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Interior Designer Reviews
Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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11 reviews
Terrible ID company

Reviewed by Ronald Lim・Submitted 3 Mar 2020・ Project completed Jan 2019・Designer Nick

Rest of the reviews are false. I went through an utter nightmare, a failing business who promised but failed to deliver. A clear Ponzi scheme, it uses the new customers’ downpayment to complete earliers customers’ projects, leaving the new customers screwed. Tilers and window suppliers and other contracted labour not paid, I suffered more than half a year of nightmare with this company. Stay away from this company if you want to avoid these issues!!!

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Club Street
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Mr Tony・Submitted 25 Jul 2017・ Project completed Jul 2017

We shortlisted a few IDs but our final choice was Ace Space for the designs they proposed. They are very accomodative to our requirements and also to the changes we made along the way. The whole renovation was done within a short time, completed a week earlier than the initial agreed timeframe. It was a very smooth process and we're happy with the good service they provided. Renovation completed in : September 2016 Cost of renovation : $200,000

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Lim Boon Kian・Submitted 25 Jul 2017・ Project completed Jul 2017

We got to know Ace Space through Facebook. We read them up and for the good reviews they had, we decide to engage them for our renovation. The design Nick proposed were nice and simple and we liked it. We had no problems all along and Nick managed to get our renovation completed within the agreed timeframe. It was a fast and smooth renovation process.

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Compassvale Road
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Ang Chee Kiat・Submitted 25 Jul 2017・ Project completed Jul 2017

Jaysie from Ace Space was the first ID to contact us out of all the IDs recommended by Qanvast. We decided to skip the hassle to find others and just go with them since the design they proposed was good too. Jaysie is very attentive and followed through our renovation really well. He is very responsive and answered to our enquiries promptly. It was a smooth renovation journey. Renovation completed in : November 2016 Cost of renovation : $50,000

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Queen's Close
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Jeremy・Submitted 20 Dec 2016・ Project completed Dec 2016

We met 4 or 5 IDs, and narrowed that down to two based on their designs. After speaking with the IDs and telling them what we want, we found that Ace Space was more in tune what we wanted - it was very close to what my wife and I had in mind. Nick was able to draw out the design right on the spot - that was pretty intriguing, and we were really very impressed - but of course, we maintained our poker face. He had drawn the feature wall for me, and gave me an idea of what our living room could be like. He's not a yes man - we didn't want a yes designer. He could advise us against certain materials - like against cement screed in our kitchen. He fully understood what we want, and very clearly as well. I would say our home - it's his design, but it's very very close to what my wife and I wanted. In dealing with changes, Nick and Jaysie were very prompt. Renovation completed in: November 2016 Cost of renovation: $85,000

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Chai Chee Drive
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Macy・Submitted 7 Aug 2016・ Project completed Aug 2016

I found out about Ace Space through Qanvast. After meeting a couple of firms and contractors, Nick from Ace Space was the only one who understood the retro/oldies design concept I was going for. The 3D drawings that he provided were quite close to the actual turnout. He offered good advice based on his years of experience and he showed genuine interest in handling my project. He was easy to communicate with, listened to what I want and he gave me the assurance he could do up this concept. Nick also went the extra mile in helping with the material selection, especially with the kitchen feature wall. The tiles where I originally ordered from Hafary were not available at the time of renovation and Nick went around for me to source for close alternatives. The quote was also reasonable, and it was worth it (as compared to contractors), as I needed someone to do up the retro concept for me. Nick provide constant updates on the renovation progress and he is responsive. I liaised with Jessie (a new designer) on the actual renovation works. Project management wise can be improved as there were some issues with arranging the sub-con team to come together. Slight delays but everything was smooth. I will definitely recommend the good service from Ace Space. Renovation completed in: July 2016 Cost of renovation: $33,000

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verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Vivien・Submitted 8 Apr 2016・ Project completed Apr 2016

I got to know Ace Space’ designer, Nick, during a renovation which was ongoing at my office. I went to have a discussion with Nick for my own home renovation and after going through a few rounds of quotation, I felt that Nick is very experienced and I like how he was able to provide good, suggestive feedback most of the time. He was able to visualise the ideas I wanted and proceeded to provide me a sketching on the spot. Overall, the renovation was a smooth-sailing process. He was easily contactable and he actually went the extra mile to stay back on site to help me receive some personal delivery orders when I had to rush off to pick my kids from school! He would update me on the renovation progress on a daily basis. In any event when there were delays or complications, he would inform me first, and we would work out how to go about it together.

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Punggol Walk
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Felicia・Submitted 22 Mar 2016・ Project completed Mar 2016

We talked to several interior design firms and after doing comparisons, we selected Ace Space Design. The designer, Kenneth was responsive and if we had any questions, we could just consult him. After the actual renovation started, Kenneth would update us regularly through our Whatsapp group chat rather than having us travel down to the place to check. Kenneth helped to oversee the whole process, and he actually went beyond his scope to accompany us in selecting lightings and other fittings. If we met any issues, Kenneth would talk to us about it and seek our opinions before proposing alternatives on how to work around the issues.

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Jurong West
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Hai Xin・Submitted 8 Mar 2016・ Project completed Mar 2016

I shortlisted about 10 interior design firms before deciding to engage Ace Space Design. I could click well with the designer, Janice, so I felt comfortable communicating with her about the renovation works. Janice left me a good impression by how enthusiastic she has been during our discussions. When I told her my ideas, she managed to pick them up quickly and besides listening to me, she would add on her ideas which she thought would be good for my home. There were several fengshui restrictions that I wanted to follow but I was impressed by how Janice managed to give me alternative designs which turned out to be very nice. I had a lot of demands and made changes along the renovation but Janice was always patient with all the requests. There was an instance where the tiles in our living room were not in the right colour, and Janice took the trouble to get people to change the tiles for us. There was a delay in the carpentry works but they still managed to finish within a short timeframe, so that really impressed us.

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Sean Tan
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Sean Tan・Submitted 8 Mar 2016・ Project completed Mar 2016

I was searching online for IDs and I came across some design works of Ace Space’s, which were in sync with the style that I desired. Kenneth explained every single details of his design concept patiently to us. Although he has a lot of suggestions, he did not fail to incoporate our ideas into his design proposal. We engaged him because we feel that he lives up to the name of a professional ID, advising us on ways of how to improvise on the design and come up with something that is not too farfetch from what we wanted. I was very impressed with his high level of responsibility, especially when there was an instance where there was a miscommunication between him and his contractor. The brick wall effect in my living area was not what we wanted and without hesitation, Kenneth sourced for a new contractor and redid the whole wall for us.

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31 Compassvale Road
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Kenneth Tong・Submitted 4 Mar 2016・ Project completed Mar 2016

I have worked previously with ASD (Ace Space Design). They were patient enough for me to make numerous changes and ever willing to accommodate some variants onsite. Their quality of works are pretty good too. Those are the qualities I look for in an ID company as this is a house that they will need to transform it to a HOME. The journey will have hiccups along the way, however, they were ever willing to lend a listening ear. As I am pleased with their works, I am currently working with them on other projects. Kudos to Nick Pang (a.k.a the boss) for a brilliant job.

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Singapore for your reference.

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