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10 Singapore Homes That Show How Useful a Balcony Can Be

Everything from fancy alfresco spaces to practical corners.

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Balconies aren’t always the largest home spaces, but they can certainly come in handy with the right ideas. If you live in a home where space comes at a premium, you can transform these nooks with a view into everything from laundry room to even a barbeque area.

So, if you’re looking for ways to put yours to good use, keep scrolling to take a look 10 homes in Singapore with balconies that are chic and practical!

1. The Criterion by Bowerman

Greenery plays an important role in making a home feel fresh, and when you combine it (in the form of a green wall/living decor) with a light-filled balcony, it’s possible to make even the smallest of outdoor spaces feel like a natural haven.

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Top it off with interesting geometric pots and you get a visually appealing feature that livens up the surroundings.

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2. Treasure Crest by Home Philosophy

A cosy corner can be anywhere you want at home, but if you have a sunny balcony, having one there is always a great idea. Here in this condominium apartment, a simple set-up consisting of right-sized furnishings and plush cushions makes for the perfect spot for a weekend hangout.

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3. The Santorini by M Squared Dezign

Are cheery colours not your thing? If so, go for an industrial style look instead. For extra practicality (and some stylish edge), M Squared Dezign outfitted this condominium home’s balcony with a pipe lamp as well as a concrete table as a subtle statement piece.

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4. Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 by Neu Konceptz

Believe it or not, this cosy area in a Choa Chu Kang HDB home was once an open-air balcony that was its own space (See how it was renovated here!).

Post-transformation, it now features a minimalist white-and-wood aesthetic that blends in with the adjoining living areas, along with a custom bookcase that doubles as a privacy barrier.

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View this project by Neu Konceptz

5. Elias Road by Aart Boxx Interior

If you’re lucky enough to live in an HDB flat with a full-sized balcony that spans the length of your living area, don’t just make it a relaxation spot! Instead, deck it out, get a covered grill (so the rest of your home doesn’t smell of barbeque), and you’ll have a gathering area ready for whenever friends and family come over.

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6. Bartley Residences by Posh Home

While it didn’t come with the property, Posh Home created a common walkway between two bedrooms, which not only links both spaces together but also serves as a simple balcony/study/lounge. To keep prying eyes out, privacy shutters were installed as well.

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7. Floraview by Space Define

Wish you had an extra storage room instead of a balcony? Consider transforming your outdoor spaces into ‘storerooms’ like the owner of this 1+1 apartment did with the help of privacy shutters. Find out what the process was like here!

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View this project by Space Define Interior

8. The Crest by Hall Interiors

Sometimes simple is best and this tranquil home at The Crest proves it with the combination of a round blue accent seat, flowing sheer curtains and a compact storage cabinet. Invisible grilles were also installed to make it easy to appreciate the view from this charming cosy corner.

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9. Pasir Ris by Akihaus

This spacious Pasir Ris maisonette home takes things to new heights with an ultra-lush garden wall that stretches up to its second floor. Helping the rustic feel are a timber clad ceiling as well as a drop-leaf table, which make the space a great brunch spot.

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View this project by akiHAUS

10. Hougang Avenue 10 by Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

Because of how bulky they are, washing machines often eat up walkway space which is why they are often placed in a dedicated laundry room. But if you have a balcony, one solution would be to hide yours there. Just take a look at how this Hougang home does it with a custom cabinet!

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View this project by Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

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