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7 Awe-Inspiring Interiors Located in Setia Alam You’ll Want to Copy!

August 11, 2022

It’s anything but boring!

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Setia Alam stands out as one of the best locations in Klang Valley to call home, with residential options ranging from affordable starter homes to affluent modern villas. Aside from housing, the township offers a range of amenities such as malls, schools, parks, and clubhouses, making it ideal for families, couples or even individuals.

landed home in Setia Alam
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Looking for ideas to renovate your Setia Alam home? We've gathered seven of our favourite home interiors, with design styles ranging from Scandinavian to Farmhouse chic to inspire your next renovation. Get ready to feast your eyes!

1. A light-filled modern Semi-D (Renovation Cost: RM250,000)

This 3,000 sqft semi-D by Renoguys emphasises the importance of light to enhance the area in a variety of different ways. As soon as you walk inside the house, you'll notice the unusual water-shaped chrome lighting, which adds a special touch to the room.

landed home in Setia Alam
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The designer inserted awning windows to open up the areas and let in plenty of natural light (while ensuring privacy). This is evident, for example, in the living room and bedroom. To further brighten the rooms, the designer used light window treatments rather than heavy drapes.

Floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets in glossy white lend depth to the kitchen, making the area feel light and spacious. Meanwhile, the black tile floors contrast nicely with the minimalist kitchen.

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2. A contemporary, family-friendly home (Renovation Cost: RM280,000)

This 2,500 sqft home by Zyon Studio is particularly comfortable and kid-friendly. Family interaction is a central theme where there are several common areas, allowing family members to feel a sense of togetherness/closeness even while engaging in different hobbies/activities such as watching television, playing musical instruments, or reading a book. We also like how the illuminated bookcase with glass doors becomes a focal point of the lounge area, emphasising the family's love of books.

landed home in Setia Alam
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To make the most of the space, the designer turned the backyard into an open-air wet kitchen. This allows the homeowner to prepare local dishes without emitting strong cooking odours, smoke or heat into the house.

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3. A classic farmhouse-style residence (Renovation Cost: RM280,000 approximately)

Accentuated by the combination of a timeless colour palette and classic farmhouse elements, this landed home by IQI Concept delivers an effortlessly elegant look. The house is bathed in a neutral colour scheme, and the common area takes on a clean setting, exuding a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

landed home in Setia Alam
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The whitewashed dry kitchen cabinet fabricated with a see-through concept allows the homeowner to showcase their exquisite tableware while the grey tile backsplash offers a touch of modern flair. As the homeowner enjoys hosting parties, the designer installed a big shiplap island designed to double as a food prep and serving area. Aside from neutral tones, the designer also incorporated soothing blue accent walls in the dining room and home office, which lends a charming ambience to the space.


4. A fashionably modern Semi-D (Renovation Cost: RM300,000)

Calming grey and white tones give this Semi-D by Surface R a distinctly modern appearance. A sliding wooden panel by the entryway can be slid to the left or right to conceal the built-in storage and display area, as well as a guest washroom. This contributes to a visually uncluttered and smooth appearance as guests walk into the house.

landed home in Setia Alam
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In the living room, the designer added concrete cladding to its double-height wall, giving the space a slightly rustic and industrial vibe. It works beautifully with the black iron chandelier and a large teak coffee table that draws everyone's attention when they enter the room.

landed home in Setia Alam
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The dining area, on the other hand, is fashionably decorated with a greyscale pop art print. It adds a delicate, feminine touch to the space. The dry kitchen is adjacent to the dining area. It has grey built-in cabinets with a glossy finish that adds a modern touch while complementing the rest of the room.


5. A soothing contemporary landed home with a laidback charm (Renovation Cost: RM350,000)

Walking into this lovely 3,000-square-foot home by Box Design Studio will transport you to the countryside. There are numerous modern country characteristics found throughout the house, such as panelled ceilings and cabinetry, which add a delicate touch to the rooms.

landed home in Setia Alam
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While the majority of the rooms have a similar white and grey colour scheme, a vibrant turquoise tone contrasts with the monochrome palette in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the lovely backsplash adds personality and visual appeal to the aesthetics.

On the upper floor, the master bedroom takes on a classic approach, with a pleasant mix of fine textures and clean lines. With smart space planning, the designer also managed to add a walk-in wardrobe into the room.

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6. A modern abode with a serene Japanese garden (Renovation Cost: RM350,000)

With plenty of earthy accents, this modern home by Expression Design is a serene place to relax and unwind after a long day. The focal point of the home is the veranda with water elements, a small Japanese garden, and a seating area allowing the residents to enjoy the outdoors at any time of day.

landed home in Setia Alam
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Inside, various earthy accents such as wood, brick and leather serve to bring the outdoors inside. When combined with neutral colours, it gives the space a timeless look. The kitchen takes a slightly different approach; It has all-white glossy cabinetry, but the white tiled floor helps to bring the space together with adjoining spaces.

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7. A spacious open-plan layout contemporary home (Renovation Cost: RM380,000)

This fabulous-looking home by Cube Creation features an open plan arrangement that integrates the living area, dining room, and dry kitchen. The designer adorned the walls differently to differentiate each zone. The dining area, for example, features LED lighting and a trio of artwork that creates a welcoming atmosphere for formal dining.

landed home in Setia Alam
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Shades of white, warm woods and beige are repeated throughout the home, from the living room to the eat-in kitchen, kids' playroom, and walk-in wardrobe, creating a cohesive environment while also giving the home a light and airy impression.

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