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Interior Designer Reviews
Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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32 reviews

Reviewed by Alan・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Jan 2021・Designer Eleanor

Nice design and designer is very professional to explain the details and have a good sense on color matching.

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Reviewed by 孙悦・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Nov 2020・Designer Tina Liu

Worth it! Thanks Tina for arranging everything efficiently. Detail-oriented professional ID! She is not only provide your dream house, but also your future! She cares you and your family, know your behaviour and hobbies, everything is just designed for you. Helping check the defects, plan the renovation, go through details and communication efficiency, know how to help save budget, give very practical advice Haven’t move in, already satisfied

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Great designing service

Reviewed by Jerlyn・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Nov 2020・Designer Eleanor

Eleanor is very detailed and a great designer when it comes to designing, she doesn’t stop you from any kind of designs which you desire unless it is undoable she will recommend an alternative. keep up the good job! :)

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Reviewed by edward・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Oct 2020・Designer tina

tina是一个非常积极向上的设计师 她非常专业和认真的。 工作中实践越多越会发现华丽的设计稿并不是体现设计师专业能力的唯一标准,普通设计师和高级设计师区别在于,设计方案是否具备完整设计思路,设计对于业务有没有真正的价值体现,以及设计方案的推动落地的完整性到底有多少。设计越往后走,越考验产品思维,设计思维,以及设计推动能力,这是设计师需要关注的重点。 设计师在工作中接到设计需求会不自觉的第一时间想着如何去进行视觉表达。视觉表达确实非常重要,但视觉表达只是其中设计专业本职工作中的一个环节。设计师还应该站在产品、设计、技术等不同维度去思考设计方案的可行性。 我们找到过很多设计师都会和我们说他们以前设计的多好,然后要我们完全按照他想法去做就是最美最好的。 可是完全不照顾到这是我们的房子,我们的想法才是第一准则。 而tina最棒的地方是会根据我们顾客的 要求和需要给出最恰当和专业的建议 然后不厌其烦的按照我们的要求去修改方案直到我们满意位置所以我们都愿意不断的给她介绍客户。 希望她越来越好!

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Eric Lim
Sibei Good

Reviewed by Eric Lim・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Eleanoor

Told this eleanoor my english no good she stil say if i happy wit the reno must write her one big thumb sup review so i keep my promise la. Sohor it started with that day i see the condo sui then they got tieup wit the condo one. So just nice assign this eleanoor to me ok la i tot aiya ok. Shld b ok one since tieup wit the condo. Then hor bloody hell this stupid covid all the reno jitao stop lea. I thinking jialat die liao finish. Heng hor after that can resume n this eleanoor still here. Buay zao. So quickly ask them zo gang liao then very the fast they do everything sui sui wah i sibei implessed. Abit here and there long zong touch up then ready liao. So brother sister if you also reno your house can look for this eleanoor. Brother give you one big thumb sup. 👍

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Thanks for completing my home!

Reviewed by Max・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Eleanor

Really thankful for Eleanor for helping me rush out my house in time. It was delayed due to covid and I was very anxious and kept calling her to ask on the progress. She kept assuring me it will be done on time and thankfully it was done on time and in excellent condition. She dropped by time to time to check on the progress and can see she has a good rapport with the contractors. Everything went smoothly. There were some rectifications along the way and she was very accomodating and resolved them. I had a limited budget on my condo and she ensured that not just keeping to the budget but the design was still outstanding and the materials were not compromised. Design-wise she also listen to my ideas patiently and came out with exactly what I wanted and described. I am very happy with the simple, classic yet modern designs. I had a friend whom had a disastrous renovating experience during this covid period so I was quite scared. Contractors MIA or giving inferior material opposed to what was agreed upon. Really thankful everything went smoothly. Thanks again Eleanor! Will highly recommend my family and friends should they need someone reliable with a design flair. :)

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Sherry Loke
Best service and hardworking designer (Eleanore)

Reviewed by Sherry Loke・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Eleanore

Best service and designs brought up by Eleanore my designer in charge. Very thoughtful about the details to accommodate to my family lifestyles. Pricing wise is great too for the work+efforts she has put in and the quality of the carpentry! Every day will update me about my house lineup and make sure the workers do their job! Very hard-working and talented designer overall! Super happy with the outcome!!! Highly recommend to those new people like me who didn't renovate before to look for her as She'll go through everything and make sure you understand what will be happening with details! Learnt alot from her through this month! Gained a new friend plus a newly renovated house! 😁

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Reviewed by 琳颖・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Eleanor

通过朋友介绍找了eleanor来帮忙设计和装修我家。quotation相当合理,价钱不错。设计蓝图也很快几天后就拿给我看了。 彩色方面推荐得不错,搭配起来很和谐。装修完了好像完全换一个新家,朋友拜访都夸很不错,问我是不是花了很多钱。 客厅因为设计看起来变得更宽敞。木工也相当精细。定制的摆设橱柜运用了玻璃和柚木搭配得很不错。 原本还想把其他房间也装修一遍可是手头紧。暂时只是先做客厅和厨房。等以后一定叫eleanor再帮我设计其他的房间。 她很亲切做事认真,愿意听我的意见然后给我解释她的想法和设计概念把我们的意见融合在一起。 我和朋友开玩笑说如果做不好叫他还我钱因为他介绍的,他还很自信说ok因为不只是他的家,连妹妹的家也是eleanor帮忙做的所以绝对没问题。 以后我也是会介绍其他朋友,难得找到一个信得过的。现在很多黑心商人,特别是装修商,有些收了钱就跑了要不然就是做得不好然后一走了之。还好有朋友介绍所以才一切顺利。感恩。 🙏

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Awesome Work Done

Reviewed by Stephanie・Submitted 26 Oct 2020・ Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Eleanor

The designer was nice and patient. She was also done with the designs on a time. She listened to all our request and helped us achieve our dream home. Fantastic service and awesome designer! Would definitely recommend!

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Irisli Li
Keep up the good work, Tina!

Reviewed by Irisli Li・Submitted 6 Nov 2020・ Project completed Aug 2020・Designer Tina Liu

As an interior design professional, Tina combines knowledge, responsibility, and dedication to her craft. We benefit as a result, with affordable, comfortable, and pleasing designs. Professional----Tina is professional and communicative. Above all, she takes our needs fully into account. Her expertise and genuine ability to connect with us were evident for she understood exactly our style and what we wanted to accomplish by just telling her our requirements. Tina was very open to listening to and fulfilling our needs and wishes, and her attention to detail is impressive as well. Understanding that we did not like the furniture with sharp corners, she ensured us that there would be no sharp corners in all the furniture she designed. And she did! She was able to communicate frankly and give good advice for or against certain ideas we had and translated our ideas into a realistic plan for our new home. Worry-free and Transparent ----The best thing about working with Tina is that she and her team handle everything. She managed our project like it was her own. She constantly updated us frequently on the progress and we never had to worry about anything. She always consulted us on important decisions and was honest and transparent about everything, especially when costs are involved. A good teamwork player and mentor---Tina coordinated well with electricians, plumbers, and other professionals to make sure the project moved smoothly. As a mentor, we observed that she was very responsible and patient to guide them entering the professional world of interior design. We would recommend her without any reservations to anyone who wants a trustworthy team with impeccable taste and positive attitude who will work with you to create the perfect home. Thank you, Tina! Thank you, One Design Werkz! Keep up the good work!

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Thank you Tina for the great job!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Fanwen・Submitted 30 Oct 2020・ Project completed Aug 2020・Designer Tina

I am very happy to have engaged Tina to renovate my house. As an interior designer, she is very responsive to us. Any questions and clarifications were always responded quickly. She made various visits to the site to understand our ideas and needs, and proposed her creative design concepts. She monitored the entire process of the renovation work with full responsibility. Furthermore, Tina and her company have very good after sale services. She always delivers when there's any problem related to the renovation. We are very satisfied with her outstanding renovation work. Professional, knowledgeable, patient and amazing are the words that come to my mind when I think of Tina and her design company. I certainly will have no hesitation in using her services again once needed and recommending Tina to anyone who is looking for a responsible, reliable and professional ID.

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Nicely Done Loft Bed

Reviewed by Elson・Submitted 25 Dec 2020・ Project completed Jul 2020・Designer Tina Liu

Engaged Tina again in May 2020 when I wanted to add a Loft Bed after 3 years later she had helped to design and build the interior for my new 3 rooms condo in 2017. She is dedicated to her work and very fast to respond back when you call or message her. She will listen to your feedback and give you advise too so that you can make the right decision on the final design and the type of furnitures to consider to buy. She is able to manage her contractors well to ensure the works are done properly and completed the job on time in July 2020.

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Singapore for your reference.

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