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8 Beautiful Laundry Room Designs That Make Chores Less Dreadful

October 18, 2022

Make laundry day your favourite part of the day!

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Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to home renovation, but there’s no reason a space made for daily tasks can’t be attractive, just like the rest of your house. Besides, laundry day is rough enough as it is, so you may as well do all that washing and drying in a stylish space!

laundry room
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From having a built-in bench to a patterned backsplash, here are 8 stylish and beautiful laundry room ideas to inspire you to transform your laundry room and make even the most mundane tasks more enjoyable!

1. Add a relaxing bench that allows you to lounge while folding laundry

Make laundry day more comfortable by adding a seat to your décor scheme. Take a cue from this Ianded home where MIL Design & Construction transformed this laundry room into a lively space that we won’t mind coming down to do our chores. It includes a built-in bench, an area rug, and some throw pillows to keep the homeowner comfortable while folding laundry. This space can also become a quiet respite from rambunctious kids!

Hanna Home, Jadehills Kajang by MIL Design & Construction
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View this project by MIL Design & Construction

2. Hide it in plain view for a neat look

You don't have to sacrifice style just because your laundry room is strictly utilitarian. We love how this shallow wardrobe designed by Nevermore Group fits an entire laundry room inside and doesn't skimp on an ounce of style. The machines are tucked behind a sleek black wardrobe door; that way when the homeowner is not doing laundry, he or she can close the door to conceal the unsightly appliances and supplies.

The Irrawaddy House, Penang by Nevermore Group
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View this project by Nevermore Group

Best of all, this laundry area is large enough to hold all the essentials - detergents; a sink for handwashing delicate items; a storage compartment and a hanging rod. We also like how the patterned wallpaper provides an extra dose of personality to this space, which makes doing household chores a little less boring!

3. A country-style laundry room away from the hustle and bustle of city life

If you're working with a specific design theme, why not extend it to this space as well?

Beethoven Symphony Hills, Selangor by The Flying Home
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View this project by The Flying Home

Take a cue from this country-style laundry room designed by The Flying Home. The black and white floor tiles, combined with board and batten style white walls, quartz countertop, white kitchen cabinet with brass hardware and a barn door, make this space feel like an extension of the rest of the home. Meanwhile, the wooden blinds provide privacy from the neighbour's prying eyes as well as a mental break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

4. Cheer up the space with some pattern or colour

The laundry room is probably not everyone's favourite part of the house, so why not add a bold pattern and colours to make it look less boring?

East Coast Bungalow Residence, East Coast by Blaine Robert Design
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View this project by Blaine Robert Design

Here, Blaine Robert has transformed a simple room in a bungalow into an attractive yet functional laundry area with a geometrically patterned tile backsplash and a dark blue cabinet. The wide/long counter space next to (and opposite) the washing machine is perfect for folding laundry or ironing clothes, while the built-in metallic rod is useful for drying delicates or other garments that should not be dried in the dryer.

5. Mix and match tiles for a contemporary look

Struggling to choose between two different tile designs? Snag one set for your backsplash and the other for your floors as seen in this laundry room by EE Design Studio. Though it can be tempting to streamline all the tiles in your space, mixing and matching them can look just as great, especially if both sets boast a similar palette.

The Effingham, Bandar Utama by Ee Design Studio
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View this project by Ee Design Studio

6. For an open, airy feel, turn your backyard into a full-fledged laundry area

Consider locating your laundry area outside if you have the space because it makes drying clothes more efficient and faster, as well as saving money on electricity bills when compared to using a dryer.

Scenaria Super Link 2, North Kiara Hill by Amaze Design Sdn Bhd
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View this project by Amaze Design Sdn Bhd

It's hard not to fall in love with this airy, outdoor laundry area. Here, Amaze Design created a large, comfortable space where chores can be easily accomplished with ample space to dry clothes, comforters and even mattresses. To ensure privacy, the designer added vines to cover the area from prying eyes and the area is even covered with a roof to keep clothes from getting soaked when it rains.

7. Or add a skylight in your indoor laundry area

Alternatively, you can install a skylight in your laundry room to flood the room with natural light as seen in this laundry room by AW Design Lab. This eliminates the need for the homeowner to leave the house to air dry their clothes, and because the space is fully covered, it is suitable for drying clothes at any time of day or night, rain or shine!

Twin Palm, Selangor by AW Design Lab
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View this project by AW Design Lab

8. Keep it neat and clean with a streamlined palette

Laundry day can be stressful, so consider using your design scheme to create a sense of calm. By keeping your palette simple and streamlined as seen in this laundry room by Zyon Studio, you can visually declutter your space, even when your hamper is full of dirty laundry!

Tiara Hills, Selangor by Zyon Studio Sdn. Bhd.
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View this project by Zyon Studio Sdn. Bhd.

Furthermore, visual clutter, according to a KonMari consultant, can raise your cortisol levels and stress you out. Keeping your laundry room neat and organised, with everything such as detergents, laundry hamper, and so on neatly stored in a cabinet, can boost your productivity and quality of life by allowing your mind to relax and lower your stress levels.

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