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9 Wonderful Walk-in Wardrobes for Small Bedrooms

September 12, 2017

Don’t let a lack of space keep you from having the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams! You’ll be surprised at just how little space you need with a few clever tricks often employed by interior designers. Here, we pick out 10 wonderful walk-in wardrobe ideas that'll fit in, no matter the size of your bedroom:

1. Andana @ D'Alpinia, Puchong

Interior Designer: Matt Interior Design

Walk in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes need not be massive or luxurious, even modest constructions can serve its purpose quite well. If you don’t have the space for a large walk-in wardrobe, be sure to choose lighter, natural colours to aesthetically expand it. In term of compartments, opt for larger, opened sections that are able to fit more of your garments and give you stacking freedom!

2. Casa Tropicana

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

Walk in wardrobe

Only have a long, thin space to space? Take notes from this clean, minimalist home, which plays up the walk-in wardrobe's relatively cramped walking space with the help of wall-mounted mirrors. Relatively enclosed and well connected to the bedroom and bathrooms, the wardrobe also doubles up as a changing area!

3. Residential Suite KL

Interior Designer: KUDOX Design

Walk in wardrobe

With a little more space, your walk-in wardrobe can be a separate room to house all your clothes, shoes and accessories. This modern contemporary bedroom features an American-style, walk-in wardrobe that maintains a light-and-dark colour scheme, as the rest of the room. Not only does this wardrobe allow for more space in the room, it can also be cordoned off for a clean, bare look.

4. The Sanderson

Interior Designer: InD'finity Design

Walk in wardrobe

The wardrobe in this bedroom is painted glossy fresh white and is set against natural grained wood floors that go together perfectly for an expansive look. The floor-to-ceiling size of the wardrobe itself functions as a partition between the sleeping area and changing station. We also love the long mirrored cabinetry doors that enhance the space and are useful for dressing.

5. Putri Palma

Interior Designer: A&A Concept Design and Contract Sdn Bhd

Walk in wardrobe

If you love lavish walk-in wardrobes, you’re going to want copy this idea for your very own. With a regal, lustrous colours scheme, ambient lighting and plenty of wardrobe space, this walk-in is as exclusive they come. You’ll also fall for the easy-slide doors and dark-wooden materials that bring out the quality, classy and stately appeal of the entire décor.

6. Sentrio Suite 2

Interior Designer: B&N Design Associate Sdn Bhd

Walk in wardrobe
Walk in wardrobe

Looking for a futuristic, high-fashion walk-in wardrobe? Then feast your eyes on this magnificently constructed feature with reflective glass cubbies and compartments. This walk-in truly makes a statement and emphasises creativity with mirrored, see-through cabinetry that gel well with its silvery, modern theme and shimmery colour scheme.

7. Sri Gombak Semi D

Interior Designer: X Two Concept

Walk in wardrobe
Walk in wardrobe

Here's another trick to squeeze in a walk-in closet. Got an elongated space? Go galley-style with wardrobe shelving flushed to the sides. This makes for easy clothing access and easy navigation. And for this project, warm cove lights installed at the tops of each compartment help illuminate the room and exude an upscale classy air.

8. Kajang

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Walk in wardrobe
Walk in wardrobe

Small, open layout bedrooms benefit from partitioned walk-in wardrobes that close the space and cosy up the area. It even has a practical appeal when constructed side-by-side to an attached bathroom. With opaque cabinet partitions, you may need extra lighting in your dressing area. However, with a modern design like this project - you can choose glass or clear acrylic cabinetry to borrow a bit of natural light from across the room.

9. Setia Eco Park

Interior Designer: Klaas Design and Build

Walk in wardrobe

Extend bedroom cosiness by decorating your walk-in wardrobe with a rug, ambient lighting and a neutral colour scheme like this lovely feature. Strategically working with the space of an elongated room, you can maximise even a narrow stretch similar to this walk-in that is still able to accommodate a closet AND dressing area!

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