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Flooring & Decking Deals

Shop outdoor furniture made specially to withstand sun, wind and rain! From wall to floor, these specialty brands are perfect for furnishing your balcony or garden.

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Flooring & Decking Deals

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a place to unwind -- a private spot where you can bask in the morning glow and let the breeze run through your hair. But that’s only possible if you have a little oasis at home. So, get your notes ready because we are going to tell you how to build one!

  • Pick the right type of shade: While we love the idea of having plenty of natural light, having to put up with a harsh glare is another story. There are a few shade options that will help you block out the worst of it:

    Canopies/Roofs - These big shade coverings are great if you have guests over for outdoor gatherings frequently.

    Retractable awnings - A practical option for Singapore’s inconsistent weather. For those living in high-rise apartments, your retractable awnings should be able to withstand gusty wind and rain conditions, so check out their sturdiness as well as material, be it vinyl, acrylic or other water-resistant fabrics.

    Trellis - Perfect for those who enjoy the shade and a spot where they can watch their plants grow at the same time.

  • Pick the right type of flooring: Opt for anti-slip and rain-proof materials that can withstand natural causes of wear and tear (that includes thermal-induced expansion). If you are staying on a landed property, you may want to look out for materials with additional qualities such as termite-proof decking.

  • Pick the right type of furnishing: Though rattan, teak and cane are popular choices when it comes to outdoor furniture, you should always consider the amount of space you have in your patio or balcony first -- it’s alright to sacrifice style for comfort and utility. e Reintroduce some softness to your space by picking out some soft furnishings too. We recommend water- and colour-proof fabric brands such as Sunbrella; their high performance fabrics aren’t just perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses - the brighter hues pop when used with earthy tones.

Decorate your balcony/patio Add some pizzazz into your space in the form of decor. Think a vertical green wall, artificial grass, and water features. Check out these ideas on converting your balcony space to start sprucing up your corners!

And yes, you can store your composting bin out on your balcony too! Here’s a full guide on how to start composting at home.