise up area on the floor cabinets and thus led to the first VO. This was also when big numbers are thrown around. As VO is usually where higher margins are squeezed, I too stomach it. Moreover, I am not locally based in KL and required local on site supervision. Electrical work - last minute scramble for new technician, literally few days before the scheduled work. Had zero understanding on cat 6 cable laying. Technician thus had to deal direct with me constantly to ensure right cable laying. Window issue - We planned to install window at the balcony area and Fuyu failed to plan ahead and did not leave any access to the exterior. The VO for the solution was 20% of total cost, which led me to survey actual cost of installation. The market price of MYR8k (highest) vs. Fuyu >MYR20k cost was unbelievable. Change of carpenters - the initial lead carpenter had to leave due to legal issues and caused transition hiccups. One featured wall that was done wrongly, I had to step in to pay for the mistake to ensure smooth progress. On site supervision - "We had our own way of doing business" was their words to me when I asked why no one is on site to monitor. Carpenters and electricians complained to me on lack of guidance. When I finally got in touch with the actual designer, I was told their movements are limited to office and the onsite supervisor had to monitor 5-7 sites on one day. In other word, merely a driver. This led me to fly back every alternate week to monitor and also troubleshoot any mistakes. The last month, I flew back every week. The flight cost was not cheap but all in the name of completing it on time. Pei Pei had only been on site 2x since the reno began while Zoe was nowhere to be seen. At the end, I would say it was a very unpleasant experience dealing with Fuyu. I had to engage other contractors to finish the work. I am sure such feedback will not be well received by Fuyu but this is owner's view point and in the line of ID, customer's satisfaction, in my view, is very important. Clearly, I was not a satisfied customer.

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Just what I wanted

Reviewed by Evie Ng・Submitted 15 Mar 2019・ Project completed Nov 2018・Designer Pei Pei

The objective of my renovation is to build a new brand image for my new business YoY Tea. Unlike my other F&B businesses which have a strong authentic feel, I wanted a different direction for YoY Tea that is more trendy and instagramable. Pei Pei understands my approach and presented a design that is exactly what I asked for with a reasonable quotation. There were some miscommunication during the process but due to their efficient respond, all those were able to solve immediately. In fact till today, Pei Pei and I are still in contact. Apart from that, I have received good feedbacks from my customers that they love hanging out in my store even during non peak hours because it is cosy.

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Celine Yong
Great ID and Work Delivered
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Celine Yong・Submitted 4 Mar 2020・ Project completed Apr 2018・Designer Pei Pei

I met Pei Pei from Fuyu Dezain 2 years back. Before settling with Fuyu, we met a few other ID but decided to go with Pei Pei as she was very professional from the very beginning. She explained in detail on the material, work, duration that will be incorporated in the whole renovation for my unit. Everything went well and she was very accommodating to our requests; workers were great too and responsible. The designs offered by Fuyu is very modern and sophisticated and workmanship is great. Throughout the whole experience, Fuyu would be my go to choice for any renovation works in the future.

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Malaysia for your reference.

Our reviews are vetted and independently submitted by verified users, so you can be sure that they will help you make the right move in your renovation journey. You may refer to our Review Policy on how we manage and police the reviews.

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